Saturday 100 Words: ‘Lil angel and the colorful room’

This post, ‘Lil’ angel and colorful room’ is written as  part of Write Tribe, 100 Words on Saturday #15 based on the photo prompt. You can just drop on 

In On At (Prepositions of Place)


in on at


‘Lil’ angel and the colorful Room’

I couldn’t move my tiny body wrapped in human warmth. Shush! I feel a gentle caress on my head and body as I heard a sweet female voice telling someone, “Can you listen? I can feel her!” The dude said, ‘Hi’ to me. I heard some birdie giggling, “The beautiful sunlight and the sea breeze will bless her face as they’ll pass through the white curtain… the colorful pillows will fascinate her in the new world. Come fast, na baby. See your cute lil’ room adorned with colors and umbrella, lil’ angel.” I kick furiously, longing to see the colorful room, my world.




24 thoughts on “Saturday 100 Words: ‘Lil angel and the colorful room’

    • Hi Ananya, thanks a ton for the award and its been a kind of you to nominate me. Though I am not accepting awards for some time, I will mention the award.
      I can’t thank you enough for being warm to me and wish u all the best..keep rocking and conquering the world.

    • Thank u so much, Beloo. It a sense of joy that u appreciated this one:) It means a lot to me since I was living with the story and its small world for two days when the idea hit me:)

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