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What next,Pradhan Mantri-ji? Letter to Shri Narendra Modi, elected PM of India

Dear Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi,

Respect Pradhan Mantri-Ji of India

Let me congratulate you for the staggering victory of your party, Bharatiya Janta Party and your huge victory in the 16th Lok Sabha election which saw India, the biggest democracy in the world and its people give a thumping majority so that you form the next Government as elected Prime Minister of India. At the outset, let me say:  I have always opposed your politics from an ideological perspective and will continue to do so on high moral ground, owing to the failure of your state Government to protect minorities during the Gujarat Pogrom as well as the role your party and the BJP offshoots, likes of RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP played in the demolition of Babri Mosque, riots against Muslims in Mumbai cum profane acts in destroying Christian Churches in India.

However, the truth is that the people of India has booted the Congress out of power that gave you and your party a landslide, expressing a desire to usher for change. As an Indian, I respect you as the Prime Minister of India and, hearing your victory speech in the political hinterland, expressing your desire, to take India to the pinnacle of Growth, favoring an all- inclusive approach where no community will be left behind, makes me hopeful that our plurality as a nation will not be made redundant.

As an Indian, I hope that you will take an all-inclusive approach where no thin voices will be trampled upon and you, as Prime Minister, will ensure that the voice of religious minorities and their rights will not only be respected but protected. Our constitution has a strong foundation and it is your duty to ensure that the very basis of plurality and religious secularism, is upheld.

Why just minorities? History will recall that Kashmiri Pundits were driven out of their homeland and wishful thinking, that you will act in a way so that justice and dignity of the ones chased is restored. What a tragedy it would be that the Kashmiri Pundits are denied their rights and it will be a great humane act on your part to give back their rights in a dignified manner.

The minority community has been ostracized where women and innocent children were raped and brutally murdered as well as fears expressed on the simple fact that innocent people were picked up and labelled as terrorists. This time, you had an image make over where Brand Modi was sold on the social media in an efficient way.

As you re-assured  the people of India, I wish you will take a distance from BJP offshoots such as RSS as well as the likes of  Giriraj Singh as well as your followers who not only made hate speech and indulge in character assassination against journos such as Nidhi Razdan, social activists of the likes Nandita Das as well as sick attacks against concerned citizens on Twitter and FB by BJP trolls.

Now, that you have a clear majority in parliament, let’s hope that there will be no excuse that the opposition plays havoc and prevent the passing of  bills in parliament. One hope for real change where you will bring economic reforms in the country which is the need of the hour. Ab ki baar acche din ani chahiye!  One of the reasons, the UPA led Government suffered a drubbing is weak leadership, corruption and trickling down of our Growth Rate. There was a time where India was touted to be a super power in 2020. You will agree  that our country is not poor but poverty is trouncing our hopes. A country rich in resources cannot be called poor. It’s a sad fact that with we are endowed with natural assets such iron and mine yet we failed to emerge as a developed nation as a result of bad governance and corruption where we see farmers’ suicide and associated woes where the common people, peasants and village folks don’t earn a decent living.

As an Indian, I would also want your Government to ensure human rights are respected and rights of homosexual, gays and LGBT are protected as well as the fact that you, as PM, ensure that people in live-in relationships are not persecuted. It is the rights of Indian citizens to live in peace and we believe in celebrating our differences not as second class citizens but as Indians.

It is high time for you, respected Prime Minister, to punish corrupt Babus and steer legislations to make our country a global model. I also hope that you will talk tough with Pakistan and China, ensuring the Line of Control is not violated with the result of killing and beheading of our Army Jawans, preventing the infiltration of China in our land. One wish that your Government will come up with the Women Reservation Bill, to ensure that we have adequate women representation in parliament and bring in strong laws as well as seeing to it that there is implementation to ensure the security of women in our cities and villages. No dignified country can sit as mute spectators where every day women are assaulted, raped and doused in fire cum acid attacks in broad daylight.

As Prime Minister of the greatest democracy in the world, I hope that you will  not only break free from the shatters of extremist ideologists such as RSS but also films and books and artists’ creative works will not be censored or bend to portray the mirror image of ugly patriarchy and the great ‘India Culture’ eschewed by RSS and its like.

Finally, Pradhan Mantri-ji, the Lok Sabha battle got murkier with mudslinging flying high in social media sites where trolls loomed large and friends carped at each other, on account of political ideologies. There were ugly barbs and potshots, jibes traded at each other where we stood on the verge of losing friends. Wedge were driven between people and friends on twitter and one can exude relief that the battle is history now.

Pradhan-Mantri-ji, India is no ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and one can only hope that with your clear majority that real change will happen and ache din ani hi chahiye to fulfill the people’s aspiration and if you tread the path of inclusiveness, fostering respect, tolerance and protecting the rights of all Indians, irrespective of religion, caste, creed or sex, half the battle is won.

