Z for Zeitgeist: A to Z April Blogging Challenge

Z for Zeitgeist. ‘What an odd alphabet to write or delve on?’, you must be thinking. Has he gone mad or its simple a lack of initiative, creativity or blog fatigue? Hmm! I googled the Z word that kept popping in my head for some reason or another and stumbled upon a simple definition in English, ‘the spirit, attitude, or general outlook of a specific time or period, esp as it is reflected in literature, philosophy, etc.

How does Z for Zeitgeist fit in ‘college memories’? As simple as A for Apple, I try to make sense by linking Z for Zeitgeist in the college memories and, as I hark back, it makes perfect sense.  I feel like an oldie now, mulling, over those times, an epoch that was, not too far away as I passed out at Fergusson College, in 2006.

It was the last exam date on May 6, 2006 which I shall never forget. Relieved we were that we would be finally graduating in Arts but deep down inside the heart, there was sadness. Three best and most memorable years of life just flew out of the window out of thin air, the fun times, friends we made, crushes, girl friends, teachers and, of course, the Alma Mater.

It was six p.m as the bell ring to signal that its pack time for us, who in no time, will turn, into alumni and oldies of Fergusson College from a different epoch. We would, in no time be ‘has been’, the screeching bell, signal. It was our Economic Special IV Paper. As we walked in the campus, there was no hurry to go home or scamper our way out. Today was special and it just felt like the first day in College way back in 2003 monsoon. We hugged each other, exchanged Hi and reflected on three years spent together in the best college in Pune. After all, how can memories be erased? It pains the heart but that’s life for sure where we meet fellow travelers in this amazing journey.

Slowly, we walked our way to our college hang out, Savera, just over the road, crossing path with class and college mates, exchanging e-mail as we promised to stay connected and, perhaps, revive the college memories. A dear friend told us to join Orkut, the big thing at that time, to stay in touch for old times sake as groups for Fergusson College and Savera has been created.

Snippets of the conversation on last day

A: I am going to miss this fucking place where we spent three best years of my life and made awesome friends.

ME (trying to hold the tears): I swear man! I can never ever forget the college days. How I wish the times would come back.

We ordered coffee, lime water and snacks in Savera as our friends came to shake hands and we hugged each other tightly. We were speaking in the loudest voice and everyone could heart each other as conversation hit exam papers, college and Savera.

In the evening, I took a walk on FC Road with a heavy heart and trying to make sense as tears rolled down the cheek, I met Jadhav Sir our English teacher and we spoke about exams and college. I told him, ‘Sir, I’ll miss college.’ He comforted me, ‘You can never remove a Fergussonian from Fergusson and the priceless college memories will always remain in your vein, heart and soul. It can never disintegrate from the body.’

During the evening, We went to Adi’s home for dinner and I absolutely love the amazing and tasty Maharashtrian food made by aunty, meaning, his Mom. We got late at his place and we  were supposed to booze. All wine shops closed down and after, driving on the bike for an hour, we zeroed to buy from a hotel, half bottle of Vodka, that we drank to heaven. On the next day, we felt a weird sensation in the stomach, owing to the quality of Vodka, that seemed to be bad and mixed with water. The stomach churned as if it’s in war zone and after gulping lime water and Mosambi juice at Savera, I felt better.

Three years spent in College where a senior I looked up to, Siddharth, gave me pep talk when I was stuck in the dump and this man, whom I call a magician, through the sheer power of words to lift me high to soar in the sky. Or, the crushes! The one I fell in love head over heels as I proposed to her through sms with the 1,4, 3 as we became friends and would look up to the day when I would meet her in college or the wonderful-cum-crazy times with Adi, Aleem, Koks, Chanda and the rest of the gang. The times we sat outside college discussing about the greatest ideas to change the world and questioning the belief system society is made of. Yeah! We were rebels with or without a cause, shared our dreams about life and what we wanna become, the next Dhirubhai Ambani or taking ‘Bollywood’ by storm. I wanted to become a film actor and director during the days where we pitched great ideas that would give Bill Gates a complex. It was the time of intellectual debate over sexuality, religion and ethics in our Philosophy class. We were naughty among friends, constantly pulling each others’ pants..oops! legs.

As I look back, I realize that good days come to an end and it feels like yesterday only we were in college. It took me a long time to get over college days and must say more than three years as I was stuck in memories, wishing, Those Days would come back. Ah! Those were the days! I feel like an oldie now, discussing spirit and attitudes of ‘that time’. Whatta Zeitgeist post! You see, Z for Zeitgeist makes perfect sense on the last day of the challenge. Now, this song makes perfect sense! Dedicated to all of you.


