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June Snippet and Gyaan

Gentle breeze flutters the hair, cold winter moments envelopes the body as I curl inside the blanket.

June winter,

the time when hope rekindles when dreams weaves into reality.

The month where I was born and when I wake up to find my Mojo and aha moments of life.

Beautiful winter moments I relish and find divine beauty in.


June promises to be bigger and add zing to my life. My favorite month in the calendar of life, not because I was born to explore the world, eyes twinkle with excitement to see the beautiful world I made mine. For some reasons, June has always surprised me with delight like my favorite Capuccino and chocolate fudge. It’s not so much bout’ June but snippets from my life that this post is excited to tell all in this world.

-Superbly talented and Mrs India Washington Top 5 contenders, Ananya Kiran nominated me for ‘Readers’ Appreciation Awards’ and it’s a big boost to me and the blog. A great thanks Ananya for thinking me worthy of the award and though I am not accepting awards, as promised, I am acknowledging your kindness. Do visit Ananya on ('s%20about%20sex%20workers%20in%20Mumbai%20but,%20somehow,%20the%20writers'%20block%20keep%20harping%20in%20and%20time%20to%20get%20set%20with%20the%20ideas%20today%20only.-Re-visiting%20old%20books%20is%20a%20charm%20in%20itself%20and%20such%20a%20roller-coaster%20ride.%20After,%20finishing%20Jhumpa%20Lahiri's%20Unaccustomed%20Earth,%20I%20am%20almost%20done%20re-visiting%20Bombay%20Rains,%20Bombay%20Girls%20that%20I%20got%20for%2040%20bucks%20on%20the%20pavement%20at%20Churchgate%20way%20back%20in%202008.%20Just%20imagine%20reading%20the%20books%20after%20six%20years%20is%20like%20reaching%20the%20elixir%20in%20life%20considering%20at%20that%20time%20I%20was%20nursing%20a%20break%20up.%20Post%20that,%20I%20intend%20to%20hop%20back%20on%20Urban%20Shots%20edited%20by%20Paritosh%20Uttam,%20a%20compilation%20by%2028%20writers%20and%20again%20to%20Chetan%20Bhagat's%202%20States.-It's%20been%20long%20I%20haven't%20jotted%20anything%20in%20the%20diary,%20my%20secret%20and%20prized%20possession%20whose%20pages%20are%20quite%20blank.%20Wonder%20when%20I'll%20fill%20the%20green%20colored%20diary%20which%20I%20got%20way%20back%20in%202010..time%20to%20pour%20the%20secret%20thoughts%20bout%20life%20and%20everything%20that%20matters.-I%20absolutely%20love%20the%20awesome%20June%20winter%20in%20my%20side%20of%20the%20world%20where%20the%20fan%20is%20given%20a%20much%20deserved%20break,%20enjoying%20loads%20of%20tea%20and%20coffee%20cuppas,%20see%20there%20is%20absolutely%20no%20justified%20reasons%20not%20to%20make%20a%20hot%20cuppa%20to%20warm%20the%20heart:)-Ya!%20I've%20made%20it%20on%20the%20'World%20No%20Tobacco%20Day'%20for%2024%20hours.%20Okie!%20Lil%20bit%20of%20cheating!%20I%20had%20first%20fag%20in%20the%20morning%20at%2011%20a.m%20and%20didn't%20smoke%20at%20all%20till%20the%20next%20day%20post%2011.%20I%20couldn't%20think%20I%20would%20be%20able%20to%20do%20it%20and%20last%20year,%20despite%20being%20chided%20by%20Meghna%20for%20trying%20it%20out,%20I%20failed%20but%20this%20time%20I%20made.%20Yay!%20Yay!%20Yippie!%20Best%20thingy%20is%20that%20I%20didn't%20crave%20for%20the%20fag%20and%20on%20Sunday,%20puff%20only%20three%20sticks.%20I%20feel%20so%20good%20inside%20and%20shows%20I%20can't%20drastically%20cut%20smoking.%20Moreover,%20the%20post%20by%20Vikram%20Karve%20on%20his%20blog%20been%20a%20great%20help%20and%20I%20fared%20well,%20taking%20a%20cue%20from%20Sir%20on%20how%20he%20stopped%20smoking.%20Check%20out%20his%20post%20on %5Bembed%5D

Trust me, the pointers are very helpful to skip cigarettes.

-Trying to impose self-discipline in my otherwise topsy-turvy life. Since I am doing some freelance work, I spend the whole day whining away my time and feel its high time to set things right to work. I’ve decided to clean my table and sit as if I am at the work place, set deadlines throughout the day, getting dressed and replying to work related e-mails. As it is, work is work and gotta sit from 10 to 6, at least, buckling the mind to work related stuffs and chuck out social distractions of the like of Twitter or FB.

Have a happy June






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

18 thoughts on “June Snippet and Gyaan

  1. Congratulations for the awards and super congo for no tobacco 🙂

    All the best for the other pursuits!

  2. Congratulations for the award!! And good luck for June!
    Being the supported of No Smoking, I hope you to succeed your goal one day in near future!

  3. The blog seems to be having a great time. Congratulations and very well deserved, Vishal! 🙂
    I can understand your musings on freelancing and the workplace. Internal, personal deadlines always work.

    1. hey! Debo! Thanks tons and the blog is progressing, though at slow pace. It’s taking me time to get to the groove of working-at-home and slowly, I’ll get set:)

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