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WoW Superhero! And the force of evil is dead!



Oh, the torment bred in the race,

the grinding scream of death

and the stroke hits the vein,

the haemorrhage none can staunch, the grief.

the curse no man can bear….

….Now hear, you blissful powers underground-

answer the call, send help.

Bless the children, give them triumph now.

Aeschylus, The Libation Bearers (Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows by JK Rowling).

The world is ravaged by wars, strife under the name of religion and caste, people are massacrated and young girls brutally murdered and raped. Human race is almost extinct as they bear the brunt of evil forces  on a rampage, shooting discriminately, piercing innocent hearts with the Red and lethal Swastik and slashing their wrist. Tantalizing evil brain concocts the black magic potion mixing addictive colors, steamed rice with pound of human flesh and animal skin, cheap liquor, muddy patch and spoil potatoes sold in the dingy shop.

The hapless and helpless villagers flocked to a distant town, ‘Eviloditch’ as wicked traders sell the the noxious drink to the poor people who sips the addictive poison to lose their mental faculty and indulge into violence, fighting each other, beating their wives and murder spree. They are drunk on the evil poison that makes them spark invective and call each other untouchable, loathe the sight of homosapiens like them calling each other filthy names, race and castes must be wiped off for spoiling our great culture and women are born to serve men. The town is doomed at the hands of the conspiracy willing to wipe off humanity in ‘Eviloditch.’

A voice is harrassing and tormenting me to death. I saw the scary thing wearing the mask of death, hopping on a horse with a sword in its hand and black costume chasing me as I ran for my life, shrieking with fear and yelling for help. There is no voice and messiah that will save me from the black evil force. I stop on the edge of the evil sea, boiling at 180 degrees, a storm concocted like a maelstrom hell bent on taking lives of innocent children like me to burn in hell. The evil force sitting like an emperor on the horse as it hops and trots, menacing me ….what! I am going to die now and I cannot jump in the evil sea where blood is spurting its way in the steamy hot larvae becoming one with sea. I fainted….

I jumped on my tiny bed. It’s my inner calling and gotta do something…I look for my black rimmed glasses lying on the floor and as I touch the dirty floor in my shack, I stumbled on my glass. I am relieved and can finally see the evil world with my eyes. I hate the mask of death and gotta do something for my village. I walk to the beach and sit on the rock. I need to free the shrinking village and myself from the dark force of evil. A shining object shimmers through my tiny black glasses and I bend on the sand to hold it. It’s magical.

A tall and white bearded fellow wearing a long, white robe walked clumsily towards me and held my hand, “Son, you are the chosen one to save your village from the force of evil. The shimmering object is the magic of God and you are chosen as the wizard and savior of humanity.” He spoke with difficulty and stammered at times, “The force of evil is all mighty and powerful. I couldn’t conquer him and he confined me in a black room for 100 years and I was tortured, killed every second and minute. Don’t say no. I will train you at Hogwart to destroy Evilworte.”

I was amazed at the school of wizard. They gave me the broom of magic, snow white fire and crystal balls to dabble with and silver wands. Dumblewhitesnow father taught me the tricks with the magic spell,Expilliarmus! Evilshooing..balloffirrwhoozzacciaunlockwhooshwhoosh! One fine day, I challenged Evilworte and his henchmen kidnapped me as I was brought at the steam sea boiling blood.

Evilworte wore black clothes, brandishing a sword in his hand and when he roared in laughter, the earth started to shake. “You! lil boy challenge my powers and see how I destroy you.”

I wore my invisible cloak and brandished my middle finger, “You! Ugly Evilworte! You suck and I will kill you today because you destroyed humanity with your evil potion. People are killing each other in the name of religion and caste, women are being raped and girls are mercilessly hanged on trees. You people are looting the poor of their treasure and ruling over them.

Evilmorte flings a snow ball at me and I brandish my magic broom,”Fudgeevilexpilliarmusalkabanprotego,” and his lethal weapon is destroyed in the air. I already uncovered his trick, the lethal knife hidden under his black shoes and pretend to be on the defensive as he throws the Red Swastik on me. I nudged his effort with the golden crystal ball and he keeps approaching me as I gave the impression be scared and moves two inch away, nearing the steam boiled sea water. We are inches away from each other and with the sheer magic of my hand and evil wand, I shout, “Destricitusevilforcesexpillarmus as I slowly roll the crystal ball under his shoes. Evilmorte body swirls and the fireballs slowly consumes his body which is thrust in the steamed water. Evil is dead and his people are consumed by goblets of fire.

Humanity is saved as I removed my invisibility cloaks and brandish my wand, “Evilslaughteredexpillarmus.” The people lived ever happily after and forces of evil has no place in my village where everyone looks lovingly at each other and bowing their head to the God of love, women and children are respected and where there is no place for looting people and food shared equally among each and every person

This post is part of  Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda for this week’s theme of ‘If you were given a chance to be a superhero…what power would you want and why? The post is inspired by my super hero, Harry Potter.’ Find out more on,



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30 thoughts on “WoW Superhero! And the force of evil is dead!

  1. That was a long one but I liked the way you have described things and I liked the spell Evilslaughteredexpillarmus 😀
    Nice post and all the best 🙂

  2. Aha – nice pick for a super hero Vishal:-) Made wanna go and find some of the books again now- and dive into that well made universe… Quite magic right? Good one!

    1. Harry Potter and his world is sheer magic, makes me wanna relive the childhood moments again. You should, Eli and do they make super hero like Harry, anymore?! Thanks ton:)

  3. It looks many of are smitten by potter boy’s charm… great take on prompt..
    enjoyed reading it…

  4. So much of creativity in here 🙂 Excellently written! and finally, the world celebrates their freedom from evil with super hero vishal! my conclusion 😉

    1. Thanks tons Priya raj. hehe! M no superhero but yeah in my town the super hero destroys evil. And, the live ever happily after where there is no place for violence against women, exploitation, murder, loot and crime:)

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