Wordless Wednesday #42


The whole world is gaga over the World Cup where beer is flowing freely, revelers swarming to pubs shouting and cheering for their favorite teams, Germany, Brazil, France or Netherlands. The party is on in Brazil as the lucky ones doing a jig a la Samba. Poor me! How I wish I could be in Brazil! As a teenager, I remember buying the Panini album and stickers to fill in, players’, stadiums, team badges and the priceless cup. I visited my teenage nephew yesterday and gleaned through his Panini album which flashed memories of growing up.

From Gavin's Panini album

From Gavin’s Panini album

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With Love n Good M’nin



14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #42

  1. lovely pic vishal and oh yes how i wish i was in brazil toooo .. actually I did get a chance but then did not get holidays for the days i wanted … because of school holidays here .. so people with kids and all had their days booked from last year .. 😦

    anyway but I am watching the matches for sure and what a cracker the quater final is going ot be …

    I feel sorry for portugal and USA last night and also Algeria the other day .. they shud be a force to reckon by the next world cup ..

    • Me too, I so wanted to go..mere bad luck hi kharab hai..hope next time ull be able to go..as they say, one man’s meat is another one’s poison. Man! I’m hooked and the team levels are amazing USA and Algeria put a tough fight and they are so good..there are no big or small teams, though one of ma fav Brazil may not go far, they lack creative resources..me think Germans have a damn good chance to win this time:)

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