Windy breeze brings oodles of hope, happiness

A soft, breezy wind wheezes in the atmosphere.

Gentle green Tulsi leaves flutters and roses swaying to movement in the air.

The tree branches oscillates as the weather gather strength and its soft but cold demeanor percolates through.

The stroke of wind, through its smooth yet powerful breeze, announces the arrival of the new season.

Its the harbinger  of hope and victory, as one revels in the winter adding oodles of happiness in the Osmosis.

A bright new day with fresh thoughts adorn one’s sundry existence.

A day to flush out negative thoughts, miasma of randomness weakening the mind and welcoming cornucopia  filling the heart and soul with vast human richness surrounding us.

Ushering in the new season filled with blessing, happiness, one wakes up to the world of immense possibilities and crystal clear skyline laden with glittering galaxy.

It is an ode to the heart’s swan song and the moment to love passionately.

Innocent hearts and destiny yoked together to fulfill desire expressed by the arrival of the new season,

to forget the painful past and embrace carefree, unsteady flow of joy and surprises flung at us.

With love






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