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Love, Coffee and break up: Chapter 4

Love, Coffee and Break Up

Chapter 4:

Cops visit for Tehkeekat..Anumrita mysteriously disappears..

I am shaking with fear. The cops scan the kitchen area, opening cup boards and windows, entering the room to inspect below the bed, brandishing a torch to look inside the drawer. The short fellow observes, “I think the guy is clean and we came to the wrong address.” I express a faint smile. His colleague, dressed in police uniform eyes me, “May be. But, we are cops and we need to find the girl.” He speaks to me as if he is giving marching orders to a hardened criminal, “We are sorry to bother you but we are waiting for our seniors to reach in no time. Till, then, you gotta sit like this.”

“Are you scared?”, one of the cops asks.

I stammer, “Yes, Sir.”

I hear the bell ring. The cops walk towards the door to open it. I smell the rat and something fishy is happening as there are hushed tones and giggles. Anumrita smiles brightly and broke into splinter of laughter, followed by a swarm of guys and gals, singing loudly, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Sam,” as they held beer, whisky, vodka, Mongini cake and snacks. I feel under siege.

The fake cops smile sheepishly, “Dude, no hard feelings. We are actors, the woman in your life fished from XIC Mumbai and we became part of the surprise.” They hug me and I can still feel the adrenaline pumping down the body at the prospect of feeling fake cops, sharing the shit out of my life. I compliment them, “You guys are great actors.”

Anumrita winks, “Howz the surprise,Baby?”

I smiles, “I almost pee from my pants. What an idea for surprise.”

We smooch in front of everyone, happily singing, clapping and enjoying the drinks. We are sloshed and at 3 a.m, the whole bunch left home, not without hugging me, the birthday boy, leaving gifts. Anumrita was busy cutting the cake and sharing.

We lie on the floor as she sits on my lap, my hand on her waist, stealing gentle kisses as she caresses my face. The party is not over for us like night lovers whispering sweet nothings and caressing each other, playing footsie. She gently turns and pecked my lips, smiling coyly.

“Acha tell me, ” She asks. “How much do you love me?”

I tease her, “It’s like telling to fake an orgasm.”

She sounds annoyed, “Tell na, Baby. What length can you for our love. What if Mom and Dad gets to know about us? Will you be ready to face them and fight till the end, almost convincing them that you are the chosen one, you will always keep me happy!”

I ask, “But, you planning to run away from them, na? As it is, they want to get you hitched in an arranged marriage.”

She gave me the ‘I-Will-Kill-You-Look, na.”

“Acha Baba, chill. You see how I convince them that I am the perfect Damaad Babu (son-in-law) and no matter where they take you and if they marry, I will barge on your wedding day and steal you right under their nose. See, I am your prince charming, soft romantic at heart, intelligent and handsome.”

She naughtily says, “Oho! I don’t see any intelligent and handsome guy in the room.”

I kissed her on her neck. “I’ll make a short film for them, ‘How not to torture your daughter? Then, I’ll threaten them with a gun to give their blessing to us as a couple and floor your Dad and Mom with sponsored tourist visits in North India, TanishQ jewellery and take your old man to nude beaches outside India.”

She is making silly faces, “You wanna bribe my Dad to see naked women. Mom will kill you. Bade aaye dulha banne. All guys are the same.”

“Why not? I’ll inject vigor and youthfulness in your old man. The nude beaches in Taiwan will wait for him and Red Bull or Viagra will fail. You’ll see how they will embrace me.”

We tickle each other, made love throughout the morning and slept into each other’s arms.


We woke up in the evening and I am feelingdizzy, my head was exploding because of alcohol and ganja consumed. I could see Anumrita making coffee as I lay on bed and she put the cup on the small wooden table, adjacent to  the bed. Her mobile is ringing and she cranks up her voiced but hanged up. During the day, She grow sullen and distant, not whispering a word to me, telling to leave her alone for some time. I give her the space and wonder what’s wrong  she is  cribbing to herself over my clothes flung on the bed, the cupboard is in disarray. She yels to herself. I ignore her antics. I am keen to know what happened suddenly and what the mysterious phone call is all about….

(To be continued…)



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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