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The saint who fell in love

It was the last day of exams and as the bell rings, he fidgeted with my papers and handed it over to the invigilator. He scampered his way out of the campus, adjusting his black rimmed glasses. Somebody touched him from behind and as he upped his gaze, it was her. He smiled sarcastically and he wanted to shout, ‘Wow! The super hot chick in college asking the geek for direction.’

Sonali smiled, “Why are you running away without wishing anybody. Dude! It’s your last day in college and meet everyone, na.”

He was amused when she gave him a hug.

“Listen! I am sorry..ok..when you proposed to me, I made fun of you in front of my friends. But, such things happen in campus, na.”

He composed himself, ‘Of course, it happens and it’s like saying high for super hot chicks, filthy rich, kinda cool kids like you. Have you ever thought how I felt at that time when everybody was making fun of me?”

Sonali’s facial expression changed and her face turned red. “Sorry, yaar! I didn’t meant to hurt you and may be I done it subconsciously. I never thought you’ll take it so badly.”

“Anyways! I don’t hold any grudge against you. May be, if you get happiness by laughing at me, I am happy for you. Anyways, I gotta go. I don’t feel the need to say Hi and bye to people who will get on with their lives as if I never existed. I need my personal space to reflect on things in my life.”

He looked straight into her eyes and said, “Not everyone is a bakra. Not every poor or middle class guy or girl should be made fun. Thank you! The day you made fun of me, you’ve woken up the lazy kid in me and my dormant potential. I promise to you Sonali that one day, people like you will follow my path since I am going to make it big in life. I gotta go and all the best in life.”

She expressed a wry smile and stood like a statue as he walked away.

Five years later

Sonali accompanied her Dad at the NDTV awards to honor real heroes. She walked with her Dad on stage as the anchor announces, “Today, we honor the real hero who rose from rags-to-riches by making recyclable shopping bags with newspapers and when the business soared, he left everything to embrace spirituality, donated his profit to charitable organizations to empower the girl child through education. His name was announced and Sonali’s father gave him the trophy, “Congratulations, young man and you are a real hero. Hope one day, I can live to tell my grand children what success is all about. It was him! Sonali was awe-struck, eager to flash her best smile with, ‘Remember Me.’ He fulfilled his promise to her, she was proud. Sonali was falling in love with him. He thanked Sonali’s father, took his award and walked past her as if she is an alien creature.


PS: This post is work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any creature, living or non living. The author’s imagination tends to run crazy past midnight as irrelevant ideas flow in his mind which spurts like ghosts infesting the plant.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

34 thoughts on “The saint who fell in love

  1. Interesting Vishal…
    Such strange twists na?! One small incident can be such a huge catalyst!

    nicely penned my friend.

  2. Loved the attitude of the protagonist, embarrassing incidents in college leave a deep imprint on the psyche, not everyone has the maturity to turn it into motivation.

    1. I couldn’t agree more and some many incidents in life help define us and our identity as human beings in life. One should be thankful not just to the good but bad and ugly phases in life:)

  3. It is nice but could have been ended on a happy note.Why walk without even a trace of recognition of Sonali?Is it a case of grudge being taken too far for a man who turns spiritual?

    1. It’s not grudge. The guy is disconnected from his path and is on a self elevated mode in life. I feel in a way it’a happy note since he found fulfillment in his quest:) Thanks for commenting:)

  4. Wow… I admire such people who let their work speak.. I aspire to be like them for talking never helps. Like we were told in school Let your actions speak louder than the words.

  5. He is so different . When he has just tasted success , he walks down the path of spiritualism and takes the awards to walk past her . He has allowed his work to do the talking. lovely write-up Vishal.

  6. Now thats for sure a POSITIVE one.. A person can achieve lots if only they work hard .. for sure and Good of the SAINT 🙂 I will say .. hard luck to Sonali..

    Good one sir and its past midnight only when stories come up 🙂

    1. Yeah! Indeed, there are some things that are not in one’s luck but destiny has bigger things in store for our happiness as human beings. M sure Sonali will find her true calling. Please no Sir..haha! Past midnight is a good time to seek inspiration. Try it out:)

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