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The blind date and lethal love

“It’s just not happening dude between us. We just can’t continue like that?”

I looked flustered and clueless what got inside her mind. “What’s wrong?”, I defensively shoot out.

“It’s just about sex and frankly, I am tired. At some point, the relationship is  getting really boring. We cannot live a fairy tale love story forever, kissing, cuddling, flower and chocolates. I want to grow in life but the fact is, none of us are really growing.”

She took a pause. “I dunno how to tell this. I need security in life and I can’t see you providing me with any. I mean, you’ll be out of college in a year and you’ll struggle to find yourself a job in the financial crisis. I know, you will try very hard but I cannot afford to wait like that.”

I felt a jab in my heart. I knew what she was getting into and my brain stopped functioning. I didn’t want to think about it. I muttered, “Since you have already taken a decision in life, I cannot stop you. Yes! It was not just about sex for me…all the best.” I walked away from her. She is left speechless and is at a loss of words.

I walked in the scorching sun at Marine Drive, flunging tiny rocks in the water and kicked my shoes in frustration……


One, Two, Three..Three gun shots fired, pierced her heart, head and belly! She vomited blood, reverberating through her soul as she violently bends on her knees and her short, thin body finally crumpled on the thatched muddy area. Dust and mud splashes on her fair features as her body is engulfed with blood sprouting on her face  as tears rolls down her cheek….

Riya rewinds the last 48 hours in her life when she told Boss that she has finally found love and she has decided to leave all the dirty business to start a new life. She was tired with this life, coordinating the call girls, sleeping with the politicians and shrewd business honchos and handling the drug matters. She knew too much.

Boss smiled at her and nodded, “You are like my daughter and I am happy you found love. I want to ensure that he gives you happiness in life.” The kind man that he was, plotted to kill the mystery man in her life, which would drive her back to business. After all, she was like a daughter and he cannot afford losing her who is equal to ten of his henchmen and associates. They cannot do half of the work she does…

Riya got wind of Boss, her father’s figure’s plan to kill Karan, the love of her life on the day they were supposed to meet. She hardly had time to chalk out something and knowing how hyper and over-worked Karan is, the whole game will be screwed. She attended lectures at Jai Hind College in the morning and was surrounded by the boys and girls. After all, she was the class captain and the most popular girl in class but was distracted at the sudden turn of events. No one knows her truth. She is not just an ordinary girl in Mumbai and being the most popular chick in the South Mumbai college makes her feel nauseatic. Riya was distracted.

She managed to sneak out and took him to Kamat but sensing that they must be watched, she somehow convinced him to take a walk at the deserted lane. C’mon Riya! Act fast! Wear a mask on your face! Sometimes we need to pretend to be someone else to save a life and it’s a matter of life-and-death, after all, her inner voice told her. Riya was fighting her inner demons. Finally, she blurted out, “…”It’s  just not happening dude between us. We just can’t continue like that?…A girl needs security in life and I’ve met this guy who is providing me with every comfort in life….we are moving to US.”

Riya saw Karan walking away from her and didn’t gave her the chance to speak. She had to save his life and anxiously prayed that he gets the hidden message….


I sat on the parapet at Marine Drive and was trying to lit the cigarette with the remaining stick in the match box. The wind at the Arabian Sea conspired on the afternoon as they blew harder and harder to douse the fire spark. “Fuck! Ill luck, madarchod,” I cursed. I tucked my hand in the denim in an attempt to find a lighter by chance and stumbled upon a chit carefully wrapped. As I rolled the paper, he was struck by the message handwritten in blue ink where I had a tough time to crack.

“Act as normal as possible…don’t make a shrill to attract are being watched…If you love me, just walk calmly and take the train to Hyderabad..I will meet you at XYZ in 48 hours..Just don’t ask any questions and don’t try to call…our lives are in danger and trust me for once.”

I threw the cigarette butt the in the sea water and calmly walked towards Jazz by the Bay, hailed a taxi which scampered its way to VT Station.



