June Snippet and Gyaan

Gentle breeze flutters the hair, cold winter moments envelopes the body as I curl inside the blanket.

June winter,

the time when hope rekindles when dreams weaves into reality.

The month where I was born and when I wake up to find my Mojo and aha moments of life.

Beautiful winter moments I relish and find divine beauty in.


June promises to be bigger and add zing to my life. My favorite month in the calendar of life, not because I was born to explore the world, eyes twinkle with excitement to see the beautiful world I made mine. For some reasons, June has always surprised me with delight like my favorite Capuccino and chocolate fudge. It’s not so much bout’ June but snippets from my life that this post is excited to tell all in this world.

-Superbly talented and Mrs India Washington Top 5 contenders, Ananya Kiran nominated me for ‘Readers’ Appreciation Awards’ and it’s a big boost to me and the blog. A great thanks Ananya for thinking me worthy of the award and though I am not accepting awards, as promised, I am acknowledging your kindness. Do visit Ananya on (http://www.ananyatales.com/2014/05/reader-appreciation-award.html

-I am stuck with a short story that I am in the process of finalizing in terms of ideas and scripting for the blog. It's about sex workers in Mumbai but, somehow, the writers' block keep harping in and time to get set with the ideas today only.

-Re-visiting old books is a charm in itself and such a roller-coaster ride. After, finishing Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth, I am almost done re-visiting Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls that I got for 40 bucks on the pavement at Churchgate way back in 2008. Just imagine reading the books after six years is like reaching the elixir in life considering at that time I was nursing a break up. Post that, I intend to hop back on Urban Shots edited by Paritosh Uttam, a compilation by 28 writers and again to Chetan Bhagat's 2 States.

-It's been long I haven't jotted anything in the diary, my secret and prized possession whose pages are quite blank. Wonder when I'll fill the green colored diary which I got way back in 2010..time to pour the secret thoughts bout life and everything that matters.

-I absolutely love the awesome June winter in my side of the world where the fan is given a much deserved break, enjoying loads of tea and coffee cuppas, see there is absolutely no justified reasons not to make a hot cuppa to warm the heart:)

-Ya! I've made it on the 'World No Tobacco Day' for 24 hours. Okie! Lil bit of cheating! I had first fag in the morning at 11 a.m and didn't smoke at all till the next day post 11. I couldn't think I would be able to do it and last year, despite being chided by Meghna for trying it out, I failed but this time I made. Yay! Yay! Yippie! Best thingy is that I didn't crave for the fag and on Sunday, puff only three sticks. I feel so good inside and shows I can't drastically cut smoking. Moreover, the post by Vikram Karve on his blog been a great help and I fared well, taking a cue from Sir on how he stopped smoking. Check out his post on http://karvediat.blogspot.com/2014/05/quit-smoking-on-world-no-tobacco-day.html

Trust me, the pointers are very helpful to skip cigarettes.

-Trying to impose self-discipline in my otherwise topsy-turvy life. Since I am doing some freelance work, I spend the whole day whining away my time and feel its high time to set things right to work. I’ve decided to clean my table and sit as if I am at the work place, set deadlines throughout the day, getting dressed and replying to work related e-mails. As it is, work is work and gotta sit from 10 to 6, at least, buckling the mind to work related stuffs and chuck out social distractions of the like of Twitter or FB.

Have a happy June





  1. The blog seems to be having a great time. Congratulations and very well deserved, Vishal!🙂
    I can understand your musings on freelancing and the workplace. Internal, personal deadlines always work.

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