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Happy wala budday wish kiya, kya!!!!

Putting to rest and burying at sea the world called age in my dictionary,

I am re-born and embrace a new leash of life today.

Yours truly stopped growing when he reached 18 and age is just a number, don’t they say!

I’ve thrown the extra years in the dump.

I feel alive and kicking my tiny feet and fingers curled in the cradle as I wink to the world.

Grateful for being born, stumbling, kicking hoof..and asses.

Delighted at the love and blessing upon me like garlands.

Feeling special N awesome.

Counting blessings and stars in the sky, with so much love, the world is here to embrace and conquer.

Birthday wishes are pouring since the morning and the day was spent waking up to the lark quite miraculously. Me and early riser?! You gotta kidding me.  Ya! The boy just getting younger and younger, by the day and beaming like a child, blushing at the budday wishes dropping like balls of snow. I gotta stand on the mountain and grab them all. Thank you lovelies on Facebook for the super awesome budday.

What I need is the bum in its earnest place and no one to smash..haha kidding! Few phone calls received and spoke to buddies and besties from India, the cousin-bro surprises me with the wine bottle, making the day to die for. Am I getting old?! What’s that, age and old, a new word in the dictionary! See, I’m an ignoramus when it comes to alien and bombastic words. I only know to count the blessings in life and having loads of them today, on Facebook, phone calls, chat aur what’s not. How can I go wrong? The dream and King of Good Times is not too faraway. Like the kid marveling at the sight of treasure and magic, I shall reach for gold like Harry Potter. Kiddo is on a mission to discover dreams, the ‘new job’ and unlimited happiness.

A promise to craft awesome stuffs and a promise to my super cute and wonderful blog dost, Aditi to write something real good striving with the budday wale post. Angels! Angels! Holding kiddo hands and serenading him as they usher him in the world where he shows streak of naughtiness to trouble people, sometimes makes their life hell, make them laugh till their belly ache. His adventures? You’ll find it on the blog and read at your own helluva risk.

Kiddo is shameless but today, he says thank you for the happy wala budday wishes pouring and for the love. If you haven’t wished, he has a magic wand and he will spark a circle of fire as ‘Happy wala budday’ will pop outta your mouth like goblet of fire,

Happy wala budday to me.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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