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Liebster adorns the shelf!

It’s the season of awards and, probably, the last ones, I am accepting, at least for the next four months till the end of September. I humbly accept the genuine appreciation shown by Bloggers and I am eternally gratefully in the love shown to confer awards. However, there are so many awards that I have been nominated yet and again and I feel that constantly blogging bout’ them kills the beauty of the ‘genuine’ relationship we share. Moreover, I don’t want the blog to be all about awards solely and it defeats the whole purpose I am here for, scripting the story of life, observations about life, spreading joy, making a difference to lives and churning out human stories. However, I am not refusing awards forever but applying a break for a kinda hiatus and hope you understand.

I have been blessed for being nominated for the Liebster Awards by not one but two bloggers. Yeah! Yippie! You heard it right, two bloggers. With respect to both of them, I am combining the awards. The Bees, Baldeep/Deepa and Bhakti showered me with the Liebster Awards and make sure you visit them for some adventure and I bet, you will thank me enough. Both ladies deserve a pat on their back. I feel like a gentleman, serenaded by two wonderful ladies.


Baldeep is an avid reader, globe-trotter who combined the best of both worlds, living in two different countries, a bit like me and several cities. An avid reader, she writes inspiring stories, churns out beautiful poems and believe in humanity. She believes in motivating people and spread awareness on abuse and speaks bout’ life from a human perspective. If you want to read her inspiring stories, give her a shout at


Engineering student and a lover of letters & words, Bhakti is still Daddy’s girl who made it an absolute past time to cutely grill me on any aspect of life, something shez done the day she was packed and brought in this world. Gemini born, she weaves poems for her dear ones, enjoys brain storming, swimming, sleeps a lot, adore poetry, reading and wish to write humor for us. Her blog, is the place to find her writing about life’s philosophy with devotion (Bhakti). Funny as she is, Bhakti deserves a visit and she wrote a guest post for me during A to Z on Y for Youngistan.

Liebster Award

Liebster nomination for


1. 11 Personal Facts

2. Answer 11 Nominator Questions

3. Nominate 11 Bloggers that (inspired) you and ask 11 nominator questions


Personal Facts

1. I am on a sabbatical from work. In fact, I am unemployed and looking for work after being a journalist for three years.

2. I lived in 2 different countries, 2 cities in India, traveled 6 cities in India, juggling work and pleasure. I die to travel more and see the world when I get the moolah.

3. I hold a degree in Economics, which I hardly use since I had a change of heart where I discovered my love for literature, journalism and films has no limits.

4. I, once, dreamed of becoming a film maker and film actor in the glamorous B-World and keep day dreaming bout it’ since there is no tax on dreaming.

5. A rather (unsuccessful) attempt to write a rom-com and dream of being a publishing author some day and finding my books on the shelf at Landmarks and Crossword.

6. I am quite unpredictable and moody as a person.

7. Neither I forgive nor do I forget people (good and bad alike).

8. Am obsessed with chocolate, Parle G biscuits and speaking to myself.

9. I dream of travelling to Brazil, London, New York, Sri Lanka (latest) and desi, Dharamshala, Uttar Pradesh and J&K.

10. Have crushes on TV hosts, latest being Barkha Dutt. Absolutely love her work and latest being, her election coverage in Varansi.

11. Our family is settled out of India but I plan to be back soon for good. I cannot imagine living in any other country other than India. Love Pune to death, the place I started my career and Mumbai, maximum city is the place to be. I am a complete and typical Mumbai boy.


1. Why do you blog or write?

Passion player! Writing is my true calling and my personal sphere where I just rant about anything, try be my humorous best and afford the luxury to be myself. Perhaps, my great escape. Thank Lord Bill Gates for the comp and the Internet Baba.

2. The biggest challenge you faced in your life and how did you overcome it?

Failure and Fear. Not many know that I am a late developer and flunked few classes in school. I took my own time, with parents support and friends’ encouragement, which instilled belief in the self and I slowly worked my way. Fear is another such challenge which got to me so much that I almost sink in a depression and freaked out, lived with for years. But, with renewed optimism and vigor, I decided till I don’t overcome both fear and failure, I will not rest easy and took on what I fear the most. Failure and Fear are good things that set the pace towards self elevated growth as a person. The people I’ve met in my life helped become who I am and to carve an identity as a free thinker.  But, no, I will not participate in Khatron Ke Khiladi, even if they call me, offering the moolah.

3. A book or movie that changed your thinking or inspired you?

Black/Taare Zameen par.

4. Do you believe in love at first sight?

There is no such thing as love at first sight.

5. What success mean to you?

Depends how you define success. To me success is to grow in life, be  a seeker in the journey of life have quite a bit of money and happiness.

6. Three things you cannot live without

Books, glasses and handset.

7. One person you want to meet in your life time?

Amitabh Bachchan.

8. What do you know about God? Do you think there is God? If not, what is the logical reason for being an atheist?

I am an agnostic. Since, I have not seen God, dunno whether its a man or woman, I am not believing till I don’t see a proof of existence. Besides, I am more into spirituality than religion and feel there is a greater power, above our, definition of God (s). I feel that God is a matter of belief and a symbol ascribed to us in this life time.

9. If you could go back in time and change that one moment in your life, what it would be?

Whatever happens, happens for a reason. How I wish that I had the powers to change things but it never work that way!

