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Book Review: The Perfect Groom, is relatable and sensitive portrayal of relationships

Book Review: The Perfect Groom

Author: Sumeetha Manikandan

Publisher: Indireads

Price: $ 2.99/Rs 175

Rating: Three Stars

The author, Sumeetha Manikanan was gracious to mail me a copy of The Perfect Groom when I made an e-mail request for review.

About the author:

Sumeetha Manikandan, a freelance content writer is an English literature graduate with a journalism and mass communication diploma. Married to film director K.S. Manikandan, she lives in Mylapore, Chennai with her five-year-old daughter. ( Find more about her on


Nithya is married un (happily) to Ashok and settled in United States of America, faraway from her irritating in-laws, who think that she is happy to have a husband like Ashok. Ashok and Nithya lives separate lives under one single roof and, everything, seems to work in opposite ways until Ashok mom’s visit which compels them to put a facade of happily married couple. One fine day, Nithya meets her childhood friend, Vasu, whom has a soft corner for her. Will Vasu be the one who will give Nithya the freedom she secretly longs for? Will Ashok and Nithya come in the open and be truthful about their lives?  It’s for you to find out.


Human relations are complex, isn’t it? There are slew of books,exploring, the very facet of human relationships and, Sumeetha Manikandan does just that through the stroke of pen where a slew of different relationships are tackled, husband-wife, daughter-sister, mother-sister and friendship between two women in The Perfect Groom. It would be an aberration to term The Perfect Groom, as a rom-com since it falls in a different genre of relationships.

To her credit, Sumitha explores the condition of women, poverty and the right to be loved in a competent manner. It’s the world of Nithya and her surrounding. She is portrayed as a brave woman, who knows exactly what she wants but is confused at times due to the fear of society. The different characters living in India and USA are very well sketched and defined.

However, the book reveals to be a stunning winner towards the end where we see the real Ashok to a certain extent and Nithya emerges as a strong woman who knows her mind. The relationship between Nithya and her mother is beautifully described and one feels witnessing the vivid description of two characters coming alive and true to themselves. The conflict between Nithya and her in-laws is a sheer delight. Sumeetha comes out as winner by beautifully describing the South Indian setting which stems out of the background like a real life character.

What’s not?

1. At some point, the book loses its grip on characters who appears and disappears. How I wish the relationship between Ashok and Nithya could have been given an extra zing in the start?!

2. The marriage between Shekhar and Nithya is on tenterhooks which is quite visible in the start. Perhaps, the author should have covered this part as the story evolves, though she successfully builds up the suspense and cleverly sustains the interest.


The Perfect Groom is a light read, interspersed, with the right dose of emotions, human sensitivity and beautifully captures the complexity in relationship and condition of women. What goes in favor of the book is the suspense thread that has been successfully gathered as one is tempting to ask when the real scene is unfolding. The author should be credited for making the suspense work in the most efficient and competent manner. Towards the end, the author grapples with another sensitive issue that emerges as the soul of the book which the readers will empathize with. I call the book, a winner that manage to hold its own despite minuses that may have gathered on and off. Moreover, The Perfect Groom conveys a message: Follow your heart and unhappiness is damaging in a relationship. What’s more, the character, Nithya is relatable and believable as she is the girl whom you’ll meet at the malls or on the busy streets. A commendable effort worth your money.




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10 thoughts on “Book Review: The Perfect Groom, is relatable and sensitive portrayal of relationships

  1. Such a detailed review Vishal!!
    I’ve read only positive things about this book. 🙂
    Will pick it up

  2. right can i advance book you for a review of my book PLEASEeeeeeeeee . .. well dont worry I am never going to write one .. but wud be great to have a review like that for sure


      1. ha ha ha ha .. I am not intelligent Sir.. writing a book is not my cup of tea.. its for the intellectuals like yourself..

        I just write bits and pieces thats all 🙂

      2. Not at all! C’mon writing a book is not at all for intellectuals. Is Chetan Bhagat an intellectual? Lol! We are all intelligent in our own way:)

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