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Reflection Blogging A to Z April Challenge


A to Z April Blogging Challenge!!! What’s that?! I first stumbled upon the one-month blogging challenge on Vidya’s blog ( and I signed on. It was way back in January. As D-Day approached, I chucked out the idea, thinking that I may not be able to do full justice to the challenge and it’s no cake walk to blog for 26 consecutive days, on letters A to Z. I mean, I’ve blogged for a month but this time it was different since it was a challenge and that too, on alphabets.

I remember Damyanti leaving a message on the blog, asking me to confirm if I wanna back out coz she heard from her team members that I am planning to back out. Overnight, the decision was taken and decided to take the challenge. I was in. I wouldn’t know what I’d miss if I decided not to take part. In a way, Damyanti was instrumental in me taking the challenge and I’m glad I did. Hugs Damyanti.

Did I accomplish my goals? I think yes since I took the challenge and all of us, in a way or the other, are A to Z champs. There were hiccups and there were days when I was running late, racking the brain on some alphabets and this where pals like Meghna and Bhakti came to the rescue suggesting ideas. I went out of my way, like many did, to comment on 30 + blogs in a day where other stuffs took a back seat. I dig deep in memories to write bout’ college days that were the best of my life.

It was awesome to connect with so many people across the globe who visited me and I did the same, not necessarily in that order. A to Z made me realize that we are global citizens and how we connect with people from different parts of the world, India, Greece, Africa as well as American countries and Europe. I made so many great friends who are brave to let us inside their world, sharing small joy and happiness, challenges in life, family situation and how they overcame fear or prejudices in life, among so many things.

Still, one cannot rest on laurels. I feel that I could have done better by honing my writing skills when I see so many awesome writers across the globe. I realized how bad I am at writing! There were days when I withdraw into shell since I was suffering from writer’s block and went into depression mode which happens when you make the challenge your oyster. I shall prepare myself better next time. There are many bloggers who commented on my work and I missed writing back as well as others on the Facebook link. It was a marathon task. There were so many honest posts where bloggers dare to come out of the closet whether its watching porn during the growing years-I did- and I also wrote on my Ganja experience. How I wish I could be more open on my antics!


A big thank you to Damyanti for being such a big motivation and please link to her on ( as well as her team composed of Vidya (,Guilie, Anna, Samantha, Csenge, Jemima and Mary of the super awesome #TeamDamyanti for the A to Z Challenge as well as the cohosts Leo, Alex, Tina, Jeremy, Nicole, Stephen, Heather, AJ, MJ, Pam (You’ll find their link of Damyanti’s blog).

There are some blogs whom I would like you guys to check, my old pals and new friends made during the challenge;, Eli of,, Priyanka of, Beloo of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Quite an exhaustive and long list. There are many more whose names, my memory can’t focus on and I wished to recall them since I have enjoyed reading so many blogs and hope we connect on Facebook or Google+ whichever way you guys are comfortable. Yes, for her V challenge, Priyanka of featured me and I’m quite honored.

It’s been an enriching and super awesome experience. I’m still relishing the break which I call, ‘Free from Blogging’ for few days and I shall be back full swing from Thursday where I intend to revive an old short story which I wrote in 2010 as well as come with book reviews cum a new shortie during the month of May. Yeah! May! I am slowing a bit. One more thing: I’ve been looking for a job since January this year and keep me in your prayers so that I bag a new one.

We are all, A to Z Champs and love you all..adios amigos..we’ll meet another time..another place:)







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

63 thoughts on “Reflection Blogging A to Z April Challenge

  1. I think that comparing our writing to others usually leaves us feeling that we are bad at writing. But one does tend to be biased against oneself. I think we learn it early on.
    I’m visiting from the A to Z list. Our team’s reflection post is at “a href=””>Crazy Town in Looney Land.

    1. Thanks ton Sadie. I agree with you on the first part but view it as self constructive criticism as I always believed that recognizing our limits always lead to growth..hehe! That so true and welcome here..I shall check ur blog soon:)

    1. Ananya, thanks a ton for ur kind words. I am a fan of ur writing and glad to connect with you. I shall follow the link and accept. You made my day and ur a champion and amazing bundle of talent.
      Wish u best for Mrs India Washington contest and u rock:)

  2. Dear V,

    What an honour that my blog be mentioned? Thank you. Just like you, I stumbled on the challenge somehow and signed up without weighing my options fully. I tried backing out twice but couldn’t trace my number and all. I was saved when we were adviced to keep it short and simple. I also opted to write on random thoughts and they took me far and wide hahaha. It was fun too and my highlights included making friends from India and getting a comment from Arlee himself. I sure will be in next year.
    CHeers to you

    1. It’s an awesome pleasure to connect with you Marie and I really enjoyed reading ur posts. It’s fun to go for the challenge and loved making friends across the blog.Me too! Next year, I may come up with a novella worth 26 chapters. Glad knowing u, Marie:) As I said, I am glad I didn’t back and what I would’ve missed!