Long Live the Republic of India.

Proud to be Indian

Jai Hind




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29 thoughts on “What next,Pradhan Mantri-ji? Letter to Shri Narendra Modi, elected PM of India

  1. What a powerful letter filled with the concerns and well wishes of a citizen! Well said Vishal. You gave voiced these issues nicely, and I’m sure you have company in your fellow countrymen. Next year should be our elections in Jamaica and I will have similar issues too. Same POLI-TRICKS, different countries 🙂 Michelle

    1. Guess the political hinterland in the world is the same. As concerned citizens, we need to be engaged, act as watch dogs and use the blog as a platform to voice concerns. Thanks for the appreciation and commenting:)

  2. Well,you have covered most the points…mostly negatives generated by media .
    There is no human being,no,party which perfect..
    Though I can,but,I won’t list down negatives and disasters of last ten years by congress.
    Time will tell,if voting in Modi with working majority was right or not.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Sir. I beg to differ: I wouldn’t call it a negative post but an expression what we expect as citizens from the new Govt. I agree no party is perfect and Congress, indeed, deserve the drubbing for failing to act in the better interest of India. Please feel free to enumerate Congress failing and I look forward to your inputs since I have immense respect for you. I hope things change for better and as you said, time will tell. I hope the Govt work in the interest of India and ensure that we emerge as a strong nation. The fact remains that Modi is the PM and we need to engage with him. He made a decent start in his speech by saying that he is PM of all citizens.

      1. Of course they will change for better.but,Mosi bashing has become a full time job/ hobby including that of certain intellectuals besides the media.
        Lets give new Govta bit of time.We walkways have the ballot to throw them out

      2. I hope Sir. I beg to differ: I am not toeing the line of media houses nor I am an intellectual. I wish to underline that I am no Congress supporter and the fact is no matter my ideological differences, I respect Mr Modi as PM since he was elected by the people of India. But, there are worries and I believe in the respect of institutions, our constitution and respect of one and all. Hope, Mr Modi prove his detractors wrong and its not unfounded criticisms and agree Sir, lets give the new Government the time. India matters and the voice of its people, no matter how feeble, should be listened. I am in favor of the citizens engaging in a dialogue process with the new PM.

    1. Thanks Chista. What we need is real democracy at grass root level and since we are in a global word, Governments should help each others for real growth and social engineering, rather than being at the mercy of capitalist class. Agree with you on this point:)

  3. Vishal you have rightly pinpointed the real issues which are troubling every Indian at present. If Modi has to succeed he will have to take some bold steps mentioned by you.

    1. Thanks Ma’am. I am happy that you appreciate the effort and it’s not just criticisms of Modi, but want to know as an Indian what’s his philosophy would be, voicing my concerns. As I said, I will not play games and willing to give him his chance as the truth is, he is our PM. No point belittling him and will give him the respect. Hope that he doesn’t disappoint this great nation.

  4. well its too early to say anything .. i have my doubts.. but being optimist and hoping few things will change for sure .. hope Mr. PM walks the talk .. he has been talking ..

  5. great post Vishal! your words echo the sentiments of many similar thinking Indians. Even I am not a NaMo supporter but yes, we needed a change and if majority of the population think that he can bring the change needed at this hour, I am hopeful that he will turn the dreams of the billion people into reality….not over a night but at least make the effort and start moving things in the desired direction. And I can’t agree more when you say, Ab ki baar acche din ani chahiye! 🙂

    1. I am happy you appreciate the post and despite we may not necessarily agree on Modi for certain values I espouse, I am glad that you enjoyed the post to see my point of view.
      Cheerz to that.

  6. I also join you in this request . Thanks that you compiled this so nicely. Hope things happen for better. Will be one of the happiest person for slightest of the improvements for our dear country…

    1. Thanks tons, Jayanta for joining me and m hoping too for things to turn for the better. After all with the kind of mandate, agar achi din nahin ayee, then dustbin of history is ever ready to adopt them. Fingers crossed:)

  7. Agree with you for the most part, but not on Women’s Reservations

  8. Well written vishal. You have mentioned every single concern of an Indian citizen.
    However, the best I can say is let’s wait & watch. So far there are lots of concerns sec 377, women’s freedom & safety, environmental issues etc.
    Choosing the BJP government was more like a “leap of faith” or “take a chance”. I hope that it turns out well & I hope that we won’t face world war III

    1. Considering that the new Government has been given a clear mandate by the people, I shall wait and watch….let’s see how things unfold and hope there are no assault on work of arts, sec 377 is scrapped and women safety doesn’t remain unattended. Me too! Hope there is a U turn from BJP’s ideology for the betterment of the nation.
      Thanks Karthika:)

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