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WoW: Few hours altering my life

This post, ‘Few hours altering my life’ is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The WoW inspiration for this week is:

Your life is going to be made into a novel! Write an introduction for this novel. How will you creatively reflect on your life spent?

‘Few hours altering my life

All it took was few hours for my life to change. My life became nothing short than the Hindi movie made in 70s and 80s. A breath-taking climax, it has defeats, disappointments, tears, sadness, romance and, of course, the heart pounding moments that made me the person that I am today.

From a happy-go-lucky guy settled in United States and far away from the world of crime in Mumbai, I am Harvard educated and was in a live-in relationship with my super hot American girl friend. It couldn’t get better than that as I enjoyed working in the States, loving my girl friend and having the best sex in life. Cindy, that’s her name and her body comfort meant the world to me and her soothing lips, sensual hands made me forget the estranged relationship with my family. Sometimes, we need to cut family ties to stay away from the world of crime where my family controlled the entire political and underworld system in Mumbai. My father was the most feared and dreaded don at whose behest the city would burn, innocent people killed in bloodshed.

I still remember when I received a call in the middle of the night. I was lying on bed, Cindy was resting her head on my shoulders in our New York apartment. Mom was in tears and shouted on the phone, “Vishal! Do whatever possible but come back to Mumbai tomorrow. I don’t know how you will do it but I want to see you. Your Dad has been shot to death in a police encounter at Lokhandwala.”

I had no choice but kissed Cindy farewell. After burning the pyre, little did I realize that I was powerless and trapped by circumstances. I lay powerless where my life in America is looming n the distant past. All it took was 48 hours to be imprisoned in this hell. As a child, I lived with fear, witnessing the slashing of a man’s wrist, men tottering with guns in the house and Dad giving orders to seal someone’s destiny. Deep within, I desire to walk away from this life of violence and when I moved to US, I feel I was living a normal life and became a human being, faraway from crime and violence.

Today, I sit on the throne and cronies are at my behest calling me, ‘Bhai’, taking orders from me. I am the most powerful man and master of games, calling the shot.

I jumped out of the bed, with tears in my eyes, sweating profusely and bating for breath. Cindy caressed my forehead, “What happened, Baby? The same nightmare is troubling you…” She tenderly held my hand and I can feel the fragrance flowing from her naked body. She looked beautiful and giggled, “Vishal! You are worrying too much, you do not belong to a family of dons and you have loving parents back in Mumbai.”

She took a pause, “Direct your energy to a creative task. Why not turn your nightmare into stories. How’s about writing a novel on the underworld?”

The shutter bugs are flashed at me from all sides at Barista in Bandra as eager fans are waiting impatiently for my autograph, shouting my name.  “Young girl, this is my story. My latest book is not inspired by any under world don and I don’t know anyone of them. The story haunted me in the dreams and if today, my book on Mumbai’s underbelly is a running best seller, it’s because of Cindy. Today, we are no longer together and she came into my life as the guiding light,” I tell the young female reporter.

I announce to you all that I will dabble with rom-com in my next and the Times Group has agreed on a figure for the deal. I hope you will enjoy my biography on my route to become a writer and the struggle I’ve been through in life. I sign autographs for crazy fans and walk towards my Honda SUV when someone holds my hand, her eyes full of love telling, “I love you.” It’s Dia, my girl friend, who was sitting among the audience. We drive away from the venue to celebrate the success of my latest book.

With Love





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42 thoughts on “WoW: Few hours altering my life

  1. For a second I actually thought that you are from underworld…but soon I realized that is so not you…always playing with words 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton. I would love to make such a movie, one day. The idea came when I was still in college and wanted to become a film maker. It’s been nine years and now, Ive used the idea:)

  2. Hey I thought it was real till I read the father being the underworld don… You ruined it 😉 I was so enjoying peeking in someone else’s life… 🙂

  3. Yes, you should definitely write a novel based on this introduction 🙂 Could be a best-seller! And I like the new, clean look of your blog! Well done…both with this post and the blog’s look.

  4. I still have goosebumps as I type this comment…
    Really, some people come as guiding angels in our lives…
    They hold our hands, show the path and gracefully walk away from us…
    I feel that Cindy is one such angel meant to guide Vishal…
    And thank God, Dia is understanding!

    1. hehe Satya Rekha: Unfortunately, Cindy and Dia belongs to the figment of imagination. How I wish they exist. Yeah, there have been angels who showed me the way in life before going to open account of happiness in others’ lives:)

    1. hehe! Just some ideas looming and was lost at the back of my mind, the time I was whining my time in Pune as a care free student. I’ve recollected the piece to insert here:)

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