10. What is your dream holiday destination?

Venice, Italy.

11. Do you think life is unfair?

Life is never fair. We tend to take things for granted in life and we should learn to live every moment in life. As human beings, we deal with our battles in our own way and we have to fight every day for our well being. As they say, life is a journey. You will some, you lose some but you need to grow and learn in life.














Questions for You:

1. Why do you blog or write?

2. The biggest challenged you face in your life and how did you overcome it?

3. A book or movie that changed your thinking or inspired you?

4. What do you think? Unhappy couples should break apart or stay for the sake of children in a marriage.

5. What success mean to you?

6. Three things you cannot live without

7. One person you want to meet in your life time?

8. What do you know about God? Do you think there is God? If not, what is the logical reason for being an atheist?

9. If you could go back in time and change that one moment in your life, what it would be?

10. What is your dream holiday destination?

11. Do you think life is unfair?

Congrats to all the winners.

Lotsa Love






Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

47 thoughts on “Liebster adorns the shelf!

  1. congrats on another award ..
    and congrats to all you have nominated ..

    unemployed after working for 3 years .. I will say WOW because I so want to do that now .. give up and live life .. but so many responsibilities and other things cant afford not working ..

    1. Thanks. Hello dude! I am not unemployed coz I choose you, I cannot afford to give up work coz I have aspirations, dreams and responsibilities. Unemployed means I am looking for job since January:) I haven’t reached the stage where I can afford to stay at home, write books full time and blog. hehe!

      1. 🙂 I did not mean it in the wrong way …

        although I wish the stage comes where we can afford to stay home .. without work and do what we please ..

      2. Nahin nahin and I’m not angry. Just put the point across..hehe me too and I hope this day comes for all of us who wish to follow one’s passion.

  2. congratz on the award and thank you so much 🙂
    I gotta post this one soon 🙂
    btw when you say glasses , it is specs or actual pani wala glass 😛

  3. Congratulations Vishal. Through these awards and their Q&As we get to know a bit more about each other. Thanks for sharing this award with me. Wishing you the very best and may all your dreams and aspirations come true, soon! Cheers 🙂

  4. Thank you Vishal! 🙂 Honored to be among your nominees for the award.

    I wish you success and may all that you dream of, come true! You know you can do whatever you set your mind to do!

    1. Thanks Vidya. It’s an honor nominated u and I’ve learned so much by reading you..You are one of the reasons for the huge success of A to Z and me reaching the finish line.
      Your words means a lot and the last words has so much power:)

  5. Vishal first of all congratulations! You have written this post so so so beautifully! I enjoyed 11 facts about you. (there is number 12. with nothing before it, does a person who find it supposed to get a chocolate??? — as in was it intentional?)
    I enjoyed your answers for a long time venic was my only dream destination- now there are many—with time I turned greedy I guess!!
    Thank you so much for nominating me for this award!

    I would love to answer these questions here 🙂 Chalega????
    1. It started as an effort to improve my expressions, writings and to arrange my infinite thoughts somewhere. Now I don’t know the exact reason, it has become a part of me. It makes me happy, thoughtful, sharing my insights with rest of the world gives my thoughts many perspective. I feel alive!

    2. Nothing I can think of right now!

    3. I loved Paulo Cohelo’s works! Though every novel from every author has one or a few insights in it. Rest I am a thinker- I think a lot and there are life instances or others’ experiences that change my thoughts or inspire me!

    4. I feel unhappy couples should break apart. There is no point in living together- wasting all the years and getting unhappiness in the end. When it comes to children- they will be more doomed and lost if they see their parents fighting daily. So even for children’s sake they should part their ways!

    5. Success to me is living a fruitful life or say leading a satisfactory life. Some people find peace in money, status, some find in simple living!

    6. Three things I can’t live without- Air, Water and Food! (fourth one is respect) in that order!

    7. No-one in particular!

    8. I have my faiths, to me yes there is God. I have felt his presence as a child and still feel many things as a proof that he is around. Moreover I feel it is about your heart. Very much like ghosts- those who have seen them feel they are very much here, and ones who haven’t do not believe in these things!

    9. Have you seen that movie of Jim carry “Eternal Sunshine of spotless Mind” I believe everything happens for a reason and will happen anyway! I am pretty satisfied with the things in my life!

    10. There are many—- Venice, South Africa, British Virgin Islands, Egypt and many many many more… I am mad about traveling! 😀

    11. To some life seems unfair, for instance when I see people struggling for their whole lives and not getting a way out of those struggles- I feel bad. I feel pain after seeing unfortunate ones. But then I believe in Karma theory of Hinduism too- keep doing your work.

    1. Shesha! U rock woman and enjoy reading ur witty answers, agree with you on number 4 and Venice is one of the many another place crops in the mind, Ibiza, for me, as a romantic gateway. Of course, u have the right to answer here but do acknowledge the award and feel free to put it on ur blog. M sure the blog readers will enjoy ur witty answers..well done, one day we ever meet, shall never forget ur choco:)

  6. Thank you Vishal. I appreciate the sentiment, but my blog has a no-awards policy. My Abou-me page explains why. Apologies for the refusal. I’ll continue to visit and comment on your blog.

    1. Thank u so much. That’s the best part bout blogging, we get to know so much bout each other, despite not meeting in person. It’s been a fab journey:)

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