Sinking in the ocean of your beauty


Besotted by your charm and grace, you make my world become a chasm of fortune and miracle;

Your spark adorn my life like gold and cure me of all my silly maladies of deception and defeat faced at the alter;

You are my world!

I crave for your beauty for you are my inner Goddess that make my heart bloom like the Red Roses in the garden of life;

You are my inner strength and makes me conquer the world;

Intense is my love for you that I sank my heart in the ocean of your beauty;

They tell me its not love but deception,

I tell them, I am too happy to be break away from my universe, loving you is my passion;

You are invisible yet proliferate in the atmosphere like the stars in the sky;

Let me feel the power of your love as you take me higher to feel the magnitude of the galaxy;

It’s love and only two of us can experience the passion and intensity of feelings.

With Love



14 thoughts on “Sinking in the ocean of your beauty

    • hehe Kathy! It’s not but just a figment of my imagination. Yes! I love getting in some characters to find expression to churn out poems. I’ve kept away from love bug for a while now..hehe

  1. one should follow one’s own heart in love, feel what it actually wants to say, you know our heart picks up signals and shows them in dreams- i have seen it happen too many times to ignore it. too many times my dear friend.

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