  3. It was great that you didn’t give up…and once if we get into it , it’s like keeping the commitment for the sake of self esteem…isn’t it? The deadlines make us do all the tasks on time. It was lovely visiting your blog throughout the challenge……Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks ton and, m happy, I never gave up and its also for the joy of writing, challenging the self when we see so many doing same. Words of encouragement to the ones who are doing everything and keep writing. They shouldn’t lose the faith. Same feeling, Shelly and enjoyed ur posts ton:)

  4. Hi Vishal, thanks for the shout out, to me as well as to my team. You did a great job of the challenge, and I’m so glad you did not quit. 🙂

    1. All credit to u and u played an important role, unknowingly, and giving credit where it is due. Dunno how much to thank u, Damyanti.
      Btw, Ive already planned my theme for next year, 26 chapters for a novella:) Team Damyanti been a huge boost for me to stand with the whole A to Z-ers.

  5. Your posts were interesting and fun to read all month long. I enjoyed getting to know you better and smiling at your memories from A to Z. Congratulations on completing the challenge like the rock star you are! ♥

    1. Thank u Kathy. wow! Rockstar too big words for me and hope one day I become one. It’s a pleasure Kathy getting to know like minded people and so enjoy ur posts cum life:)

  6. Yes! It was an awesome challenge, and I loved meeting all the new wonderful people. I didn’t realize you hopped in on D day, but that’s awesome. I wouldn’t have made it through if my posts weren’t pre-written, so I’m totally awed by people who can manage the challenge day by day. Way inspiring.

    1. Thanks ton, Crystal and tried to writing and commenting. There were days I couldn’t write at all and played catch up. Yeah! It was taxing but such a challenge. Glad tor read you and enjoyed ur wonderful posts:)

  7. YAY for you Vishal! Well done – you took me on an unforgettable back-to-college- tour! Sooo enjoyed it! Thanks for your many kind and encouraging words along the way on my blog!! It meant a lot! I share some of your reflections – will also prepare better next time… being one. All the best to you friend!! 🙂

    1. Yayy!! Eli!!! Tankoo and soo enjoyed ur travel spree, free of cost. I enjoyed reading ur blog a lot and I mean, there are some things I could have done better. Don’t hesitate to share ideas what I could have done better or most of us, could have to make it work ten fold better:)

  8. Awesome reflection on this A to Z process and the challenges therein. I’m so glad I found your blog and look forward to visiting more in the near future.

    1. Thanks a ton, birdosan, for visiting and shall visit u soon. That’s the best thing bout the challenge, we meet some many awesome people we wouldn’t get the chance to meet in this life. I never knew that such a competition A to Z with people all over the world exist.

    1. Thank u so much, Roshni and I simply adore ur take on the challenge. You are a champion and learned so many amazing words as you conjured up ur posts with a bang:) Superb and I recommend anyone heart to read u and have some fun, gyaan and enjoy life:)

  9. Congratulations on completing (surviving?) the challenge! I admire anyone who can dedicate the time it takes to do an A to Z… I know I couldn’t do it- maybe half that, haha! I will keep you in my prayers as you search for a job. Best to you, Vishal!

      1. I am on a break, Baldeep and will start full swing today with Book Reviews, political satires..till Lok Sabha election end. I still remember I gotta write something on my struggle..hopefully post 15 will be able to send u:)

      2. I shall! I will! I mean, I am looking for new job but I made the life busy with my satire on Lok Sabha, reviving old short stories on blog and trying to work on a novel:)

      3. High time these WP people add a chat window here.Anyone listening!

        I have so much more to discuss with all of you than with my real life friends. 🙂

      4. I swear! That’s an important feature..wp chat window would make things so smooth. You know I feel I have more in common with my online friends and yest, I asked something, many online friends came up wid inputs which none of my existent pals came..have so much to tell and share with mates I’ve never met:)

  10. I am following up my pending task of reading these reflection posts! So first of all pardon me for skipping the latter posts!
    It was great that you wrote about your best days, the days your cherish most! I remember the ganjaa post very much 😛 Lol
    Glad you didn’t quit and Damayanti is amazing. I have read her blogs and I love her writings! It is good that she sort of pushed you into this challenge! Another amazing name is of Vidya Suri from where you located this challenge first- she is an insightful writer!
    Thanks to these wonderful bloggers that you participated and we could relate to many of your experiences!!! 🙂 Congratulations!

    1. Truly elixired! I am a huge fan of problem. Oh! Yeah! I was transported to the ganjaa wala tryst and so happy u enjoyed. I am happy, I didn’t quit or would never made super awesome friends like u. Damyanti and Vidya are super awesome writers. It was wonderful to meet so many super talented bloggers whom we read with such great delight:)

  11. Damyanti happens to be awesome – this I know. 🙂

    Glad to have visited your blog during the A to Z challenge, and thanks for visiting mine!

    It’s definitely a fun month, but exhausting and a bit crazy as well. 😉

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