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WoW: Our World Our Life

This post, ‘Our World, Our Life’  is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This week’s theme is:

This time write a witty & fun conversation between all stationery items. What is it that everything on your table would discuss in your absence?

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‘Our World, Our Life’

“Shhh! Chup Chaap! We’ll party soon and sway our hips on the table,” notebook announces. Notebook, pen, eraser and pencil get set on the table, swooshing in the air and hitting the stratosphere to the tunes of, ‘Oye Bubbly! Oye Bubbly! Be my lover..Party toh Banta Hai.”

“See, how pen is acting like a shy bride, pouting…what happened, dude?” Eraser quizzes.

“Shut the fuck dude, I’m thinking how this guy makes me roil in the air and you guys don’t realize how I feel dizzy when he twirls his fingers after he gently strokes me as if I’m his girl friend. Now, I’m ink away from being discarded..sniff sniff,” it bleats.

Note book splinters, “Now, I feel like a vast ocean. Oh! Pen! Dear Pen, stop with your yowl. See, how he loves you and I’m amazed how he is the driving force when he makes you squiggle on me, drawing caricatures and slithering on me. Now, don’t tell me you don’t feel sexy coz I derive sensual pleasure when you plod on me.”

“Arre! You must see how he shops for us till he drops..he buys me in varied hues and colors as if he is making rainbow in the sky. It’s irritating how he keeps toggling with me, as if he is changing diapers or clothes to make me write for his exams. He keeps changing gears every single moment  to write faster, our breed of pens keep making a beeline for his attention. I loathe it when he keeps changing us while writing,” pen is riled.

“And, he keeps caressing me, tweak my beak and twirling me to make me believe of our eternal romance and love,” Pen smirked.”

“I know! He’s mad. He keeps buying lotsa of us as if we are some collector’s edition. I dunno what he does, scribbling on me and always carrying us in his bag to college.” Notebook is smiling, “I know his deep secrets bout’ his friends, love and sex life. He keeps scribbling bout’ the dark secrets which jealously keeps in a safe haven,” Notebook sounds heuristic.

Both Scale and Eraser whine, “He hardly uses us and keeps us caged in his case. This guy was pally pally with us as a child and see how poor Pencil is heart broken now.” Eraser whines, “You know he was using me a lot, biting me and adorning me with colors of Pen and I felt like some art deco in his hand.” Pencil interjects, “He was biting me with his mouth, what do you know? I almost danced when his mom scolded at him for biting me.”

“Listen guys. he’z not a bad guy after all. Pen and the others, we are family and I know he will coop us in the old case, even if he’s done with us. Now. let’s continue our party before he comes,” Notebook lightens the mood.

They huddle on the table, gabble and curling their bodies, twisting to the beats ringing in their heads.





Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

22 thoughts on “WoW: Our World Our Life

  1. Enjoyed your story…. One of the few which engrossed me enough to read the full post.

    1. hehe! It’s not doc..Sometimes, I try to give shape and character to the stationery..I am a fan of urs and in total awe of ur writing…btw do check my short story and I wanna know honest feedback and constructive criticisms.

    1. Hey Anmol. Thanks ton for informing me and I read everyone’s take, feel ki there are so many amazingly beautiful stories that all of us should have been declared winners:)

  2. Enjoyed reading this vishal. You kept it light and refreshing with the right amount of humour..:)
    Surely a WOW post.Here’s a heartfelt congratulations from myside and lastly, thanks for leaving a comment on my post..:)

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