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Heart warming ads celebrating women

Now, who said ads is all bout minting money and making hay under the sun for big corporates?! Spiraling like virus on various social media, I came across super intelligent ads that rightly cast a glance on our social conditioning and the way we view women in our Indian society. While there has been ads like Fair & Lovely which, quite sadly, perpetrated the patriarchal mindset we live in and discriminated between fair and dusky people, it’s heartening to see ads done by companies, pitching for change and equality in society.

The first one that comes to the mind is Havell ad that exposes our hypocrisy where we treat women as a ‘domestic help’ whose place is confined to the kitchen. Come on, dude! Can’t you make a cup of coffee for yourself and why expect your mother, sister or wife doing it. ‘I am not a kitchen appliance’ is thought-provoking and brilliant ad that someone must to look at the way we treat women. Now, treating women with respect is not an alien concept which is beyond homo sapiens understanding! I love the humor injected in the ad to make some people understand a very simple concept.

Labeling men & women and expecting them to behave cum confined to social norms is the biggest no no in a society where we pretend to be free in our thought and take pride in being educated with a modern outlook. C’mon, we all know the hypocrisy and how we think privately send me in a tizzy of sort. It’s a mad world where we expect women to crush their individuality and play second fiddle to men. Watch this slap in your face ad to know why!


Now, this ad moved me to tears and I can’t help being emotional watching this one. Tanishq is one company I respect a lot for coming with such thought-provoking ads on equality between men and women, battling social prejudices and refusing to view human beings with myopic eyes. This ad is an eye-opener to all men where it nicely tells us what it means to be real and live with the dignity of a man in a world shattered with pre-conceived beliefs and attitudes reminding us of the dark age still prevalent. I ask all the men reading this ad a simple question: How many of you are willing to accept a woman the way she is even if she is a divorcee and has a child? Just be honest and I already made my decision on that!

Thought-provoking! This Times of India ad paints a gory picture on women in the city I love the most, Mumbai. This ad is another of my favorite coz of my love for the city where it makes a pitch and send a strong message of oneness in a person where she can walk in peace at any time of the day and where she won’t need a man by her side. When will this day ever come. What I love in this ad how it touched the heart by showcasing women in different walks of life, of different faiths cutting across the globe and, of course, the Marathi that gives us a feel of amchi Mumbai.

The strength of a woman lies in her attitude and not in her physics. This Bournvita ad makes a strong point in the light of women’s security in a city and the bondage between mother and daughter strikes a sensitive chord with the heart. A must watch ad that will touch your mind, soul and heart which boost the self-belief, confidence in a women and should push to think in terms of Respect.

Today, we celebrate Father’s Day and the ad couldn’t be posted at a better time. It’s my small tribute to the daughter who celebrate their parents and who says you need a son to make your parents’ happy. This HDFC ad goes a long way in challenging our assumptions on the roles of men & women in society which is gross travesty of our minds.

I can’t recalls ads, except Tanishq, that sought to uproot our mainstream attitude in the way we treat and view women in society. It’s a grand salute to women as individuals and what they are capable of doing with a bang. The corporates  must be applauded to coming up with such ads fostering respect for women. Now, beat that!

Happy Father’s Day







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