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U for University/University Road Pune

Today is Day 21 and I am writing on alphabet U for University/University Road under the theme, ‘College Memories. The post is written as part of Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.


University of Pune, the old and state-of-the-art building where Amir Khan’s Mangal Pandey was extensively shot which made it a truly ‘Bollywood’ affair. Pune, a city labelled as ‘Oxford of the East’ for its huge student population, I made it my home as an under grad student for three magical years. I love strolling during the night at the University to seek inner peace and serenity, as the tranquil trees bestow a certain calm on the soul soul and soothes the nerves.

Google India


in University is one place bustling with activities during the day and love having Sheera and teathe open space canteen, frequented by MA students, teachers and visitors. There are days when the mood is on to just hail the rickshaw and hop straight to Pune University for a heart felt lunch or gulp the awesome tea or Sheera at the canteen, opposite the Psychology department. Mind you! The canteen serves one of the best Sheera in town and the sweet dish is my favorite, any day.

I love the solo walk at the campus in the afternoons and nights where I am surrounded by the friends we call trees or sitting by the lake where I am with myself and talk to the inner self. It is a rejuvenating experience sitting at the University, surrounded by lush greenery, flower and Banyan trees as well as breathing fresh air.

Image downloaded at Google India.
Image downloaded at Google India.

Riding on bike at the University Road at night is a thrilling experience that one must experience once in a life time. I would always always make it a point to drive my Kinetic Scooter past the busy street at Chaturshringi Temple, end of Senapati Bapat (SB) Road where one can spot the very popular food joint, teeming with people, hunting for Chinese food and South Indian dishes, off Bank of Baroda. Cherry on the cake, University Road leads to Aundh Road and Pashan, two of my favorite hang outs. I love the bike rides and once, you off University Road, converging  to Pashan and Aundh which is smooth ride.

During the last year in college, I stayed at Sus Road, Pashan and, at that time, traffic was very less and not as crazy as it is those days. I enjoyed the drive from Pashan to University Road, which you could reach in less than 10 minutes. A peaceful ride, to and fro, as one is surrounded by trees and flowers, makes it a romantic affair and soothes the atmosphere. Once, you reach college, the drive makes you rejuvenated and unlimited energy to unleash during the day.





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28 thoughts on “U for University/University Road Pune

    1. I swear undergrads were the best days of life. I remember during the last months, I told a friend I will miss the place terribly. He joked, don’t take the exams and ull get another year to stay..hehe. It’s a universal feeling that many find echo. Marie:)

    1. Hey Jayanta, thanks for liking it. That’s inter bout ur college and the roads connection. That’s the best thing bout India despite the chaos..hehe. You should write bout it:)

  1. You have a lot of memories associated with this University Road!! Have been to Pune a couple of times, but they were those quick official meets… with airport to hotel and back!

  2. Ah – those were the days! Nice to learn also about the university in Pune! And thanks for taking us along on those afternoon walks – and on nightly bike-rides! very enjoyable:-)

    1. Thanks ton, Eli and hope next time we get to see Pune through your lenses on the blog. You should take a trip-ride the bike, take long walks and enjoy serenity in the city. Nowadays, I’m told Pune has become an extension of Mumbai:)

  3. The Uni of Pune is a beautiful building. Thanks for sharing your years there with us. Have been to Pune a few times a long time ago but never explored the streets.

    1. I used to enjoy taking long walks in the company of birds and trees at both the university and Fergusson College during the evening. Isn’t it a lovely city, Suzy? It’s a home away from home and next time, hope u get to walk the streets, though heard the city changed drastically.

  4. Thanks Vishal for sharing your memories. Photographs of the college are majestic. I also became nostalgic. Reminded of my college, DAV college, Dehra Dun.

    1. It’s a pleasure Ma’am to share and though pictures are from Google since I don’t have any personal pictures. I would love to read your experience in DAV.
      Ma’am I have a small request, do read my take on alphabet T.

  5. it is actually a bit funny, whenever my husband and I travel to some city we generally like to visit the university area there if there is one….we both feel the university environment gives such a good feel of the whole town/place. Thanks for giving me a peek into the Univ of Pune…you know I will be visiting there whenver i visit Pune 🙂

    1. I love walking near Universities and enjoy the breath of fresh air made possible by trees and flowers. U should visit Pune University and also Mumbai university, both campuses at Kalina and Fort:)

    1. Thanks a ton. Lobe the way you made the comment so poetic and means a lot to me. I tried to build an image of things as it unfolded and dug deep into the memories of college. I am grateful:)

    1. Ive been to Univ as a student but its another thing I never completed hehe at Mumbai…though I enjoyed walking there at Pune even when I was not a student..hehe

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