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Politics of love, Peeping Toms and moral voyeurs

Brace yourselves, Peeps of the Peeping Toms! You are spared of a political or satirical post in the times of Lok Sabha Polls for once, though, it involves a politician and  journalist. Nopes! The intention is not, at least for once, taking pot shots at the political class, public figures, or for that matter, intrude in the personal lives of people. The post exactly does that by trying to shed light on what a voyeur nation we have become.

Call it sheer coincidence! Monica Lewinski published a six page article explaining the A to Z of her relationship with former US Head of State, Bill Clinton. It provide food for thought for Paparazzi and sensational journalism. After all, why would we be interested in the sex romp, amorous or true love of a former President? A good bait to bite?! Aha! Love can be as lethal a weapon when it comes to public figures as it sells the news like hot pan cakes and looking at past events, the word ‘Love’ has never been so abused as it is right now. The perfect recipe of love brews, bring hearts together and spell trouble. Love at your own risk, seems to be mantra for naysayers as the culprits, Digvijay Singh and journalist Amrita Rai, learned the hard way. Or, is it?


What seems like a storm in the cup of tea is lapped by us, becoming a nation obsessed with politicians, celeb and their private lives. We are a slanderous lot.  It’s shameful how people on Twitter and Facebook are pointing accusatory glances at the couple and calling them names. How can I forget to mention someone from the Aam Aadmi Party who dared call love immoral? Excuse me! What is immoral in falling love?  We, the commoners, are subjected to the rigmarole of moral brigade telling us zillion reasons why Singh and Rai shouldn’t be in love? Age differences-take a chill pill, union between a journo and Neta-why not? Don’t they have a heart to fall in love and enjoy sweet nothings?!

Shameless people at bay looming like vultures and how they piggyback on love to abuse people. The kind of insults, diatribe, character assassination and gross violation of privacy leveled against Singh and, in particular, Rai shows our immaturity as human beings. I mean, who has given us the right to poke fingers at Amrita Rai? C’mon people, she has the right to make a choice regarding her life. Is it your birth right to caste aspersion on her character? Is it your inherent birthright to tell people what’s morally right or not? I wonder whether she is paying the price for being a women! Her only fault: Falling in love with a politician? So what if, Ms Rai is a journalist or Singh is a politician? Does it take away the right to fall in love? It’s way better to love than hate or nurture prejudices.

The whole fuss being made to rake in vote bank politics on two souls who made a choice to love and be each other’s companion at some point in life is a matter of disgust and shame. How does labeling Digvijay Singh and Amrita Rai as….I shall refrain to mention the insults, translate into votes, triumph of democracy or high moral grounds? I am no fan of Digvijay Singh but credit goes to the latter for owning the relationship. It would be heart breaking if both of them, refused to own up the relationship. At least its better than disowning a relationship.

What commands respect is the stand taken by Rai’s former husband, Anand Pradhan, supporting the decision of his former’s wife to get married again and calling for the respect of privacy. Hope many men in the patriarchal root, deeply ingrained in our society, will have the courage to follow the grandeur of Mr Pradhan in refusing to be involved in mudslinging and standing up for the ex-wife. The latter who is a victim of dirty minds at play, smacking from prejudices, orthodox beliefs and dogmatic principles, maintained a dignified silence. Respect!

Lastly, leaking private pictures of a couple in love, is a gross violation of privacy and shows our social malady as we feast on them like hungry people, deprived of fast food for days.  Love is love and there is no moral curfew on hearts burgeoning together. It’s high time we leave the couple alone, respect their private moments and refrain from acting like moral policing to judge people. Public figures have the right to leave lives on their own terms. Let’s stop acting like spokespeople of society’s moral values.



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12 thoughts on “Politics of love, Peeping Toms and moral voyeurs

  1. Isnt that our mentality always.. We will never talk of what is going on in our own house.. We want all that hidden but when it comes to someone else we have so much to say always and every time. .

    Leaking of private pics well I wish and pray who ever did that may their private pics get blown and shown..

    1. This who leaked are bad.. but what about the ones who enjoyed watching them and carried on and then maybe forwarded too..

      I find those people more worse.. Because they have their fun and then they make noise too. .
      They then shout hoarse if something happens to them. .

      1. No sane person can condone that under the name of politics. What’s worse is how some cheap politicians are indulging in such slug fest and reeks of illness we suffer from. I feel bad for the couple.

    2. I mean, its so sad how we peep in other people’s lives, make no bones in judging and so bad to leak out personal pics. Its a gross violation and shows the human mentality across the globe, not just in India.

  2. i agree with you Vishal. Privacy is somewhat ,we should learn to respect. we take the celebrities life for granted to continously peep in. NIce article

    1. Yes, Soumya and breach of privacy is like someone entering ur house like thieves and reeks of ignorant minds at play. I find it indecent what happened.

  3. I heard about it, saw 1-2 clips on tv but really did not bother to follow. But as you have pointed out, I respect both of them coming out clean in the open…

    1. It’s really sad Jayanta and a personal choice is being dragged in public like that. It’s high time we stop being hypocrite by acting all clean or morally upright.

  4. I feel we are so used to gossip that if someday all this would stop many people would be heartbroken for their only job is to know what is happening in others’ life. I had asked this to one of my friends once when she updated me on a hero’ latest affair.

    Doesnt he have a right to do all that he wants to? He is an adult citizen of a democratic country and his job is to act in movies. He is doing it perfectly fine, then why r we do interested in his personal life. Imagine it happening to us….constantly under scrutiny!!

    1. Agree with u, Namrata. I agree coz I know few facts bout stars and politicians lives through friends in the industry. I mean, I saw no harm in listening or sensational media lapping up. But, what I disagree is the kind of insults one can level against someone, indulge in mudslinging or cast aspersions on character. It’s a gross violation of privacy if pictures are being shared. You will recall when Sunanda Pushkar died what kind of things were being said on her. I mean, there is a lack of respect for the person’s memory.

  5. the over curiosity about the personal lifes of celebrities or public figures (unless ofcourse you have a crush on that person) is a really telltale sign of inferiority complex, who gives a hoot to them? As long as they are not wasting public money!

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