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Candid moments with fashonista and blogger, Garima Srivastava Nag

Interview: Garima Srivastava Nag

Meet the Queen of Ace! She plays her cards right in a thumping style, doesn’t bat an eye lid to tell the truth. She is sweet, in your face and doesn’t flinch twice in being ‘brutally honest’ when the situation demands. Any prize for guessing! It’s a blog interview, a fellow blogger, who is a great friend of mine, fashion designer and owner of Garima Srivastava Nag, graces my blog as we are ready to take off and she is at her candid best, opening up her heart as words flow freely, boldly and courageously shares her ordeal faced during a train journey with us. Her courage to tell how she faced an untoward situation because she believes her story need to be told the world in a gutsy manner so that others don’t face the same. Daring, dreamer and believer in the world of impossibilities! She chucked a medical career to embrace her dream, becoming a successful fashion designer.

Garima Srivastava Nag
Garima Srivastava Nag

Mumbai-based, Garima Srivastava Nag is a doting mother and the apples of her eyes, two beautiful children. Who is Garima? In her own words: “Fashion designer and Management Graduate. I started blogging, recently, and fell in love with it instantly. Sweet Sharing is an extension of my creativity and personal space where I can be myself. I am in love with life’s twists and turns. It inspires me in more than one way. I write poetry, fiction, satire, women issues and pretty much anything than touches my heart. When I am not writing, I love to travel and beyond. Wanderer..You are welcome in my world at Sweet Sharing.

In my words: Garima is the poet’s muse and the interviewer’s delight. She is one blogger whose work I respect and admire a lot. A great friend, we clicked like peas in the pond. We call each other, ‘Stranger friends.’ We never met, personally. Yet, we click. She is someone whom I love to trouble her, I whine a lot and turn to for solutions. Love boring her to death. Don’t we say, Great Friends are made in heaven.

Sweets are made to pop in the mouth and share without wasting seconds. After all, sweet sharing is not meditation and let’s experience dollops of sweet sharing.


1. Fashion designer, yummy mommy, freelance writer and blogger. What do readers make of Garima Shrivastava Nag?

-She is a girl made of many small dreams & loads of  enthusiasm to experience new things in life. I am a spur -of -the- moment kind of person. I like to go with the flow. If something touches my heart , I am all game for it. It reflects well in my life choices.

As a writer/blogger , I strive to be true to myself . I believe in reading & writing that comes straight from the heart .The word games or ornamentation, somehow, never excites me . I have been a reader throughout my life ,thanks to my mom for subscribing to varied hues of good magazines/books. I like it fluid & simple . I believe if your writing can get a non reader interested in reading your stuff that means you have touched a chord to win heart/s. My sole aim of writing is to express myself , translate my thoughts into words & connect with people .

2. Active on social media, Garima is known to voice out her concern on the ugly patriarch society and doesn’t flinch in taking on injustice meted out-sexual harassment and violence against children. What led you to take up the cause with such a brave face?

I have spend a major part of my childhood in small towns. During my growing up years, I used to observe things around me. I could see the different treatment  meted out to a girl child. I used to ask many question to my mother. Like, why that family always celebrates their son’s birthday elaborately but plan nothing at all on their daughter’s birthday? Why a man can scold his wife when angry but wife can’t do the same when husband is wrong ? Or why people always bless a pregnant lady by saying, ” may god bless u with a boy”? Whats wrong in having a girl child ? I got answers, but most of the time,  I wasn’t satisfied with them.” When you need answers, you must find them yourself ”

All pictures belongs to owner@Garima Srivastava Nag.
All pictures belongs to owner@Garima Srivastava Nag.

I was always a bit of a rebel. I refused to accept the status quo and the way things worked around. Although, I hardly faced any bias or discrimination in my house but what I saw around me, filled me with anger & frustration. I realized it pretty soon & started writing about it randomly. Blogging has just streamlined my thoughts. Writing is a great way to bring forward the important issues. Yet, a  lot needs to done in this direction. Hopefully I get the time & right set up to follow my instinct soon.

3.  You also run a blog and Facebook page, Sweet Sharing. Tell the sweet people outta here how was Sweet Sharing born and what’s its purpose?

