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Pappu can’t do, Saala!!!

‘Bhaiya Moro Raakhi Ke Bandhan Ko Na Bhulana..the sista steps in, mingles with the crowd and shows what substance a Neta, pardon me, the fashionista and super glamorous sister,  is made of . Woman of substance, wearing her trade mark, ‘Dadi Ma da Saree’ and walking like Dadi as she takes Amethi by storm and one would think that it’s a fashion show graced by the Gandhi heir and shadow leader-in-waiting of Congress Party. And, all this? Giving her security a miss, sitting knee-bend and in Yoga posture on the floor among the women folks, holding her hands respectfully with a traditional Namaste, braving the storm and dust..only for Bhaiya.

Don’t they say, she is the replica of Dadi-Maa and time to rake the Moolah! oops vote quotient for Bhaiyya! I am telling you she’ll give Baba Ramdev an inferiority complex and wonder why the ‘Khandaan’ didn’t want her as the leader. At least, media folks still saying, ‘Priyanka! Yeh Dil Mange More and let’s forget bout’ Pappu bhaiya.

Does she needs to rake the Moolah in Amethi?! Nopes! Coz Pati Parmeshwar! Robert of the Vadra already minted the cash factory, courtesy sasoo Maa….like they say, it runs in the family? It’s all bout’ loving your loving! Ek doosre se karte hain pyar hum! Toh Kya hua, Pappu can’t speak, sing, dance or do, Saala?! Wait! Ahem! Ahem! Did I say do? You silly mind! Err! I never said, Pappu bhaiyya can’t do! Stop having a pervert mind. Toh, Pappu can’t do Saala! The campaign I mean and chuck out the dirty thoughts! It’s not a sex orgy playing at Amethi, you perverts.

Pappu knows Didi is here to make Kumar Vishwas poems crap as Bhaiyya piggy backing on her to make the Amethi grand comeback after aeons. Haan! Bhaiya! Pappu says, I am here na, Bhaiyya to make prosperity a real thing in Amethi Kyon ki UP aur Bharat ki darshan karo na coz there is no poverty, See! Pappu can’t speak saala! Not convinced?! Listen to this one, Congress is default programme of Amethi’s computer! Ab virus has infested a software called Rahul Baba aka Pappu and new default programme, Tumhare Priyanka has come to speed up the default programme.

By the way, do you know, the new version of Shrimati Indira Gandhi is gung ho bout’ women empowerment that she doesn’t watch the patriarch kinda waning soap opera, Kyon Ki Saas Kabhi Bhi Bahu Thi? How do I know? Coz, apna Priyanka Didi doesn’t know the identity of Tulsi Virani, meaning, Irani of the Smrithi..logic hai bhai, kaise pata chalega Priyanka Didi ko! Bechari Priyanka Didi! Had she watched one episode, she would have know who Smriti behen, Tulsi Virani, the woman who sacrifice everything for Pati Parmeshwar and children in the Virani household, is. Jai Shree Krishna! Now, where is Baa?! Tumhi ho Didi, Tumhi ho Baa, Pappu can’t even sing this one for Priyanka Didi. Pappu trolls happily, singing a lullaby in Amethi since Didi is here to make his life.

Dadi Maa said, Garibi Hatao as rivals pumps back, Indira Hatao and now Didi says, ‘Pappu Bhaiya Bachao’ in Amethi and like Lara Croft, she descends on the battle ground, branding a menace to Namo, ‘Dare you call me, Priyanka Bitiya! She harries her rocket on bechara Namo and chewing, clenching her white Colgate teeth a bit like James Bond, “I am a Gandhi! The daughter of Rajiv Gandhi,” and of course the didi of Pappu Bhaiya. Now, you don’t look at the power of my Raakhi that will escalate thunder on your PM dreams.

Yin for Yang, Tit for Tat! Now, is Tulsi Virani so silent and nursing her wounds inflicted by new age ‘Savita’ apna Priyanka Didi blatant ignorance to recognize her, sniff! sniff! Ekta! Gift her DvD of my Soap Opera.. K for Kyon Ki Didi Pappu Ko bachaega Amethi mein and wait I’ll give her complimentary gifts, expensive Banarasi Saree na Kyon ke my NaMo Bhaiya will do Raaj in Varanasi. Just for a myriad thought: Just imagine, Priyanka was the sitting judge when I became the finalist in Femina Miss India? She would give me the Mr India watch to make me disappear on the map..oops! Amethi Map. The balderdash that I am! My name is Smriti! Dhina Dhin Daa!

Priyanka Didi is all sinew and tendon for bechare Pappu Bhaiya to make him the ‘Shehzaade’ in Amethi once again. Pappu can’t do Saala! Will Didi pull her might for the special Malamaal Weekly on May 15 for Bhaiya? Wah! Kya combo hai, Shayar (poet) Kumar Vishwas, Bahu Rani Tulsi aka Smriti and Pappu Bhaiya batting for Malamaal Weekly.  After all, it all runs in the family, na. Malamaal Weekly is sealed, then, jackpot for Pappu. Time for Priyanka Didi to find a Bhabhi for apna Pappu bhaiya. Can Pappu manage this one or Priyanka Didi needs to find one. Malamaal Weekly special Honeymoon package for Pappu, any takers?



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18 thoughts on “Pappu can’t do, Saala!!!

    1. Thanks, Beloo. Another attempt at satire and found the cartoon on net. I agree Priyanka has a better fashion sense and is a better politician as well.

  1. we can forget about Pappu bhaiya .. but what if he wins 🙂 and is the new PM someday ..

    and didi is doing all she can to make sure that happens sometime tooo 🙂

    lovely article made me smile 🙂 Thank you

    1. Interesting observation. I love writing satire and aim is to tickle funny bones so as to bring a smile in the stressful life. One can laugh and reflect on politics this season. I mean, this post, doesn’t aim to caste judgement on anyone nor have an effect on political chances, be it Raga, NaMo or Kejriwal. It’s not pro or against about political parties.
      Happy you enjoyed and welcome here, BM:)

    1. Thanks a ton, Smitha. Frankly I am amazed at the theatrical, games and branded stuffs evolving in the campaign. I mean, who needs entertainment when the real (Abhi) neta are here.

  2. A little birdie tells me, Priyanka stealing the thunder from Pappu is his idea of women’s empowerment.

    I feel sorry for the chap, being forced to live his mother’s dream that’s turned into a nightmare for him.

    1. Or, is it kya, Purba? No, wonder it all runs in the family and didn’t know it was Pappu’s idea to make Priyanka the face of women’s empowerment. Quite a weird idea..hehe and she stole the thunder under his nose. But, she has leadership capabilities. I wonder why the guy making others dreams come true and falling into this trap.
      Thanks a lot Purba for commenting:)

    1. Thank u, Sir. It pretty sums up the state of the nation and Priyanka is package and branded product designed to remind of her grandmother at every moment. A spin doctored strategy I feel to impose upon the people. Btw, watch out the next one on NaMo:)

    1. I know!! Shilpa! Vote ke liye kuch bhi karenge and it’s like a movie been played zillion times, same old magic formula like Sooraj Bharjatya, KJO and Manmohan Desai flicks:)

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