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WoW! Longing for Mom’s love

Happy Mother’s Day. This post is written as part of Write Over the Weekend (WOW)-this one for Mom. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. I am also dedicating the post to all Mothers’, our unsung heroes, across the world.

The theme for this week is:

This time we’re having at a mother’s day special! Your post must contain the wordMOM and you have just 5 sentences to complete your story.

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The arrogant teenager shouts, “Mom! Please, I’ve had enough of the food. Nopes! Please spare me, I don’t wanna try the expensive leather jacket or brand new Blue Levis Jeans and why don’t you please spare me the trouble.”

Her eyes grew moist as she wiped her eyes with her thumb and thought, “How to tell him how tough it is to live like a single mother, how I sacrificed the gold necklace I wanted to buy or skip the brunch our office colleagues were organizing to bring a smile on his face?”

Outside the busy Select City Mall at Saket, she dragged him out of the car and as they walked, a feeble voice said, “Mom,” clutching her as she held a photograph of a woman in saree,close to her chest.

The tiny, three-year-old toddler, smiled at her and the security told her, “It’s my daughter and she’s holding the picture of my wife who died on the hospital bed, giving birth to her…Sorry Madam! She’s very naughty and spoiled your expensive saree but she calls every lady who comes to the mall, ‘Mom’, but they ignored her..Perhaps, she clutched  your saree because she saw a divine power in you.”

Tears rolled on her eyes as she held the toddler in her arms and the arrogant son hugged his Mom, “Sorry! Mom! I didn’t realize my words could hurt you and didn’t realize how lucky I am to have the love of a mother.”


O’ Mothers! Who made thy like that!

Satiate your thirst and hunger!

But, no! You will go to sleep with an empty stomach and sacrifice your happiness!

O’ human with a heart of gold, you troll happily in the most under rated role, yet, you shower love selflessly,

as you hardly get anything in return.

No matter what we tell, you shall accept without grudge and shall never stop loving us.

Happy Mother’s Day





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37 thoughts on “WoW! Longing for Mom’s love

  1. Beautiful Vishal. Next week I claim my award the grand style. Today, like all other mothers worldwide, I am celebrating though in my heart giving the oceans separating me from my three boys.

    1. Thanks to Beloo and Happy Mothers’ Day. What matters is counting the blessings in life rather than the trouble. My heart goes to the kids are deprived of the love of a mother.

  2. this is written so well vishal. loved it 🙂 its true that often we take things we have for granted!

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