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The proposal in Goa summer breeze


“So tell me why should I accept your proposal and what I make of the Red Rose and chocolate on the date?” She was amused and perplex.

He strokes her hair and gallantly smiles, “I am sensitive to your needs and make you feel like a princess. I will guffaw at your silly jokes, hold your chair in the cafe and open the door of your car.”

I am chivalrous and do I need to prove to you how much you makes my heart go dhak-dhak. “Remember, how I saw you through your break-up? I nursed your tears as you cried on my shoulders. I caressed your head gently and stroke your hair. You complete me my ice cream.”

She gushed, “Oho! Look Mr wannabe-chivalry speak his mind. Is it a declaration of love, Mister. Tell me, should I feel flattered.

He made a silly face, “Of course, you should coz you are special and you know that.”

“You know! In the middle of the night, I hurtled my way to get your favorite wine and ice cream, almost breaking the shops,” he blithe.

“What do you want to prove? There is no one like you. I am confused now. You are my flat mate who is professing his love,” She teases me.

“Babe! Don’t doubt my love and frustrate me. I feel gutted. Don’t you realize how tough it is to confess my feeling to the girl I love? Should I tell how I was singing romantic songs in the room and swinging my way in happiness whenever you came. Your face makes the heart dance.”

She simpers, plays with her and adjusts her specs.

He couldn’t help feeling a rush of adrenaline down his spine and images coruscated in his memory the first time he saw her in the white Salwar Kameez and Kashmiri chappal. He thanked his stars when she moved in and was looking for the opportunity to be with her in the kitchen as they chopped onions that made her eyes moist. He wanted to wipe the tears provoked by silly onions, with his hand and hold her hand to heaven. Today is the moment and he is not gonna let the moment whittle in waste.

Let’s take a walk to the beach, he goaded her.

“Chalo, Sir! As they walked together, a wind was blowing, fluttering her hair.

“WoW! It’s beautiful,” he teased.

“What?”, She jumbles.

“Your hair,” he looks away trying to avert her gaze.

His heart went ballistic, “Come on, honey. Stop pretending and say yes.

As they walked on the sand on the beach at Calangute, he removed her chappal which she holds for her and almost lifted her inside the boat. It was dark and sea water was still, wearing a silent but soft romantic breeze. They could hear the guitar strumming as Goan would indulge in their favorite songs.

He bends on his feet and started singing, “Tune mujhe pehchana nahin, jaana mein koi anjaana nahin aashiq hoon mein tere pyar ka ( I am no stranger but your lover.”

Deep inside, she was amused and embarrassed, wondering what people will say, looks furtively around to see if there was anyone around. She strive to hide her smile, “Can you stay like that forever? So much to make a girl say yes.”

His knees was paining and felt paralyzed, “It’s a beautiful night. Say yes fast na and stop torturing me, babe. I am already suffering in Goa by bending like that..I can’t hold it..will you be my girl friend, my best friend, my lover and companion. I promise you the moon and see the beautiful, crescent white moon..I will soar in the sky like a superman but only for you.”

“Yes!! Yes Baba. I accept the proposal because I couldn’t find anyone better and I want the moon,” She blushed.

He jumped and plonks quite senselessly. He blabbered some mushy Hindi songs as some boys from the band joined them to jazz on their popular, foot tapping Goa song as a Black forest cake, her favorite arrived and he uncorked the wine bottle. They schmaltz like lost lovers and their lips melted passionately.

Fire crackers flew and sparks percolated through the sky scripting Happy New Year. It’s midnight. Revelers were dancing like mad, sloshed under the spell of alcohol, shouting loudly and hugging each other. He took her in his arms as they cuddle, kissing and dancing like free bird on the white sand, running towards the sea, splashing sea water on each other.








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12 thoughts on “The proposal in Goa summer breeze

  1. This one’s a nice one buddy.Just loved the way you have narrated this. I wouldn’t be surprised if more number of people start going to Goa after reading post..:p
    Loved the read..nice post..:)

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