Uff! Finally the challenge ends and I can call myself a champion of sort as I reach the end of A to Z April Blogging Challenge. Yay! I’ve done it, finally! What a finish line. Man! I shall take a break from tomorrow but shall check comments morrow. It just feels like the last day of exams. No blogging for a week or ten days. I deserve the break, we deserve the break. We’ve met so many wonderful souls during this month of April and let’s connect on Gmail, FB or Twitter. You can find me on FB as I have this name, Vishal Bheeroo.



The post is part of ‘Blogging from A to Z April Challenge’ under the theme ‘College Memories.’ Today is last and final Day 26 and I am writing Z for Zeitgeist.

With Love




  1. I am quite fond of this word, actually and I like that you chose this. I like it because of what it means – spirit of the time – and also because of the sound of it.
    A fun read as always, and congratulations for finishing the challenge, Vishal! You have done it!

    • The story bout my Z for Zeitgeist was I was thinking what to write for Z. Somehow, the word was popping in my head for quite some time, googled the proper meaning and was like why not align it with college memories. I quite like the word. Thanks ton and hope ive done justice:) Congrats to you too for the wonderful posts full of light and wisdom. Uff! A to Z seems like end of exams after slogging for one month..hehe

    • Thanks a ton, Vinodini. I had to dug treasures buried from college days. Thanks ton and congrats..Now I’ll go back to reading stuffs, lotsa pending print and ebooks, work on my pending rom-com novel. A pleasure connecting with you and lets connect on Google/fb whichever woks for you. FC were the best days of my life. Enjoyed reading ur blog:)

  2. I appreciate the fact that you shared the poignant feelings we all have when making a transition, such as moving on from college, where so many deep friendships are developed. Nice way to end the challenge. I, like you will, be taking a little break from blogging. At least, I hope so–this has been fun but also exhausting!

  3. And I was thinking you have a connection with German language. What a lovely word to end your challenge with! In German zeit means time and geist means ghost or spirit!!!
    I hope your college friends are reading this and living that life again. I had lovlier days during school and after my bacholars (in all courses I did)! My grad was a boring affair. The way you have depicted your old days here clearly shows ur deep emotions attached to them. Congratulations for completing the challenge. Yay moment ! Hi-five!!!

  4. I can relate to all your posts. This one reminded me of my last day at school-10 std passing out day from a residential school. We literally wept holding each other…College memories are a possible candidate for me if i decide to take part in next year’s challenge….Thanks for sharing your Fergusson days…

  5. Wow! Vishal! A great stroll down memory lane – could totally relate to your description of the last day of college …. You tell it so well … And big YAY to you for completing the challenge with humor and style – it has been great fun following your college day memoirs:-) I’m in for a blog-break too:-)

  6. You wrote nicely with nostalgia about your college days. Everyone has some memories of good or bad times in college, but always remember them with fondness after graduating. Congratulations to you for surviving the challenge. Well done Vishal!

  7. That’s why it’s said…collect memories, not things….and if they are the college memories then they mean to be extra special…liked your zeitgeist of your college days…
    Congrats Vishal…on the completion of the challenge….Best Wishes

  8. You certainly have lovely memories from your college days and I loved reading about them all month. Like you, I am happy and relieved to have completed the challenge and like you, I am determined to take a break from this blogging business. My husband came home yesterday and will be here through the 6th. I will also be celebrating another birthday during that time period, so plenty of reasons to take a break and chill after this marathon of writing and commenting. You are a champion! While this challenge seemed grueling at times, it sure is one hell of an accomplishment and feather in the cap when it is over! ♥

  9. Lovely memories, thanks for sharing, you took me to my college days and brought in some special memories of my friends, the song was too good. enjoyed reading your post, and enjoy the break ! congrats for having completing the challenge …

  10. Just landed here! Sorry haven’t been able to follow up on you this challenge! Plan to read up the remaining later too! Congrats by the way on completing the challenge!

    College memories! DOn’t we all have good ones and bad? I remember my last days as well…everytime we meet up now we end up reminiscing the good ol’ days!

  11. Hi, I dropped in from asliverofmoonbeam.blogspot.com, so thrilled to learn you studied in Fergusson. I was across the hill in Symbi! Reading the rest of your college memories, great stuff here.

  12. Zeitgeist was the name of our Farewell function.🙂 Your post opened my floodgates of memories … college years were indeed the best🙂 I loved how lovingly you looked back and remember all those moments.

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