  Sweet Sharing is an extension of my personality and my thoughts. I started it around 8 months ago and the response has been overwhelming.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that people are willing to read my write ups. This blog has given me the creative space that I yearned for a long time. I am completely at ease with myself when I am at sweet sharing. It belongs to me & to my readers’ circle. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction when I am able to  translate my thoughts into words. If you are really good at reading minds, you will know what exactly is going on in my mind through my posts 😀

4. You’ve been honored with several writing awards and how do you feel bout it. What do you blog and write bout?

I write about pretty much anything & everything that interest me. Some day I feel poetic or creative , I come up with a poetry or story sketching characters from my imagination to life . There are days when I read a news or experience something I feel strongly about & express my view in the form of a post. I am glad that my writing has been appreciated with its flaws & mistakes. I am also amazed with the kind of ease the blogging community has accepted  a novice.

Today, I boast of many blogger friends who have inspired me in more than one way. I appreciate their passion & love for the craft. I am learning every single day. As for the writing awards , I am going to admit , it feels wonderful. It keeps me going from strength to strength. Every time i get stuck some where, I go back to my blog stare it for a while & ask myself, “If u created something , you absolutely have no right to give it up.” And zip zap zoom ,back to writing 🙂

5.  Was Fashion your true calling and how you became a fashionista?

I was never interested in dressing up during my growing up years. Till 12th, I was pursuing science & wanted to a doctor ( don’t all the girls & boys were pre-destined to become doctors & engineers in 90’s? ). I was all set and prepped for PMT . One day, I saw an ad in the newspaper put by a fashion institute, went & gave interview on the spur of the moment and got selected. And, voila I knew what I wanted to do.

It took hardly 10 minutes for me to change the course of my life. That’s what I am like, go with the flow. Fashionista or not , I don’t know , but I look forward to my shopping spree & love to get all dolled up. Like I said, writing is a way of expression, so is dressing. It’s my way of showing my personality to the world without  having to speak a single word. By my own shameless admission , I have been getting few compliments & love it completely .

6.  You also came in the open and spoke of mental harassment you were subjected to during a journey in Rajdhani Express in the company of your hubby and kids. How it happened and do you think we have become mute spectators and impotent by-standers. What makes us like this?

Garima 2

This is the ugly face of our society that I encountered for the first time in my life. I have had my share of eve teasing , bullying, etc, but this particular incident left me stunned. It was also the first time that I ignored, whats was going on around me, for the safety of my kids. That was the moment when one feel that your family is your greatest strength as well as your soft spot. We become oblivious of our surrounding & slipped back in our cocoons.

A society can’t just have good or bad people. Its always grey. Interestingly, the ratio of black Vs white is 1 : 100. Still we are outdone by handful of anti social elements. Simply, because we don’t respond to cries of others. We see a girl getting harassed by a lecher & we turn our faces point black as if nothing happened. We see a man beating his wife in full public glare , we walk away saying its their personal matter. We see a male making a pass at his female colleague & we ignore it . We have put invisible blinkers & keep walking like zombies. ” Why should we interfere?, ” has swallowed our minds. We call it herd mentality but even animal protect the members of their herd.We don’t !!

We human are flawed. We have our fears & reservations. Momentary withdrawal is  completely plausible. The point is that, it should not become a habit. After that incident, I feel more responsible towards others. I have learnt that I can’t just watch something wrong going right in front of me and simply walk away. Even if its not my fight, I must intervene. Sometimes, it will backfire but I am ready to take the heat. More than I ever was! The incident has not caused any damage instead it ripped off my inhibitions and made me a stronger person. I believe !!

7.  As a women, how do you view the position of women in the male dominated and patriarchal society?

I really don’t get it why people are hell bent on proving men & women equal. Its fundamentally wrong and by saying that women are equal to men itself proves male superiority. This notion itself is a sign of suppression. I don’t think it should be the criteria. I am unique. I am a woman. I am me. Period. Why I need to be superior, inferior or equal to another living creature? A man has his own characteristics like any other living creature so does a woman. If he is physically strong. has body hair, eat faster or die earlier than its purely DNA make up. Big deal?! Why fuss over it? The whole inequality & discrimination drama created by patriarchal society is nothing but the male insecurities and unsatisfied hunger and craving for more power. Male aggression & violence is the sign that he no longer has a control over the situation. That’s why he retort to violent means.

I think its high time that women, in this country or world, over played the submissive. I would like to quote Gloria Steinem, ” A woman without a man is like a fish with a bicycle.” I agree with her completely. A woman is not incomplete without a man. Its a myth that need to be busted. I live with a man on my terms for love & happiness not to be ruled by him. If a man can’t handle a free spirited woman with a voice , he better be left alone to enjoy his bachelorhood.

