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Book Review: Myriad Hues is a real gem that will caress heart and soul

myriad hues

Book Review

Myriad Hues is a journey, a real gem that will caress your heart and soul

Rating: Four Stars

Genre: Poetry

Author: Rachna Gupta

Release Date: March 7

Pages: 68

Publisher: Partridge Publishing (Author Solution)

Price: 250

What’s poetry if it doesn’t touch your sensitive skin, read, thought, heart and soul? The expression of inter-woven words and outpouring of emotions where silence of meandering minds is not an option as we delve on small joys, unrequited love, plight faced by women, poverty, conversation with God, innocence and wandering soul.

The Book, Myriad Hues by Pune-based Rachna Gupta weaves a collection of poems based on her observation about life, living and non-living entities as she delves on the fallacy, tribulations and joy that is showered in the surrounding. Like the legerdemain bearing the imprint of a magician, Gupta conjures tricks with thoughts weaved in a fashion that will touch your heart and even non-believers in love, God or existence will not be left unmoved. The book goads spasm of tears in your eyes as you will question the unfairness of a life where human existence may be a bane and where poverty is not a crime in a society where affluence and pessimism concatenate as two sides of the same coin. The collection of poems will haunt you in your sleep as you will have no choice but to reflect on the thing called life and what it takes to evolve in society.

The author combines the beauty of human life with tragedy where she concurs that poverty can never admonish priceless joy that culminates with the birth of a child and what it takes is a small smile or gently act to bring joy to an innocent soul. I would love to quote from ‘One Cold Winter’ where a small gesture can bind hearts together:

Suddenly I hear a loud scream…. screams increase in intensity

…..a little girl emerges,

She then begins talking and tells me about her new sister.

She seems happy, but in a strange sort of way.

I turn around again and feel something or someone tug at my multicolored pashmina shawl.

I take it off and wrap it around the frail, cold child.

I can hear muted voices from the house and soon her laughter fills the little home.

I know what I gave them was nothing; but I also know that that night they would all share that blanket – even if it covered only a part of their bodies!

Author Rachna Gupta.
Author Rachna Gupta.

One Cold Winter is one poem that gently caresses the soul as Rachna Gupta takes us to a world surrounded by innocent hearts, unaware of the ruthless world where wealth rules. One Cold Winter is a world introduces children as the elder sister grows in maturity, provoked by poverty, as our heart sink for the baby born in the humble surrounding. The poem about human life will remain with us forever.

This is one among many. Rachna Gupta takes us to the world of an embryo longing for love as tears wells down the cheek thinking of women who are still considered second class citizens who has no say in the patriarchal existence. In the poem, ‘The Mistake’, the author tells the tale of a moving and unborn child, pleading to live and love. The author takes us to another journey in ‘The Revenge’ where she plays a tribute to every daughter in the world whose souls are destroyed by the heinous thought called rape. The poem will not touch but jar your soul as you reflect on the plight of innocent women as one, is tempted to ask, whether hanging of rapists is closure. Rachna Gupta leaves the question open to her readers’ interpretation.

Rachna Gupta takes you on a journey about human identity, bleeding of the heart when one is separated from the home land and unconditional love, among many facets of existence. As a lover of beautiful and exquisite poetry, you cannot afford to ignore this gem called ‘Myriad Hues’ that will remain with you forever. The only complain that I have against the author is that the book could have been longer than the odd-68 pages as the reader is transported in the world of Rachna Gupta and don’t want to get back to leave this universe. Hope the author will come up with a second edition to ‘Myriad Hues’ very soon.

The author, Rachna Gupta, can be contacted on and you can click on the link for more information on



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12 thoughts on “Book Review: Myriad Hues is a real gem that will caress heart and soul

  1. your post about a book is so good. You mentioned almost everything about a book who a reader is looking for. I will follow the same pattern for writing about the books I read.

  2. i am so proud of you rachna. you are a wonderful person and a beautiful writer. your poems touched my heart and had a great time reading them. i could feel your emotions and best wishes for your life.

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