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Quintet of Radiance Award



I am back full swing on the blog post the five days break, post the superbly Marathon, A to Z April Challenge for 26 Days. It’s been daunting and tiring! Time to be back.  I am still recovering form blog fatigue. Which better way to be back with Awards! The wonderful A to Z mate and great friend, Ananya Kiran, who is participating in Mrs USA Washington has honored me with the Quintet of Radiance Award. I am overwhelmed.

Ananya Tales

I came to know about Ananya Tales during the A to Z Challenge and I call her lady of courage who overcomes overwhelming tribulations in life to make things happen for her on her own. She deserves lots of admiration to triumph in the face of adversity. Respect, Ananya. You are a champion in life. Shez been an awesome friend in a short span of time where I discovered about your fights and small things in your life. It demands courage to speak about the incidents and things that define your life. You are simply awesome and fab. People give Ananya a shout on

Vote for her on Facebook for Mrs India Washington and discover the amazing bundle of talent that she is. Follow the following links to vote for her:


1. Display the logo in a post.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back-Ananya

3. Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phrase.

4. Nominate few Bloggers.

My Nominations:









ME. MYSELF from A to Z

A: Adventurous

B: Blogger

C: Cool

D: Dreamer

E: Energetic

F: Funny

G: Gentleman

H: Hyper

I: Incurable Romantic

J: Joyful

K: Kind

L: Lovable/Loyal/Ladies Man 🙂

M: ME, Myself

N: Never-die-attitude

O: Optimist

P: Passionate

Q: Quiescent (at times)

R: Radiant

S: Sweet N Shy

T: Trustworthy

U: Understanding

V: Vishal

W: Wild N Witty

X: X-cstasy

Y: Y (my)ourself

Z: Zealous

With Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

21 thoughts on “Quintet of Radiance Award

  1. Oh no, am nominated for an award? first in history. Hm, I have got to do the little assignment first right? ok thanks anyway and thanks for gettinh me to visit Anayan’s blog, thanks a million my Val from India 🙂

  2. Hey! Thanks a ton for nominating me!! I am thriller to say the least 🙂
    Unfortunately I could not read your blog during the contest but I am blogrolling you now! Shall keep in touch 🙂

    1. Hi Nisha, I really enjoyed ur writing during A to Z and m glad I visited you. What I love is your candid and super honest writing during the challenge. Sure let’s keep in touch and looking to read more and more of u:)

  3. Dear Vishal, Congratulations !!!. Got to know more about you. I am also supporting Ananya. Thanks for considering me worthy for this nomination. Like you, I am also overwhelmed…Thanks again.

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