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Anything for power?! It’s called Modi-fication ’56’inches chest

56 inches self-claim chest, six pack abs…arre wah! Kya Mardangi! wah wah! Applause for the man who promised that he will drown our sorrow away like Sathya Sai Baba healing touch on devotees. Or! Amitabh Bachchan’s ad, ek chutki mein dard gayab! What do we make out when a man flaunts his assets…opps! chest to show his manlihood, physical prowesss, deeply ingrained in the sick herd mentality of patriarchy to show how the male sex has birthright over any ordinary mortals. How I wish for a special episode bearing the marks, Comedy Nights with NaMo as Kapil Sharma is making way to join Yash Raj flick, Bank Chor.

The tale of politics of polarization reached the heightened climax this week as we neared the end of the Lok Sabha Battle in Varanasi where laws of the land was flouted. The self-claimed father of Hindutva and ‘Hindu Nationalism’ cutting a sorry figure of Lord Voldemorte thrust his 56 inches forward to wage war in the holy city. After all, he never came on his own accord, forget the Gujarat Pogrom, but Maa Ganga called him to spread his mighty mighty chest in Varanasi. The latest jig, oops, Lord of the Rings, rubs shoulders with a constitutional body, Electoral Commission (EC) and wages the war to make it a magnum opus in the holy city. Waise, no Dharna but late night Drama baaz, scripted at the last minute and after all, supporters gotta chant NaMo, NaMo. Jurassic Park in the times of Peepli Live in the Holy City? Any takers for this one!

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Our Lord Voldemort, already swinging in his PM chair, after all there is no waiting for this new age Hitler a la Mogamba, squashes EC orders and whimsically tells, ‘I am the all mighty and powerful…How dare you give NaMo orders not to hold rally.of course, I will’ and squeeze an orange to throw on your face. Have you seen Panchayat and fascist rule? That’s me and I ride roughshod over the rule of law in my charlot that flies over all things earthy..down to earth is a word lost in translation..Mujhe jo sahi lagta hai mein wohi karta hoon..see I’ve been dreaming bout Modi Raj after lapping the DVD’s of Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar Raj.

I am the Supreme Court, the Government and I squash orders, Dear EC and whatta way to protest and compete with my challenger Arvin Kejriwal..he does dharna in Delhi and I do a repeat at Varanasi, a bit like Thalaivar. Who need reason to protest against the lawful order of EC? See! I am the champion of analogies…you name it, you get it, Puppy remarks on Muslims, Hindu Nationalist, 50 crores girl friend, baby manufacturing factories and stop breeding in the after math of Gujarat 2002. Why not? After all, Yeh Dil Mange More..snoop gate was just the tip of the iceberg..Har! Har! Modi! Let’s do the Modi Dance.

Ooh! la! la! Beard for Modi-fication has a twist-in-the-tale a la perfect cocktail of a Hindi blockbuster released in the theater? How do we play a flick without Masala? Item number is the need of the hour..Malika Sherawat was too busy as Modi jumped the fray, calling EC, pro Rahul and dabbling with the joker card, Yadav lobby. Oh! really Modi-ji?! What an item number and last minute drame-baazi!!! Yo! Yo! Honey Singh! Aaj Blue Hai Pani Pani Mata la bhulava aaya aur Har Har Namo Bolo! Abuse of the EC and Modi-ji refresh your memory, EC is no caged parrot and didn’t flinch in taking to task Congress wala during the campaign. But, Modi-ji is Modi-ji! Abuses will be hurled at the pride of the nation, the EC, who uphold the democratic values in India..mudslinging, damaging the reputation of an institution that makes us proud being Indians. But, it doesn’t matter as Modi-fication will leave no stone untouched in this soap opera.

Mata ka bhulawa aagaya..NaMo offer apologies to Ganga-Maa for not able to do aarti? Kyon Nahin! After all, there are more pressing issues na, in your face Modi-fication, rally need to be given priority on election eve. See! The aim is to throw dirt on the face of honest officers and credible body like EC. Satta aur Rajneet ke liye kuch bhi karenge.


