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Mein Tulsi Tere Angaan Ki

India’s favorite Bahu stages a comeback at the HRD Ministry all set to do a Desi version of Lara Craft with her swastik and Ram Shastra in hand to train her arrow with bow glued at the back of her saree, to revolutionize our IITs and make our higher education system one of the best in the world. Sorry! My baad! Did I say India’s favorite Bahu? Apologies! Ekta must be red with envy and gloat with pride to see her favorite Bahu and Soap opera’s has-been favorite, sitting majestically on her throne.

There is one glitch in her otherwise ‘shuddh’ whitish character as pure as milk, at least the Congress wallah wanna us to believe? Her academic credentials: They tell us, ‘Our Tulsi Maa’ lied that she bagged a BA and now she just sat for BA Part 1. Tauba! Tauba! Itna saare late drama and that too in her Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi soap opera style mein, drama and twist in the tale doesn’t creep in the start. What  a script Baba! Climax hit a new high as the drama unfolds itself and our Tulsi gonna give the likes of KJO and Ekta a complex in the pure Saas-Bahu style . Our Tulsi maintained a stoic silence and when she stepped her lotus feet at the HRD minister, she must have folded her hands in reverence, ‘Mein Tulsi Tere Angaan Ki.’

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Naysayers! Issue is not bout whether academic credentials can do the job and we know its bullshit, right! Ab Billy uncle ko dekhle, university dropped out took the world of computers by storm and our once, blue-eyed-boy, Dhirubhai-ji. What happened with Tulsi-ji nomination papers during two Lok Sabha elections must have been dumped in the dustbin of history. They tell us, lies is bad omen for our democracy and that Madam Minister must have lied and let her bloom like the flowers, tying her pallu in style to deliver the goods to make our IIT the best in the world. Madam Minister in her brand new avataar did a repeat of her Tulsi character and told us, not in a fiesty fashion, but subdued, ‘let my work speak.’

A tale of Saffron outfits to parade at the latest fashion weeks, bearing the signature of the new, Tulsi-Maa, in her new role as Madam Minister. You bet! Now our HRD Madam wanna have a place in the hall of fame as we shall sing her praise, Mein Tulsi Tere Angaan Ki. Her latest jig: Present ancient Hindu culture and heritage in our text books..see now our students will learn more about Hindu texts, Vedas, Upanishads to assess our old tradition in shaping India as a nation. Now, who said, ‘Acche din abhi tak aaya nahin. ‘ Till our Tulsi Madam is here, we gotta believe that India’s progress as a nation is truly a by-product and influence of Hindu culture solely in the building of this great nation.

Madam Minister is truly believing in her Tulsi role at the HRD Ministry and it seems, ‘Mein Tulsi Tere Angaan Ki’ is getting to her too much and is taking her pyaari and hot favorite Ekta Kapoor’s advice a bit too strongly. Nahin, Tulsi-ji?!




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34 thoughts on “Mein Tulsi Tere Angaan Ki

  1. We have a habit of over emphasizing on certain things. Let’s blame it on the media. I am looking forward to the work she does.
    I would like to point out something in this post though… the hindi english language mix here made it a difficult read. Just my 2 cents… don’t know if others would agree.

    1. Hi Nisha thanks for dropping in. Criticisms are most welcome on the hinglish take that I often take the creative liberty to indulge in. Sorry for it sounding less reader friendly and will take care the next time. me too! let’s see how Tulsi fares at the ministry and as it is, you don’t need degree to make a competent minister. That’s what I wanted to say while referring to Ambani and Bill Gates:)

  2. Did not see much of her as an actor but for last couple of years she’s been extremely active politically. I admire her for her fearless attitude and she hardly says anything that is senseless.

  3. Not known to me – but thanks for introducing her …:-) Will def keep an eye on Madam Minister from now on.. Funny read – me like:-)

    1. Thanks ton, Eli. she is Smriti Irani and acted in the saas-bahu (MIL-DIL) conflict kinda stupid show..hehe that was such a runaway hit, at least the makers claim to:0

  4. This was indeed a funny post. Ya,the fact remains she lied about her educational qualifications but one thing is sure,degree doesnt make one wise,its the knowledge that matters,howsoever and whichever way you have learnt.
    She has a great command on her expressions of ideologies and knows the current scenario. Her intelligence alongwith her will if she carries on,can make changes in the society. Watch this Vishal, its an eye opener. ALthough Iam anti BJP, I loved her speech and thoughts.

    1. Hey, she speaks quite well and thanks for sharing the video. I agree she has a good command as a public speaker and hope she delivers the goods as HRD minister. My issue with her suggestion of imposing Hindu culture on the country which is wrong since other faiths also contributed to India being culturally rich.

      1. Ya thts true , every culture has contribution. But hope she delivers and executes her work well in the given office ,at least tht would improve the situation of employment and education in india

      2. Agree with you Soumya.What matters is delivering goods to make our education system one of the best in the world and I am in favor of a holistic approach:)

  5. I understand that you have written this as a humour piece. But I must say that I have a gut feeling that she will do some good things in getting that ministry working properly. I don’t know much about her, but what little I have seen of her I think she is quite dynamic with a clear head on her shoulders, and the right attitude. That are much more, much much more important than a degree, in my book. And not to forget, my mother enjoyed her TV show, so she has to be good 🙂

    1. It was indeed done with a tinge of humor. I’ll prefer to wait and see, provided she lets her work do the talking. I agree one needs to move beyond academic credentials..oh hehe ur mom loves her show but I think shows and decision-making differ. My issue is the idea of imposing Hindu culture as part of academics on young mind. I do agree that the whole issue of degree should not taint what she’s capable of doing:)

      1. But maybe we first need to understand what is “Hindu culture”. I am afraid too many people walk around with totally wrong idea of what that is supposed to mean. Mass media has done a big mis-service by corrupting the minds of too many Indians. So much so that most Indians don’t even know what Hindu really means! Well, I will stop here but you get my drift…. 🙂

      2. I may not necessarily agree with you but respect ur perspective..disagree that media gives the wrong picture and I believe in respecting each and every faith in the country. Yes, I get your drift quite positively hehe.

  6. Interesting read Vishal. Although, like many people who have commented here, I also feel we should wait and watch her. She does seem to have potential.

  7. Lovely commentary, Vishal. Tulsi of the angan indeed. Hope she infuses the health, goodness & purity associated with the Tulsi plant of Indian Democracy’s angaan…
    Now that she’s in power, India ke anganey mein Tulsi ka kaam hai 🙂

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