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A to Z Challenge: V for Vaishali adventure

The post V for Vaishali is written as part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge under the theme, ‘College Memories.’


Vaishali adventure

It’s Shilpa’s birthday and she surprised us with a heart warming treat at Vaishali. We were so excited since our first stop is just across the college gate at Savera and, many of us, lazy bums, would not move our asses to Vaishali, which is hardly three minutes walk from college.

It’s past noon and we dash out of the last and boring lecture of the day, Sociology as we look for each other inside the campus. There are five of us, birthday girl Shilpa, Divya, Kavya, Yash, Amruta and me. People always teased our group when Yash is not around that I am the only guy in this gang of girls. We walked our way in the scorching sun and laugh the loudest at the face of the most stupid jokes in the group and the lame joke I make.

It’s past noon. We are made to stand outside as we look at the busy FC Road since Vaishali is crowded like hell, the waiters scampering their way to serve hot dishes, Masala Dosa and mouth-watering Puris as the frenetic crowd goes berserk to steal a table. Vaishali is divided into three compartments, outside view that I love the most, the cozy restaurant inside and the garden view, all jam-packed like the local train. Patience is wearing thin on us and budday girl Shilpa is grinning amusingly. We waited for an hour and finally we walked inside, scouting on patrons who are almost done with lunch and we gently approach their table to signal them, Time up, uncle and aunties.

Image downloaded at Google India
Image downloaded at Google India

What a feat! We got a nice table in the Garden as we are served hot Masala Dosa on the table. I get up and the gang ask where I am going. I smile, “Washing my hands. Shilpa teases me, “You are just like my Dad, cleanliness obsessed.” As I get back, I saw a svelte and tall figure looming large and my heart is beating frantically. I pluck up my courage and gives her a gentle pat on her shoulder. Kritika smiles back, “Heyyyyyy! wots up?” Oh! Somebody please kill me and for how long she will break my heart. We shook hands and I held her beautiful hand a bit longer like Munnabhai MBBS. The gang is looking at me. We chatted for a while and I shower her with compliments, how beautiful she looks. I feel like Uday Chopra in Dhoom: 1, yeah right! ‘Oh! Mummy’. Kritikka, the model in college who is swooned over by guys, is serenaded by some random male, Kabbab mein Haddi. The gang ask, “She is Kritikka, right. We dunno why you guys are after her and she is always paint the town red in the company of guys.” I feel some jealousy among the girls and I protest, “Theek hai! What’s wrong if my cute Kritikka goes for coffee or lunch dates with guys.” They shout in unison, “Aha!”

The sumptuous lunch is done at Vaishali, bitching about people in college, our lecturers and Shilpa birthday treat and the latter make us reveal our birth date and to treat her. Our Vaishali adventure culminates with a hot cuppa tea served and we make way out, thanking Shilpa, for the wonderful lunch treat.

PS: Vaishali adventure is close to reality and the names has been changed but ย bear an uncanny but true resemblance to the original names . I etched V for Vaishali in the form of a fictitious story but, let me assure you, the adventure is real on the birthday treat. Hope you have fun reading. Yeah K’S name has been changed to Kritikka and she is the same one I gave the Red Rose in college in front of the boy friend:)

With Love




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26 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: V for Vaishali adventure

  1. I have visited Vaishali a few times. Excellent food, lovely atmosphere! The only problem is it is always crowded, especially in the evenings. There is another popular place called Roopali nearby. Is there any connection between the two?

    1. Its a lovely atmosphere to sit and eat, although the crowd can bog u down and it can be a bit unsettling start mein. Also love Roopali that serves awesome Puri bhaji:) Dunt think they are related and I love both places, now that Savera is closed.

  2. I’ve been there once & waited for one & half hour for our turn…!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I didn’t meet any chick, but met an old lady who asked me when I’ll take their order… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ก

    1. Haha! Don’t tell me the lady took u for a waiter just coz u stood there for one hour plus ..that’s epic! I didn’t meet some stranger chic also but K was a classmate..I never speak to random chic in a public space coz m too scared to that..hehe

    1. You should visit India n there are so many simple, small places where you can sit..a kinda garden restaurant..I mean there are some high five cafes but nothing beats the ‘Udipi’ resto or sipping tea on the streets:)

  3. Ah! Vaishali! Can’t believe how the years have gone by but looks like it’s still the hangout of Fergussonians. Some things never change (except probably the prices). This post has made me nostalgic for days gone by. Maybe when I visit Pune this year I’ll take my kids to Vaishali for old times sake.

    1. Hi Subrooto, I passed out in 2006 and for our gen, it was Savera opposite college gate which was like a second home to us. But, in college my best friend told me ki former Fergussonian gen had Vaishali as their hang out..glad to hear from u..our Vaishali outing was once in a while or sometimes in d eve..May be with Savera closing, Vaishali may be back as FCs hang out spot. You should bring your kids at Vaishali and tell them bout your college days. M so glad you commented.

  4. I can relate well with your story on account of my own college experiences…:)
    The fun which was created there was exciting….and your rose girl…Overall it was fun…truly

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