Ed Note: Abe!! Khatam nahin hua! If you think, we are done, your bubble is burst and how! After the brain storming and engaging, passionate flow of words, we have a surprise for you. Garima, the free spirited and sporting woman that she is, plays along with my own crafted Rapid Fire Round and how! With a bang, we are not done with our fun quotient. Lock kiya ja?! Ready! Let’s reach for the moon.




Chocolate or Vodka

Chocolate for sure….Its so versatile…You just need a good imagination !!

Iron lady or sweet/sexy woman 

A sweet, sexy woman who can transform into a iron lady in 0.5 secs when needed 😀

Real life or online friends 

Anyone who comes across as real is a friend. Real world  or virtual doesn’t actually matters.

Movies or love 

Haven’t seen a movie since last 6 years in a theater. Why waste 2 1/2 hours when u have so many other stuff to do? It is the last thing playing on my mind.

What would you choose if you have the option to be born again? Lady Gaga, Mother Theresa or Deepika Padukone. Why? 

Lady Gaga. I haven’t explored the wild side of me. I think I should! I wish to put on a leather pant & a corset , climb up the bar counter & dance ‘A la coyote ugly style. I want to create ‘Kodak’ moments that I could share with my grand kids :D.Granny’s stories .

If you had few hours to live, what would you do?

I will go, watch a Movie 😀

Bungee jumpee or a spiritual route to Himalayan/Varanasi?

Bungee jumping any day and if I survive to tell my story, I will share  my experience in a book. Himalaya, may be but  on one condition only. If & when I have a Ferrari & for some strange reason I chose to sell it, ” Fashionista who sold her Ferrari” 😀


Hope you enjoyed our sit-com kinda show minus coffee, not on the potato couch coz we no potato sellers and not here for TRP.

With Love and loads of them,

From Garima

& of course lil bit of love shower





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

55 thoughts on “Candid moments with fashonista and blogger, Garima Srivastava Nag

      1. You deserve it all, Garima for being the rockstar and guiding me..hehe. Love ur free spirit and glad that the society we live in didn’t change u like it does to many. Stay the way u are:)

  1. Whaooo !!! Its one extraordinary interview Vishal . You have presented it so well . After reading it , I have become my own fan. Thanks a lot for this brilliant piece. The interview has surpassed all my expectation. I am completely awestruck !!!

    1. Garima! At your very best and no thanks to me..You are a star in your own right and only a star can give such amazing bites..reading it, I was starstruck and u must be ur own fan. You better be! Now, autograph! You were awesome, tongue-in-cheek and awesome:)

    1. Thanks Sid for ur kind words. Garima can be a mystery at times and what better way to get to know the brains behind Sweet Sharing:) Thanks ton and Garima deserves the applause for making it super fun:)

      1. Garima! Don’t be too kind and I’m not even one per cent of that and still trying to gather my marks. Wordsmith! more apt to the likes of Sid, Sakshi, Rickie, Purba, U Garima and many more. No false modesty: I don’t even come an inch close to you guys:)

    1. Thanks ton, Ma’am and we tried to make it super fun read. Glad that Garima played along and she iz awesome as a friend and writer. She is matchless and I am not sure bout me. Thanks for being so kind and I keep learning and discovering things. I am on a path of self-discovery:)

    1. M so glad u liked it and happy u nodded at few. It’s an honor to feature Garima who is such an inspiration and played a part in ma life, showing me things when I doubted myself:)

      1. Wow…what a lady. So many roles – mother, fashionista, social worker and what not. Kudos to the lady…!

        Vishal humara bhi kabhi interviee le lo 😛

      2. Garima is an amazing lady, wearing many hats and I’m impressed. I take a bow. Haan Sneha! Kyon nahin! It may take a while and will soon be on the way:)
        After all, ur one of my hot favs and ur one of the reasons for new kid being still on the running:)

  2. Vishal , I am overwhelmed to see the comment section . I am taking this opportunity, hope u won’t mind, to thank everyone personally. Thanks for making me a part of your wonderful blog. Gr8 to have met such amazing people here 🙂

    1. Thanks ton for the lovely words, Aditi:) U should visit us frequently and ur words means tons to me and m sure to Garima also. Meet Aditi, Garima, a superb blogger, awesome photographer and amazing writer:)

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