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Love, Coffee and dating: Chapter Six

 Chapter 6: Break up and sobs

Taking a sip of coffee, Tania looks gravely at me, “Frankly speaking, I dunno where to start. Ok, let me get this straight. Her parents called the other day and they are coming to Pune. They’ve hitched her with a guy and she was kept in the loop. He’s US educated, software engineer and a partner at Wipro. Anumrita was furious since they never consulted her in the first place and it’s not her thing to settle with an unknown guy cum hates the idea of this domesticated life. See! She got no choice.”

I am furious, “How can they? How can She? Anumrita never discusses thing with me and just goes into hiding like that. At least, she can say no, na and what the whole fuss about this arranged marriage kinda business with Mr Money Bags?”

Tania laughs out so loud and spilled the coffee in the mouth. “Mr Money bags. She is planning to break up with you and yeah her parents coming tonight. See! Take things slow and let her go, stay with her parents. We’ll work out something. I know she is not well and will be hell for her to settle for such a stupid arrangement. First, pretend you don’t know anything or else she’ll kill me.”

The word break up landed like a bomb on my head. My mind was racing with questions since it’s not the real Anumrita, free-spiriteed and independent thinker who lives life on her own terms. I decide to pretend that nothing happened and waiting for her to announce the break-up. My heard is spinning and am furious, anyone who comes near me would be rammed, right now. Tania hugs me with a take care and went home sleeping. She regularly checks on me with phone calls and sms-es, ‘Are you Ok?’ Nothing would have predicted in the following days I’d grow close to Tania, meeting her almost every single day as she spent days and nights in my apartment, crying  her shoulders. We almost became intimate with each other till the time we realize what was brewing between us.


Anumrita reached home in the evening and I saw her arranging stuffs in her suit case with her eyes moist. I pretend not knowing what’s happening and went inside the room. She came and sit on the bed, holding my hand, “Baby! We are breaking up and I am leaving the apartment. I am getting married!” I mean, I shouldn’t be shocked but coming from the girl sharing your life, I feel so hurt, bad and unwanted. It bruised my ego as a person that she pushed the delete button from her life.

“I mean, how convenient on your part to announce breaking up as if nothing ever existed between us just because your fucking parents woke up one day to realize that they have a pretty and innocent daughter whose future needs to be sealed? After all, Mr Money Bag is here to take care of your future and you’ll be assure of a life full of luxury.”

She rebutted me, “It’s not like that, Sam. Do you think I don’t care for you? I mean, I do care. But, they are also my parents, you know and they must have thought for my own good, na.”

“Oh! WoW! The free spirited women has been hit by wisdom star from the sky and just realized, out of the blue, that she is  a Bharatiya Nari. Guess, I was staying with someone who was hell bent that she wants to stay away from her parents. Use your brain, Anumrita. Can’t you see that your parents want to control your independence and freedom? The fact is that you are weak as a person,” I shouted.

Her eyes grew moist and said: “Fine! I would like to know how super strong you are as a person. One day, I’ll tell you how much you mean to me and why I am listening to my parents. But! It was not just sex between us or a kinda fling.”

I let off, “As it is we met for a fling kinda sexual escapade and staying together. We fulfilled each other’s needs in the city.”

I am angry and feel spurned by her, didn’t realize how much I hurt her feelings. Anumrita concealed the fact that she is hurt and moves towards me, trying hard to hide her tears. “See! I don’t want us to end it up on a sour notes. She hugs me and kisses me on my lip.”

She walks away, “All the best, Sam. The truck is coming and can you help me to bring the luggage down or should I take them myself.” I nod and lift her heavy luggage inside the elevator and upload in the truck. We didn’t speak a word and it’s suffocating. I saw the Bajaj trucks slowly wading its way, away from me. Anumrita followed in the rickshaw.





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