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Imaginary chat with Salman Rusdie: 100 Words on Saturday/ # 16

Image belongs to and downloaded at Google/Salman Rushdie-Padma Lakshmi

100 Words on Saturday! Write Tribe shall forget me as I go the whipper snapper way, royally exceeding 100-er as my mind run amok with imagination interviewing my favorite author, Salman Rushdie. Seriously, can I jot 100 words with the maven of literature as we get set, the thoughts on fire in a hold no barred conversation on his amazing vocabulary, only Thesarus can do justice to, his love life and the twits hounding him. Enjoy!!

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This prompt, ‘100 Words on a Saturday 2014 – # 16 is written as part of Write Tribe’s theme, Your favourite author and what you’d like to discuss with him or her’ and my hot fav is the wacky, crazy with loads of intellect and fetish with words, Salman Rushdie.’

An Imaginary chat with Salman Rushdie

Salman Sir of the Rushdie, monster figment of imagination, pitter patter of thoughts woven as you bask in the world’s wonkiness. Do you fell vindicate, my favorite author?, I ask. He harrumphed, “My words are mine entirely and dabbling with vocabulary for selected few, meaning esotericism as I jeer at my foes lack of intellect. Oh! Sir, you have a thing for hotties, Padma and ‘alleged’ love bites from Riya Sen as woe betide you.  Sporting a churlish grin, “Young man, you trading insults at your favorite author..M Rushdie Sir, remember and I baffle them by my unparalleled intellect. Your hubba hubba arousing for Padma since you cannot get her.” Sir! Sir!, I beg of him and  epic words to trade your ire at your enemies like you did on Twitter. Rushdie doffs his hat, “They are ILLATIRITE. LARN SPEL. THEN GET BRANE.





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14 thoughts on “Imaginary chat with Salman Rusdie: 100 Words on Saturday/ # 16

  1. its quite interesting, i feel there is a huge gap of way of thinking that pops up with wide age gap… then men have always married women much younger than them, willingly, sometimes by force so that most probably doesnot matters much to men. He is not the only culprit, you will have to maintain an account in tally or some other account software if you want to manage a list. 🙂

  2. This conversation is of different kind 🙂 and with this author, probably few others would enjoy and would like to do it this way…..There might be some corrections needed across 🙂

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