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W for wallstreet

Wallstreet tee
Wallstreet tee

Today is Day 23 of Letter W. This post W for Wallstreet is written as part of ‘Blogging from A to Z April Challenge’ under the theme ‘College Memories. Wallstreet is the inter-collegiate festival of the Economics Department at Fergusson College where we, budding economists, get out of the boring lectures to be pro-active all over the place, campus, visiting other colleges to let them know about the fest. We lived up to Wallstreet tagline, ‘For those who know about the Economy and For those who don’t care..’

Volunteer's Badge
Volunteer’s Badge

One snippet that I need to share is days before the fest kick start, four of us visited Symbiosis College  to stick posters and generate buzz about Wallstreet and we visited Symbiosis College, three kms aware from our alma mater. We started distributing pamphlets to students when a staff member stopped us coz we didn’t seek permission. Popat! Not even allowed to put posters. Then, some girls told us to enter the class which they bunked and speak to the students since their teachers is not in. The four of us dashed inside the classroom and started doing lecture-giri on why they should come to FC and participate in Wallstreet. We also clicked pictures and were having fun with students when the lecturer entered the class..A, one of our Publicity volunteer yelled, ‘Bhago’ (Run away) and all of us escaped under the nose of the lecturer.

I participated in Wallstreet as Publicity and Assistance for two consecutive years in Jnauary 2005 and 2006. I penned a poem on Wallstreet and hope you will like it. Phew! Finally, three more days remaining for A to Z to end and have sailed through so far. Leaving you with some pictures as well.

Have fun




Heated Economics debate and discussions outside the comfort of the classroom and away from lecturers,

they chucked their academic mantle to exalt an Economic culture in the campus.

It’s Wallstreet, Economics department festival.

Discussions and out-of-the-box debates takes a fun twist this January.

Ship wreck, stock investment played like a chunk of reality;

Volunteers sweating in the scorching heat for two days,

proudly wearing red colored badge and white shirt to ensure participants have a smooth and easy ride.

New friendship made as we bonded over Wallstreet.

‘Wallstreet’, a big name that scares those from non economic background,

nah! It’s not rocket science or hardcore Economics,

just the name of our college fest.

Tables, banners and bevy of volunteers inside the campus.

The days lecturers proudly sit or watch us from a distance.

Certificates as Volunteer
Certificates as Volunteer

Our teachers’ day off as we lead the pack.

It’s our festival that we tell the world,

come and join us at Wallstreet, the ultimate destination for Economics at Fergusson College.

See, how we do it, just sit and watch.

Scampering our way in classrooms converted into the world of economic exchange and running around the campus,

we wore a tired look yet we never stop smiling.

It’s a moment of pride for us, Fergussonians.

What it takes for us to rejuvenate or beam with joy,

is droplets of water, sipping coffee or lime juice and munching some snack at Savera,

down the road.

We are back at our usual self, ever smiling among the huge crowd swarming the way to dabble with Economics.

Wallstreet is wrapped up at six on Sunday.

See! Even on Sunday we work hard to make it a fun day.

Volunteers meet for the last meeting as we shout in chorus, ‘Wallstreet.’

It’s fun as the heads and our lecturers indulge in fun and laugh with us.

The Kodak moment click as hundreds volunteers come together for a family picture,

promising to make it even bigger and better, next year.

‘Wallstreet,’ we yelled like crazy.



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36 thoughts on “W for wallstreet

    1. You said it, Shilpa. when u are part of the organization it gets more fun with the anxiety, running around, pranks and, of course the blast. College funs are the best, no matter which gen we are in:)

  1. It would have been great fun….indeed!
    These college fests brings best ways of experiential learning as well as provides exposure to the participants….for sure

  2. What a cool name for the economics fest….yes, college fests are always fun…and you get to meet lost of people if you are in charge of publicity, sponsorships, revenue etc. I still do for our Durga Puja :-). Thanks for this nice post.

    1. It is Jayanta and u so right, such celebrations gives us a lot in terms of networking and exposure. Glad to know that you are socially very active in terms of community building:)

    1. Me too! I am a zero in Finance for the same reasons though I managed to do my BA with Economics as special. Nowadays, my interest in the money studies has downed and gone to the dumps:)

  3. Hey Vishal, my younger brother is also doing his masters in Economics. It is interesting to see him taking part in various events. I liked the quote on t-shirt! To me it looks like ‘BULL’ with Sherkhan’s face :)) Is it?
    Thats a wonderful poem! Did you use it during wallstreet events?

    1. It’s awesum such college fest and even the ones organized by other departments in college are totally awesome. I remember visiting Mood-I by IIT and its one fest that surprised me..organization skills, branded ads something that must have reached minimum 10 lakhs..simply superb..yeah@ Sharekhan na and how I gorgot bout it..glad y refreshed ma memory, Shesha.
      Nopes! Never used it during wallstreet coz I was the diffident one and was soo bad at poetry. Thanks for such warm words:)

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