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WoW-Hero Worship(ped)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This week’s WoW-What if you are stuck in an elevator with your idol?-inspiration is:

Sample this: You get inside an elevator, closing the door but then someone hurriedly opens it and gets inside. That someone happens to be the person you wanted to meet all your life! So what will you do if this elevator breaks down for 10 minutes? How will you use this golden opportunity?

Hero Worship(ped)

I was running late for the interview and stormed inside the lift at Trident Hotel, Nariman Point. I can now breathe easy and look at myself in the mirror, putting my hair in place with hand-turned-comb, adjusting the glasses and ensuring the face looks presentable.  A tall shadow elegantly enter the lift and his gaze is fixed on me who was oblivious of his presence. He has a towering personality and spoke in his deep baritone voice, “Arre Bhaiya! Baal theek thak hai. You are handsome, dude.” The voice seems familiar and charming. I turned around and he extends his hand to me.

He smiles, “Hi….”

I was in for a rude shock and received a jolt that I could have collapsed on the white marbled floor. I couldn’t believe my eyes and luck.

“I am Amitabh Bachchan. You, young man?”, he asked.

I stammered, “V-i-s-h-a-l, S-i-rrrrr.”

“Hi Vishal. Nice meeting you.”

I froze and stupidly asked the greatest actor and star in the world, “Are you real Sir? I am a huge fan of yours and never ever thought in my life that we would meet like that. Can I touch you?”

Mr Bachchan smiled majestically, “Arre Bhaiya! Lo Karlo Baat. I am six feet, wearing a black suit, blue shirt and a nice tie, black shoes and grey beard. “Please,” as he took my index to touch his palm.  What a personality and magnetism that I am immediately drawn to him. I feel like yelling inside the elevator. I was star struck and it feels like a dream. Too good to be true.”

“Sir,” I asked “Can I have an autograph, please?”

As I tried to open my bag, it collapsed on the floor. Mr Bachchan exudes his magnetic charm and picked my bag effortlessly, not without telling me, “Boy! You got an interview and no point being overworked like that. I am just human and be yourself. Can I open your bag?”

I was almost paralyzed on meeting him and said Y-E-S. He asked, “Which one do you want me to pick?”

I pointed at the shining,  black diary and he flipped the pages, signing Amitabh Bachchan with this Parker pen, lotsa love to my buddy Vishal..we met in the elevator…love always and care..chill out.” He smiled and slink the diary inside my bag which he handed back to me.

He hugged me and said, ‘Today is your big day and I won’t say all the best since I know you will nail the interview. Remember, once there was a lanky young man who walked inside the office of a producer, he faced rejection because he was scared. Today, he is standing in front of you. Always, remember that. Our attitude in life defines who we are and nobody is big or small.”

The lift reached the ninth floor and he smiled, royally stepped out of the lift, exuding charisma to disappear inside the hotel lobby. Now, I know why there is only one Amitabh Bachchan. I remembered my smart phone huddled inside my black trousers but it was too late for a selfie. I feel like a mutt.

This is a work of fiction, imagining what the conversation with my childhood cum biggest idol whom I hero worshiped for years would be like. I was lucky to meet Mr Amitabh Bachchan who is my biggest inspiration where I managed to take his autograph. But, just that. Thank you for the imaginary conversation, Blog Adda.

With Love




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44 thoughts on “WoW-Hero Worship(ped)

  1. Oh that is great 🙂 Simplicity adorns only very few, wheras many actors feign as if they are really so 🙂 I have heard that the ‘Bachans’ are simple and friendly. that was a lively imagination. Could imagine your state!! well narrated, vishal!

    1. M such a huge and die-hard fan of Mr Bachchan and may just go made if I have to encounter him in an elevator. I gonna froze that’s for sure and try imagining him conversing with him. I still dream of meeting him at his house at Jalsa:)
      They are very down to earth and friendly, always nice to fans:)

  2. beautifully penned down Vishal. The excitement and joy of meeting him his truly inexplicable. We meet the same idol in the elevator btw 😉

    1. Thank u so much, Shanx. I imagined how excited I’d be to meet my childhood idol and I’ll tremble with excitement on meeting the God of cinema, desh ke dhadkan. Look forward to read urs and after all, Mr Bachchan continues to inspire millions like us:)

  3. Oh wow! I’d have loved to be in place of you in that elevator Vishal. Imagine getting stuck in the elevator with the big B. I would reacted exactly the way you’ve described your reaction here…or rather worse than this!
    Awesome narration! Loved this 🙂

  4. Oh wow! I’d have loved to be in your place in that elevator… Imagine being stuck in there with the Big B! I would have reacted exactly the same way or maybe worse still.
    Awesome narrative and imagination! Loved this 🙂

    1. In my figment of imagination Vinodinii..I am wondering whether anxiety would have killed me in real…that’s the power of Big B and the spell he holds magnet.
      Thanks loads:)

    1. I fully agree with u’ve nailed it..that’s what set AB apart-down to earth, good human being and always acknowledging his fans, charm personified:)

  5. I tried to meet him in my imagination too but failed to speak even there, so I chose a crush instead.

  6. awesome vishal! this conversation did sound like it happened in real 🙂 AB is surely a living legend 🙂

    1. Thanks loads Swathi. I imagined the screenplay like a movie live in action, owing to my imagination. AB is truly the nation’s heart throb and we have an ongoing romance with him for treating fans with so much respect:)

      1. no no no .. nothing like that .. I jsut know someone who organises these shows and all .. thats all ..

        I am just a normal human being vishal..

    1. I shook hands with him and once telling him, aap ka Major Saab’ bhoot Acha laga once, he replied, jee shukriya and a second time touched his feet and have him a budday card. But, among the huge crowd for hardly a minute. Twice I was blessed but dying to meet him one to one with him hosting me in Jalsa for five minutes tea, a selfie, loads of autographs nada chat:)

  7. Obvious reactions! Very well described. The idea of meeting a celeb came to my mind either but just failed to pen down. You have completely done justice to it.

    1. Thanks loads Umang. I’m happy u enjoyed and tried to visualize like a script writer. I hope so I’ve done justice..cmon yaa u such a powerful writer and m sure u would’ve made a fab writer:)

  8. there is only one person (other than Buddha, Christ) who would have had that effect on me i guess (not sure) Rabindranath… I so would have loved to be a student of shantinketan when he was alive 🙂

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