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A to Z April Challenge: X for Xerox

Xerox shops down the road can never whine that their days are boring and miser. At least, not with lazy college students like us, we Fergussonians, who never move our butts to class and like, night owls, we resurface on the eve of exams as one hand will be raised to shudder the responsibility of xeroxing notes ย for the whole class.

Rupees are collected per head in the campus as we dash down the road at Jalaram Xerox on Fergusson College (FC) Road to get the Xerox done and back to college or at Savera to distribute the notes as, for once, you feel like an army general, with men and women making a bee line as you distribute the ammunition to fight the war. It’s War Zone in a month and all instruction to upstage the foe called exams are diligently written on Zerox notes carefully by our lecturers. Philosophy, Economics and Sociology..You name it, you get it! Trust me! There is no dearth of demand for notes..the cinema hungry who wanna make it big in ‘B-town’, the one who regularly skips lectures to be with the boy friend or souls like me nicely sitting in savera for some time pass..lectures! What’s that? An alien concept..we will get the notes, why worry? Whether catching the senior scoring high marks, the most entrepreneurial and studious one who get the notes first, the only hard work is to do the run around at the Xerox shop down the road.

Xerox money are collected in two ways. First, if you happen to be quite rich for the day, you offer to Xerox the notes for the whole group or class as you can afford the luxury to be paid latter as your class mates pay you by looking for chillar that makes your jeans pocket heavy and secondly, ask for the money in advance. Xerox notes are quite a story to tell, sms the ones with the notes in the middle of the night and any time is good time, past midnight or three a.m to be sure to meet the guy or girl at college early morning with the notes. Like we say, doing ‘Jhol’ for us! Xerox notes bears a certain character since a number, read amount is scribbled on all copies as if its the Reserve Bank of India , 4.5 bucks, 12 bucks or 5o..whatever it may be, the Xerox ‘bhaiya’ for some reason always write it as if it’s some brand name that will ensure that we don’t flunk. See! Either ways! We make lotsa effort to pass exams and the money value reminds us of the value our education holds.

How can college memories be ever complete without ‘Xerox-ing of notes that we spend doing at the nearby shop the month before the exams? It’s like some practice that we love doing before exams that keeps us company as we mug our way to un-flunk ourselves. The fun days of college can never be complete without us happily pestering each other or happily distributing notes. Its our bread-and-butter after all and pumping of oxygen for human survival. How can anyone pass the exams without xeroxing notes? If you ever happen to find such a rare specie, please ask which planet the person belongs to.

As I look back at the past, it feels as if it was just yesterday that we were running crazy on exams eve, Xeroxing notes to ‘Ratta Mar’ for our much dreaded examinations. It was such fun, running around to Jalram Xerox to get our stuffs done as the shop walla made a killing on the market at our own expense.

The post is written as part of the ‘Blogging from A to Z April Challenge’ under the theme ‘College Memories.’ Today is Day 24 and X for Xerox, bringing back the good ole’ days. Uff!! Can’t believe that I have reached letter X and blog tiredness creeping in now.



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34 thoughts on “A to Z April Challenge: X for Xerox

    1. Thanks a ton, Damyanyi. It seems like we are from another era as students receive digital notes that they read on the Ipad. A friend narrated to me the encounter with two South Mumbai girls in the local train with Ipad, video conferencing with teachers. Xerox is paradise on earth and such joy:)

  1. “ratta” was never one of my specialties- that is why i never scored much in my undergraduate studies. Lucky that my college professors preferred short, precise writing over huge pages of writing.

    1. hehe! Lucky u as u were saved the task of going through the whole year programme in three weeks..hehe BA students do ‘ratta’, earlier, didnt score itna but the moment I learned the ratta skills, nothing would stop me and in other words, I call it, ‘Bullshitting’ in exam scripts:)

  2. Interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ How neatly u explained the craze during exams, the cost for photocopies and the mad rush for them !
    we did the same too and today my X is also the xerox machine though a fictional story !
    Loved this real episode more

    good luck

  3. Another post dealing with the realities of college life. These are so very true. Sometimes a complete book was also the article to be Xeroxed- violating the copyrights laws :-(… Another account of beautiful college days bringing back flood of different memories…

    1. I swear. You make me remember the huge Philosophy book that we would xerox or parts it…the ones borrowed at BCL….hehe..infringing copy rights:) Thanks a ton for the warm words of appreciation:)

  4. Ha ha ha – well described Vishal -very alive! Feel I was right there with you on that crazy pre-exam period … I always used to say ” I always read best under pressure” – Who was I fooling?! ๐Ÿ˜› Fun years!!

    1. I am so happy you were felt that u were right there as ma class mate..well if the blog is one big classroom, we are class mates..I know! It’s crazy those exams days…hehe were u fooling some1? lolz we read best during the fun years:)

  5. WOW, I never thought I xeroxing notes for others. HA HA HA. Here I was hand writing all of mine, then re- writing them before exams to further lodge the material in my head. It worked for me thought. I had a 4.0 in college. Loved your descriptions and had to giggle at the chaos you described.

    1. Oh! Kathy! U were such a good student writing everything, though I’ve done that as well from the Xerox so that it remains stuck in the head..that was my exams strategy jot the xerox notes four to five times n get the result. hehe! But we were not doing such hard work like u did coz getting the xerox done was

  6. Ooooh! Such a detailed write up on xerox and we all beings belonging to that era can connect to this! Holding xerox papers in our hands, saved by the horror of copying notes was such a relief!

  7. Oh, Xeroxing notes was not popular during our college times. That makes me so ancient ๐Ÿ˜€ We used to burn the mid night oil and WRITE notes in our big fat registers!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. hehe Shilpa! We are in the same boat being oldies coz six years back, was surviving on Xerox notes..yeps! burning the midnight oil trying to remember and grasp key concepts. I guess, Shilpa, certain things never change:)

    1. I know n happy many could revive the memories..nwo dunt tell me that the new tech bug has bitten that much not to find too many xerox machines and printers..guess we have become ancient:)

  8. totally!! what would college life be without those tons of xerox notes!! brought back a lot of memories!

  9. Yes! No student can say they have never taken the services of Xerox.
    Enjoyed reading your take on this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. hahaha I remember guys used to copy my whole notes copy just before examination ๐Ÿ˜› We too used to give money to one person, he would get it xerox and then distribute ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I swear and would always do that copy whole note book of. Frenz at the last minute to grab teachers noted. How I forgot bout it..n thanks for refreshing the memory plus the xerox. Priceless memories na?

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