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World Press Freedom Day: Don’t shoot the messenger

March 3, World Press Freedom is celebrated across the Globe. Having worked as a full time journalist for three years, I dedicate this post to all journalists who dare to thread where no one do to ensure information or news is presented in a fair and accurate manner. Journalism is all about passion and in today’s world, freedom of information is under threat with politicians and big business wield their power to hide information, necessary for survival of the media. Let’s celebrate World Press Freedom.

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As you read this, three Al-Jazeera journalists remain behind bars in Egypt, accused of false reporting and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. And figures have shown that at least 70 journalists were killed globally in 2013, with 28 dead in Syria. These brave reporters put their lives on the firing line to bring the news to the eyes of the world. 

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8 thoughts on “World Press Freedom Day: Don’t shoot the messenger

    1. Its so true when u have journalists covering war afflicted or natural calamity regions across the world.My heart also goes to Danielle Pearl who was kidnapped and eventually killed. Journos work in difficult and tough situations.

  1. So we share that profession Vishal 🙂 Very interesting read!! And moving. Thanks! A big salute to those who risk their life in unsafe areas around the world… and they are not just a few.. 😦

    1. WoW! U also a journo in Mumbai, Eli? Awesome yaa and just reblogged it. Now, I am not working, doing lil bit of freelance and may well take a break from journalism, looking elsewhere. It’s a tribute to journo who work relentlessly at the peril of their own life in many parts of the world. I am so glad to know u a journo and guess, we gotta lotsa catch up to do:)

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