Love, kiss and painful good bye

They held each other tight, their necks cupped as their lips melted.

His mouth smelled a halitosis of tobacco as she violently pushes him.

She walks away as he stood like a statue, eyeing her shadow slowly disappearing.

It was the last kiss.

She never looked back but took heavy steps.

Her eyes were moist.

He lay on the grass, trying to play circumstances that brought them apart.

The hearts sank like shards of glasses, scattered on the ground.

It will be matter of days when they remain strangers for the rest of their lives.

They shall live in different parts of the world.

Yet! Their hearts shall long for each other, getting buried in spasm of pain.

Final good bye can be painful like hearts that grow apart.

Bruises will be nursed,

the souls shall never be complete without each other.






  1. Such a simple yet effective use of words.Final goodbyes are always heart wrenching.Although, I wonder if it is their final goodbye….would social media ever manage to let them be ?! 😉
    I’m not sure if my comment got published previously, so writing it again…please delete one of them if you see two comments.

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