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Love, Break up and Coffee: Chapter 2



‘A catch a la Sachin..half the men are not gays…’

Do you love flies?

‘Huh,” I pretend to be shocked. Of course, I am acting and making faces, craving for her attention.

Anumrita shot a gleeful smile, her eyes scanning for the moon and bending her gaze towards the floor, admiring her Reebok shoes.

A tiny fly was hovering around our heads. She did a Sachin and in less than a second, the creature was stuck dead inside the palm of her hand. ‘What a catch,’ she felicitated herself. I was speechless and wondered whether she is someone who lost her mental sanity. Out of the blue, she asked, “Hey! Do you wanna some extra flavor in your coffee to make it sugary spicy.”
I balked, “What’s on your mind?”

“What if I mix the fly in your coffee?”, she sounds serious.

What a jerk, my mind says.

“Are you out of your mind?” I slapped.

“No! No! I am serious. It tastes awesome. Trust me,” she casually said.

“Are you human or you belong to the herbivore tribe as well?” I laughed.

She looks flabbergasted and trying hard to conceal her smile, “How can you speak like that to a girl and that too, on the first day?”

“Oh! How can you seduce a man you met for the first time into having coffee with fly. Are you the desi version of James Bond companion trying to hoodwink me into something. Lady Spy, I am no villain. Thanks for telling me it’s a date, kinda lethal blind one! I feel so honored, “I sarcastically remarked.

“Oho! Someone is trying to be funny, she teases me.

For one hour, we started taking as if we are two lovers, like Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu who were separated at birth and met in this life time. We spoke about our parents, her mom who is hell bent to marry her with some stupid Punjabi guy that she loathes and plan is to be get a job, runaway from her family as soon as she is done with her studies.

I teases her, “So run away bride! What are you studying?”

“Oh! Just shut up! I am not some runaway bride..Btw, I am a proud and brainy MBA students,” She chimes.

“Wah wah wah! smart MBA student! Kya Baat! And I thought you are a tennis player,” I smiled at my own lame joke.

“The joke doesn’t make me laugh even for two seconds,” She harshly reminded me.

We were playful and held each other hands, flirting shamelessly, pointing at some odd couples, yelling loud enough for them to hear us with stupid jokes like, They look like brothers and sisters. We cackled as she rested her head on my shoulder. Who become lovers in a matter of hours. It was a kinda harmless fling as we kissed shamelessly inside CCD, giving way to our passion.

She asked, “Why are you studying films when you can make a movie with me and get it produced by Karan Johar or Mahesh Bhatt? I bet you study how to become the next Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan!

I laughed, “Yea! As if Karan Johar is waiting for me and asking, ‘When are you giving me dates, Sir’? Why making a movie with you..You wanna be the next Malika Sherawat in town kya?”

Anumrita slapped me on my shoulder. Ouch! It hurts,’ I whined like a shy school boy. She saw some guys ogling at her from the other corner of the table and she raised my attention, “Do you see?”

I asked,”What?”

She grew peevish, “You don’t have eyes or what. Those guys are looking at me….”

“Obviously, half the world are not gays or something like that. Come on, they are admiring the view of the tennis player.”

She sounded offended at my remark but laughed, anyway. “Haha! Half the world is not gays. But, what do you mean by the view..?”

“Babe! Your sexy legs is a major turn off,” I flirted.

She teases me, “Are you getting turned on?”

“May be! I am heterosexual,I guess.”

The guys were ogling her. We played a trick that made them uncomfortable and we were kissing so shamelessly, she running her fingers down my chest and me kissing her on the neck, gently stroking her bosom. The poor guys looked away and left in a while.


We met clandestinely as she skipped her lectures and me, running away from shoots to be with Anumrita. We enjoyed the moments spent together, laughing a lot and indulging in casual sex, occasionally. It was a relation that bear no burden on us as there was no commitment but streak of kissing and sex, holding hands and cuddling in public places. We faced no toll or pressure to be constantly with each other and by then, we were convinced that it was a passing and fading affair. In a flick of moment, Anumrita miraculously disappeared from my life and she feigned my sms-es and miss calls, refusing to take my calls and abruptly cutting me off. I wondered what’s wrong  but I became busy with my film shoots, travelling to Mumbai and Delhi, completely putting her off the mind’s radar.

One day, I was in the shoot at the Film Institute for our film project and was handling the assistant’s duty, having a look at the script, continuity sheet and ensuring that the lightning, art works and sound recording are in place cum checking the proper functioning of the monitor. It was during the lunch break when I was caught up in a passionate discussion with a senior, Mansi, when a number flashed on my cell phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw…Anum calling. I hesitated for a while whether I should pick up the phone my finger accidentally clicked on accept.

A worried voice, almost on the verge of breaking up into tears yelled, “Where are you?!!!!! I need to meet you in 15 minutes…It’s damn important and I’m in deep shit..I’ll be waiting near Archies at Deccan. She hanged up. I was confused and convinced Mansi in time to handle matters for me. I borrow the scooter, broke traffic signal and sped my way to Deccan Gymkhana in the mad, swirling traffic.

To be continued…..




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

4 thoughts on “Love, Break up and Coffee: Chapter 2

    1. Thank u..M trying and hope I’m able to give a good e-novella to read in following chapters. First time I’m experimenting, no ideas nor plans but scripting it as it flows in the mind:)

    1. Thanks ton, Anita. Do scroll down and read the first outing. It’s an experience of sort dabbling with romance, no plan, no character sketching but just writing with the flow. Let’s see how it unfurls:)

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