Divine banana leaves

Water seeping through the soft banana leaves as the tree root was caught in a maelstrom, shaken by the furious rain during the night;

The God of rain whipped a storm sparing no one, as the trees and homes underwent  a mayhem of destruction;

The green banana tree remain non-plussed, wearing a happy expression in gay abandon and smiling at nature’s upheaval,

as they gently sway their wing on the tree;

They are know that kids will caress and lick them with the mouth-watering food, gently touching stirring hearts and souls;

Gentle and swarming to happy hearts, the mighty banana leaves are venerated by the local residents and treated with love;

Divinity is thy name,

as they remain perched on the tree offering solace and warmth to beautiful souls;

Radiant smile, joyful hearts and kind souls admire their simplicity and beauty,

even the God of rain couldn’t destroy such simple beauty wearing Green;

Banana leaves make the heart dance with excitement in the rain and charmed the biggest power.




  1. Love the imagery, Vishal!
    Agree with you that Banana leaves are divine. In many states like Odisha, food is served on Banana Leaves. Visited the Shri Jagannath temple, Puri?
    You must have the awesome prasad served on these leaves🙂

  2. Just 2 minutes ago I was cribbing about the early rains here in my city and how I cannot travel on my 2-wheeler this morning. And then I read your post. It’s almost revitalizing!
    Thank you for making me feel stupid and positive at the same time😉

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