Magical love, kissing in the monsoon

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This time, I am weaving  a poem, ‘Magical love, kissing in the Monsoon’ and hope you’ll love it.


Magical love, kissing in the monsoon

The first time our lips melted and we kissed passionately on the parapet.

You looked at me coyly as our luscious lips melted to seal our destiny with a kiss.

It started raining heavily and we stood in the monsoon, bearing the  fury of the violent weather.

You smiled. It was divine, the most magical feeling that only true lovers can feel and express within.

Remember our magical moments.

The home cooked Chicken Briyani that you made for us as we ate together at the library, holding hands, cuddling and admiring the clock struck six at the magical Rajabhai Tower.

Your smile! The most magical wand ever expressed and how you whispered the three-letter words,

I love You,

the three magical words that makes us feel like stars in the sky.

As I write this letter to you, I can feel the magic of our feelings poured together and weaving magic on our existence.




  1. The passion in those lines, makes one certainly long for their loved one🙂 Brilliant vishal🙂 If this is how the posts turn out when written in a jiffy, then I cant imagine how much more brilliant the masterpiece will be😉

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