They lay on the bed inside the white coated guest house, far away from the bustling city life and surrounded by lush greenery and tea cultivation. “Riya! Babe! I am clueless and scared. First, you tell me, you are leaving me for a rich guy, slip a paper chit in my pocket and make me leave everything for Hyderabad, to tell me, we are leaving for United States tomorrow.”

She smiles coquettishly, “Baby, the tickets for US are done and there was danger to your life from my uncle. Somehow, our lives in danger since my greedy uncle was hell bent on destroying my life and everything related to me. I had to make the excuse that I was leaving you for this unknown guy who was you, only.” She seductively ran her fingers down her lip and asked, “Promise me that you will always love me, no matter what?”
He caressed and kissed her luscious lip and naked body, “I will always love you, no matter what you were and what you become. Our souls are united.”

Sometimes, some secrets are better left untold and buried rather than languishing in guilt, she thought.

As he smooched and kissed her on her neck, her eyes was perched on the moving fan, re-playing the event on her last day in college. As she was leaving college, he worked her on a guy to make her call Boss daughter, Ragini, telling him it’s a prank on her best friend’s birthday. Ragina reached the lonely alley which Riya perfectly timed and, as soon as he left, she slowly walked on her toes and disappeared in the back lane.

Ragini walked in her short skirt, waiting for her blind date at the same spot, Riya and Karan were standing minutes ago. Her back faced Boss assailants and they shot her at point blank. The tears rolled in her eyes as her cold body lay with her eyes wide open.

The End

Confession: This is a story of fiction and when I started, I had no idea that the rom-com I had in mind would turn out to be a thriller of sort. There was no script, nothing and the crazy ideas just flowed when I was ironing my clothes. It took me four hours to finish it. Hope you enjoyed it.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

38 thoughts on “The blind date and lethal love

  1. A lovely story.. enjoyed reading and glad the two got together and yeah sometimes somethings are good is left unspoken or untold..

    Go to usa start a new life.. tickets are done what about visa ☺ he he he

    And also if this was real. . She killed a innocent girl on a blind date.. that is sad..

    Good one my friend.. enjoyed it..

    1. hehe! In my world of fiction, I kill all elements of logic–visa and all-and believe in an attempt to make it as entertaining as possible! Nope! It was not real, Bikramjeet and must say that I dabbled with three different outcomes before reaching this conclusion. A tale of a rom-com turned into a thriller and second option was connecting three different lives. It was not real just imagination. Thanks a ton, dear friend and m so happy u enjoyed reading:) What more can a writer ask?!

  2. I do not know whether it was the sequence in narration or the slow revelation of the cunning plot,I had to read twice to enjoy this well contrived story.

    1. Thanks a ton, Soumyaa. M so happy u enjoyed the fiction and what more can I ask. I am elated and such awesome words mean a lot to me. Here, challenging myself to a second one and in an altogether, different genre today:)

  3. An intriguing plot but felt quite sorry for Ragini. A classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not sure though that Karan and Riya will ever live in peace. But you had me reading every word right to the end.

    1. Yeps! Ragini had to pay the price for her father’s sins, I bet! Lol! I swear, earlier I was planning to get the body of Karan and Riya lying cold in blood but decided for happy ending. Now, they are happy in US far away from the bad world of crime. Thanks ton Suzy for such encouraging words:)

    1. Soothing words that throws me in imaginative mood,
      looking for the creative self to sketch wacky characters,
      your magical words weave magic on the brain!
      Thanks, Sitara:)

  4. You did end up with quite the thriller here! While it is unfortunate that an innocent girl died, in fiction (especially thrillers) someone has to go 🙂 I like how the break up turned out to not be a break up at all!

    1. Welcome back, Poornima and m extremely happy that u were surprised with the twists and turns in the tale. Me too! Just hope they bury the past and warm up to the fresh breeze. Thanks:)

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