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100 Words on Saturday: :100 Words on Saturday 2014 #14


The Prompt is written as part of Write Tribe ‘100 Words on Saturday 2014 #14:100 Words on Saturday 2014 #14. This time, I am coming with a mild and soft erotic story and hope you like it.




100 Words on Saturday 2014 #14

She caressed him from top to down, as her hand slips on his bare chest to his pelvic and reaching inside his body parts.  She sensed something wrong every time she makes love and he grow cold like an expressionless statue. She felt like both the male and female as she tried to make their bodies meet. It was an orgasmic pleasure that she could only feel as she bit his lip and ears, lustily kissing and biting him. He wished she knew that his heart, soul and body belongs to Raja, his partner, with whom he makes passionate love.






Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

22 thoughts on “100 Words on Saturday: :100 Words on Saturday 2014 #14

    1. The way I crafted the character! Lolz! Hopefully, both of them get out of the relationship and more to him to come out of the closet. Isn’t it the story of many souls stuck in society’s ill defined and misplaced norms.

  1. Wow such a interesting use of the prompt! I’m sure this is a common occurrence in real life…sad yet real…most people prefer to keep such dark secrets which not only affect their lives but also the people close to them.

    1. These are deep dark secrets in many home that I tried to bring alive through the figment of my imagination. Many do that and often, they don’t realize it can destroy lives and make it difficult to live with.

    1. hehe! It’s a naughty to take to pinpoint on the the danger of not being free and oneself cum stigma which is often the root of many problems.
      Hope Ive done justice to it. Thanks for stopping by Cifar:)

  2. If it takes courage to stand for our self, it takes enough courage to be in that situation and deceive our self for the sake of surroundings…it’s a bitter reality indeed

    1. As you said, its a bitter reality in life and courage we need so that we don’t harm the self and the other person involved. After all, we are destroying not one but two lives.

    1. hehe! Just be yourself and though once in a while, you can..nopes! yaa! Its not really 50 shades of Grey and in fact, I hate the book coz I find the sex in it forced and its more like a perverted reading than one handled in a sensitive or fun way:)

  3. Vishal, I wish people would stop pretending and start living. Nice take on the prompt.
    Totally super.

  4. Vishal, this is one wonderful post. You’ve used the prompt excellently and the writing was totally artistic! Loved it!

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