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Just joking: FB on dharna, playing Tomatino

Now, who says Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t gone global?! I dare you! Our dear Arvind has gripped Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg in its fever of dharna (protest) for an hour or less as the LATTER went on a spree of mourning for the exit of Spain in the World Cup. Now, wait FB was busy playing Tomatino with the Spanish team as the site went in a tizzy of sort, going down for a while?!

Facebook goes down globally; users unable to log in

You were all invited for the shrad (mourning) ceremony as Facebook choose to go anonymous to the great joy of twi-birds and Google+ this Thursday afternoon. And, we thought Friday 13 was behind us in the making. What were Facebook-ers doing this while? Venting out on Twitter and G+. “”Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”  “Go Back

Baap re! Where do we go back to ? Baap re Baap! And, I thought it was apocalypse all over the place for Facebookers like me, obsessed with sharing, varing and liking status, chatting and venting out. Have you thought bout’ us Dear Mark? May be you were atoning for your sins of changing the design of your site, lapped like Vada Pav and hamburgers by social media frenzy,  to confuse people like me.  Have you realized how and how you make my life hell by changing my profile every now and then.

I wonder what Arnab Goswani has to say about that! See Mr Mark, never ever ever ever mourn for Spanish a la Tomatino or get in some dharna, protesting over what we are most clueless about. O! Facebook we want an answer. Not just India the whole world wants to know. Like Arvind would say, yehi toh scam because we are the mango people a la Aam Aadmi (Common people). Who says we don’t need entertainment as the World Cup viral fever is hitting us where we constantly update the football scores and to say, the Lok Sabha battle is over? Come on! We need issues to heat up the fry pan on social media, about almost anything to everything. FB will never cease to surprise us with its drama. Now, this is entertainment. Don’t believe me! Put on the Twitter plug and read updates-cum-silly jokes on Facebook. Guess, Alia Bhatt and Alok Nath has competition now. The Great Facebook joke.

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14 thoughts on “Just joking: FB on dharna, playing Tomatino

  1. ha ha haha .. This is still a good error message ..

    I do customizations for Ms CRM.. and write code for various clients and some of the error messages we see are so atrocious.

    They make no sense.. best is

    Something went wrong.

    Yes I know something has gone wrong, the whole idea is to tell me WHAT went wrong and What do i need to do , to fix it …

  2. Yes yes he should think about poor people like us who are the global in the Global Phenomenon that is facebook

  3. Yes, Vishal! Such true observations!
    I found a number of panic & sad tweets on Twitter.
    As I am not using FB, having stopped about 3 years ago, no issues for me 🙂

      1. Oh okie on Facebook, people keep liking lotsa links na and sharing stuffs, keep updating their statuses writing any mundane stuffs, movies, weather and people. So FB must have got depressed.hehe

    1. Me too, was sharing somethg from Guardian and wondering what’s wrong. When tried to log in, it wasn’t working..i was like it makes for a post a la kejru da dharna:)
      Thanks fr dropping, Rajlakshmi:)

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