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10 thoughts on “Anything for power?! It’s called Modi-fication ’56’inches chest

  1. These elections are becoming uglier by the day. Even before the results are declared he is being asked questions like “what will you do when you become…”. Not, if.. when! And have you seen how he talks… mera Gujarat.. mera Bharat… Not humara!!!
    India might just as well go the China way very soon :/

    1. hey! Nisha! Thanks for commenting and its a murky tale of dirt..NaMo is already showing his arrogant and as you rightly pointed, the man is a fascist and showing his totalitarian and dictator mindset. Honestly, I am very scared with this man as PM. He is just another Mao a la China in the maker. The people should save our freedom of expression and democratic values. The snub of EC shows his total disregard for the law and the constitution..of course hez mera Gujarat..mere Bharat..its sad!

  2. The Die is cast

    With only 41 seats of Lok Sabha remaining to be voted upon tomorrow , the die is cast
    Outcome of those 41 seats is unlikely to make much of a difference to who will form the next Government at the Centre
    If BJP falls short of 272 seats , ” Aya Ram , Gaya Ram ” horse-trading will settle the issue
    But what will send a loud and clear message across India is ,
    ” Who wins in Varanasi ? ”
    It is no more a question of Congress vs BJP
    Or , a question of David vs Goliath
    It is no more a question of choosing between , lesser of the two evils
    Even if AAP has made a few honest mistakes and occasionally , compromised on lofty principles , for the first time , people of Varanasi have a choice
    To choose between the least of the THREE EVILS !
    There are no ABSOLUTE standards by which to judge political parties
    There are only RELATIVE standards – and , even these keep shifting
    If you think , some of the AAP members – and even , some of its leaders – are susceptible to making immoral compromises , you are entitled to your opinion – which is your right
    And Arvind Kejriwal would be the first person to defend your right
    Let us ask ourselves ,

    ” Who is the Least Corrupt of the three ?
    Who do I deserve ?
    Who is likely to resign if he cannot fulfill his poll-promises ? ”

    BJP came into power in Gujarat on 26 Dec 2012 , by promising :
    ” If voted to power , we will construct 50 lakh houses for the poor in next 5 years ”
    In the 500 days since BJP came to power , Gujarat Government should have built , and distributed , 13,69,863 homes
    To find the truth , file a RTI application – without expecting any answer !
    Of course , by 20th May , expect NaMo to resign as Gujarat CM
    Not for having failed to fulfill his promise to people of Gujarat
    But , to fulfill his poll-promise to people of India , that , if voted to power , BJP will construct 100 Mega-Cities in next 5 years
    That is one Chandigarh or Gandhi-Nagar , every 18 days !
    Hopefully , P C Sorkar ( jr ) will help out with a Mirage !

    * hemen parekh ( 11 May 2014 / Mumbai )

  3. kuch bhi .. hi nahin.. kuch bhi se zayada karenge.. motto of our leaders ..

    it is funny how people even when they know they are being taken for granted and hit for sixes will still carry on voting for the same people ..

    and the poll promises I have now seen many years and I doubt if poll promises are always fulfilled .. Mud slinging is a ART which are leaders win hands down ..

  4. Situation is unlike. Previous elections.
    This is an anti congress sentiment…Losing or winning is part of democracy,but,real issues have been brought upfront

    1. For sure Sir, the situation looks bleak with Congress suffering from anti-incumbency and lack of proper decisions taken with two power centres. Hopefully, the country emerges as the winner and I feel, India deserves better with NaMo being all bout’ polarization and dictatorial system. Unfortunately, there is no party who can claim of thinking in terms of the people welfare.

    1. So well said, Ritu. I mean, its so scary and wonder what will happen to our freedom and democracy, we are so proud of. What about respect of human rights and our values, enshrined in the constitution. Such arrogance is unwarranted for someone coming from a humble background. And, they said People’s People. BJP is behaving as if they are already in power and behaving like some colonial power at play, something they inherited and doesn’t flinch from violating laws and taking on a constitutional body doing its work, spurting dirt on honest officers, calling him a Yadav-this is the biggest caste prejudice. Thank God, the campaign is off and such murky deal epic. Let’s hope and fingers crossed.

  5. you have given him the right name- Lord Voldemort! If he becomes prime minister well Indians will fall another step lower in my scale of intelligency (or morale?) measurer.

    1. I swear and I am scared what will be of India-our democratic values, human rights and constitution-after Friday. Unfortunately, this guy ranking low on intelligence and morale-will take over from next week. Fingers crossed. I appreciate ur frankness, Sharmistha:)

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