The visitor, illusion and dream

Figment of imagination enshrined in the petal of heart, wishes rooted and buried deep down in the super consciousness,

seeping through the dreams as the humble visitor takes its mighty place on the throne.

Vision unfolds itself at the back of one’s mind, inner feeling and imagination couldn’t be truer than that as myriad feeling keep playing.

Dreams could be more real than that as the one who once held my tiny fingers visited,

exactly replaying his last days in our world.

I wondered on the fallacy of human life and the blurred vision of existence,

was it an extended reality playing scene by scene, something one couldn’t see in the past?!

A thin divide between the love for the closed ones, signs of impending joy and beyond realm of vision sketched vividly.

Good Morning




  1. I agree, sometimes dreams are so real, it’s puzzling. You wake up and swear it really happened even though you know it couldn’t have. Fascinating to me, especially since there are several instances in the Bible where God communicated to people through dreams.

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