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#helpachildreach5 by Lifebuoy

In the small obscure village where lightning is a dim and fading reality, surrounded by fields and polluted mud water thawed into small river, a pregnant mother slowly walked with pain to wash her face in the debris laden river. Skinny toddlers are playing with their legs and tiny hands soaked into pond of mud as their faces wore a sick and disheveled look. The lonely village is witness to skeleton babies succumbing to diarrhea before reaching the age of five as several of them are struggling in the thatched and modestly built cottage, often yowling in despair, tiny hands trembling and eyes battling furiously, to see a lush of light. Slowly, the babies will be conquered by death, provoked by diarrhea, due to the shortage of water and proper sanitation.



LifeBuoy Campaign

Nearly 5,000 moms lose their kids under the age of five due to diarrhea. Every year 2 million children fail to reach their fifth birthday because of diarrhea and pneumonia when all could have been done is make them wash their hands. Last year, Lifebuoy launched a ground-breaking campaign with the powerful short video through the story of Gondappa, a father’s journey to celebrate his son’s 5th birthday. Support the cause and watch the video now: Film actor and young mother Kajol was part of the campaign which saw a slump in the rate of diarrhea from 36 to 5 per cent. Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora village in Madhya Pradesh teaching healthy hand washing habits.

This year, Lifebuoy adopted Bitobe village in Indonesia where it aim to make a different by creating accessibility to soap and promote healthy hygiene habits. Lifebuoy aims to change the hand washing behavior by targeting one billion people in 2015.

Isn’t it stupid and dumb that innocent lives are lost due to the simple act of not washing hands? Watch this heart warming video of  a young mother Utari, and her affection for a tree, she feeds it with food as it is going to turn 5. Will you help the children reach the age of five. If yes, watch this amazing video and share on social media to create awareness. A child has the right to live with dignity and it’s not a privilege.

As citizens of the world, share with the hashtag, #helpachildreach5 and share by using the following links;

Please note that it is not a sponsored post but doing my bit to help erase mortality among young children who doesn’t reach the age of five due to lack of proper sanitation. The materials have been drawn from Lifebuoy’s website, except the short story above, which is the fruit of my imagination.










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18 thoughts on “#helpachildreach5 by Lifebuoy

  1. Quite thoughtful of you Vishal, to do your bit to spread this awareness or rather reinforce the awareness that’s already there.
    I like your narrative details of the village.

  2. Wonderful Vishal! Great that you are doing your bit & sharing info.
    Hand-washing is a simple way to prevent diseases & aid health.
    Nice that you have shared though it’s not a sponsored post.
    HUL has sponsored the same through many Blogs.

    1. Thank u so much, Anita and its such a simple life saving act. I’ve read some of the HUL-Sponsored post and they are amazingly written. My lil bit in public interest:)

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