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Love, Coffee and Break up: Chapter 5

Love, Coffee and Break Up:

Chapter 5: Coffee means sex


The phone beeps, “I am spending the day at bestie’s flat.” This message sank my heart and I am kicking  the sofa and bed in frustration. “What the fuck, man? What’s wrong with her? One day, she surprises me with a birthday gift that almost gave me  heart attack and the next day,I am spending the day with bestie.”

I made more than 100 miss calls, frantic sms-es, ‘What’s wrong, at least tell what this phone call did to you?’. But, no Madam’ character is scripted on the political lines of Manmohan Singh, ‘Silence is Golden.’ I feel like the stupid Ekta Kapoor Saas-Bahu soap opera is playing live. I am sure now she watches Saas Bahu on You Tube secretly and Tulsi’s character has possessed her. Arre! Yaar! Mere real life Tulsi and me, I don’t wanna be Mihir Virani. Thank God, there is no real life, ‘Baa’ in my life.

Anumrita walks back to the apartment,accompanied by Tania, after spending two days in her flat and jumps straight to shower. I offer Tania coffee and a smoke as I joke, “Your best friend is one unique piece on earth designed by God, becoming sullen out of the blue and then doing the disappearing act.” Tania gives me a friendly touch on my back, “Dude! You must be used to her mood swing by now. Meet me tomorrow at 10 a.m in Barista and I will tell you the whole story about her becoming cold and distance. But, promise, you will act as if nothing happened.” I nod.

When Anumrita joins us, Tania signs off, making an excuse that she gotta go somewhere to meet someone. Deep down, I know that she wanted me and Anumrita to spend some quality time alone. She makes slow steps, draped in her white towel around her waist and scouts the bed in the hall, “What is that, Sam? The house is in chaos and, just few days, I was away, the sink is not clean, coffee cups are dirty. I mean, not just the kitchen, but the room and hall is in shamble..Dude! The toothpaste is lying inside the wash basin.”

I ask, “Suddenly, what’s wrong with you? Chill! Yaar! I’ll pick up the clothes and almost everything, neatly arrange them in the cup board. The bai didn’t show up to to clean the kitchen. Something is terribly wrong and I can’t understand why you picking up a fight for no reason.”

The temperature soars and I’ve let off the dreaded word, ‘fight’ and calamity just struck. She starts shouting, ‘Acha! I am picking up a fight with you. How can the bed remain in disorder and those clothes just thrown on bed? You know, you are so insensitive. I came back after two days and the man I love the most, didn’t even care to ask what is happening? No kiss, cuddling and nothing. Sam, you behave as if nothing happened.”

I am taken aback and ask, “What happened, Baby?”

“Nothing,” she averts my gaze. She cools her heels and hugs me, “I am just a bit worked out and wondering what would happen if Mom and Dad choose to visit us and see the house in complete chaos.”

She stops in her track and is suddenly at a loss of words, realizing it was a slip of the tongue as I wonder why her parents would land here, kept in the loop that their future son-in-law and their beloved daughter are staying and sleeping together.

In the evening, Anumrita made a peg of Whisky for both of us and she sits  on my lap, “Baby, your are cho chweet. I love you too much. Let’s make love. It’s been long.”

Anumrita runs her hand seductively on my face and chest, “Why not today? There is no reason to make love. Tonight is the night. Kya pata, what will happen tomorrow!”

These words launched a tirade against my nerves. She bite my earlobe and whispers, “Kya Soch Raha Hai! Just forget everything and enjoy the night..See, make the mood with it,” as she removes her blouse and throw the Mood condom pack on my face.

I lighten the mood, “You wanna have coffee?”

“What the fuck? Here, I am setting the mood and all you can thing is coffee. Where do you get such crazy ideas, Sam,” She smiles.

“Don’t you know when someone says coffee, it means sex..see I’m a genius,” I try to be funny.

“Filmy…Pyar ke Side Effects,” She giggles.

“Sophie Chaudhary..Shez sizzling hot,” I make faces.

‘I am hotter and show you now what the real deal is. Try me on and you won’t regret it for a life time,” she bites her lips, fixing her gaze on my chest.

Anumrita was on top and curling her knees below my legs and start pressing my chest, kissing me, forcing me smooch her. I slowly remove her bra, lightly caressing her body and legs, biting each other in a flurry of passion.

We reach the anti climax as she thrust her leg, brushing against my face and opening it. “Come on, my creative man, don’t stop and push harder.” We lay on the bed, breathless with eyes wide open. I couldn’t help thinking that what we did just now was not on my own accord, but arouse by her.

As if reading my mind, Anumrita said, “It’s a night to remember.” We just had the best sex .” I am dying to meet Tania. Now, who thinks about his woman’s best friend after sex!



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

4 thoughts on “Love, Coffee and Break up: Chapter 5

    1. hehe of course it’s imagination and hope m not giving an account of it, far from that. It’s fiction and bears no ressemblance…I do have serious issue with Ram and it’s one character I highly disagree with and feel he was a weak man and afraid to take on the system, a by-product of ugly patriarchy revered.

      1. I agree Ram is one of the most selfish characters considered to be ultimate which he is not. A very wrong interpretation of a good man and he’s my most hated character.

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