O’ love! Your silence gnaws me

Sitting seductively on the bed, you flash a wicked smile,

caressing the white sheet, you stroke your wet hair and face.

I long for your words, nod yet you draw me towards you,

not a single word uttered as I’m dying to hear your voice.

Your silence haunts me and you remain a deep mystery to my existence.

For how long you will gnaw me like that?

The pain and suffering is slowly killing me like lethal poison.

O mystery woman! Will you stop smiling coz I can’t take it anymore?

Take me in your heavenly abode, let enter the gateway of hell as the heart knows no reason.

Love or fury, paradise or hell, quench my thirst of passion, possess me for I wanna be yours.

The heart knows no reason, no justification to exist.

With love














26 thoughts on “O’ love! Your silence gnaws me

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