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A to Z April Challenge: S for Savera


This post is written as part of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge under the theme, ‘College Memories’ and today is Day 21 where I am writing on letter S for Savera, one of my favorite hang out, read college hang out, in Pune. Hope you enjoy the post.

The place where we made memories and bond strengthened over countless cups of chai and coffees, Pakodas, Masal Dosa and Utthapas. Savera our college hang out, opposite Fergusson College gate where the whole crowd would zoom their way by crossing the busy FC Road.  After all, Savera was our college canteen where we made new friends, strengthen the bond with old ones, had crush and fell in love. Yeah! We gossiped in Savera as our extended family, the Annas  took care us by serving us hot plates and coffee during the day.

Five years spent in Savera as we laughed madly, gossiped! yeah right, stayed throughout the day and night as our excuse we shared  three cups of tea and coffee into six empty cups that we ordered so that we can sit for the whole day. In this day and age of social networking, Savera was the place for Fergussonians as well as non Fergussions to bond and meet our seniors who passed out 5, 10 or 15 years back.  Savera was our hang out spot where social networking worked at its best with real conversation over freshly brewed filter coffee cups and not hiding behind the laptop to log on Facebook or Twitter.


There was not a day when we didn’t laugh at Savera, having soulful cum animated cum eventful conversations , pep talk where memories were carved and funny incidents witnessed.  It was the place we bonded with Annas (elder brothers) and every morning, my cuppa of coffee with sugar separately landed on my table. See! I didn’t need to ask for coffee and Anna knew what i drink in the morning to get me going. That’s pure love.  Yes! I studied at Savera for my BA exams and it was a place I couldn’t think of missing for anything in life.

Always full of life, boisterous, noisy with splinter of laughter, Savera stood tall as an institution of learning outside the classrooms. Then, one fine day Savera closed down. It was December 31, 2013 as we bid teary adieu to the place that became part of our existence. And, I thought the place where memories were buried would always stand tall. Goodbyes can be painful, especially, the ones that buried memories of a flawless and perfect life.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said,  What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” I’ve learned to be grateful for the joy and wonderful moments given to us by sitting in Savera throughout the day for three years plus two when I would come back to Pune from Mumbai.

Let’s focus on the good and aha moments of life, no matter how much good byes can be painful and hurt the innocent hurt. Hope one day, miracle strikes and Savera opens again to the great delight of its lovers and offer joy in abundance to the new generation of students in Pune and visitors to the city.

With Love





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18 thoughts on “A to Z April Challenge: S for Savera

  1. When I look back 20 years back, there was a similar place named Samrat and one guy named Bhagwan…It was a similar joint in a rustic and unstructured way…Now I see it is a renovated A/C restaurant.. Current students hop to other places in search of unbridled joy and happiness…


    1. Hey Jayanta, was Samrat in Pune and where? Oh cool!! We need more places like Savera and Samrat with cheap coffees and making for lengthy discussions in open spaces..I hope current gen enjoy simple places like that that makes memories:)

  2. Hey vish.. missed a couple of your posts.. will catch up soon… Savera – seems to be a nice place and our college hangouts were yummy and food tree!! 😀 😛

    1. Hey, Sri tension nakka and read whenever u have time. I know how A to Z bloggers are suffering from time shortage. I so miss Savera, the college hangout which is no more. U should write bout college hangouts and will be fun to read yours. I gotta catch up on the next episodes of ur addictive rom-com:)

  3. A hangout that gave you so many reasons to smile and laugh, bond and network… it is definitely a special place!

  4. Ah, how can I forget Savera and the memories I have with the place. I still can’t get over the fact that it stands there no more. 😦
    Yeah, lets hope it reopens sometime in the future and we get a chance to relive the delight.

    1. Savera was and remained my home. So many memories and the very thought is scary. Next time, I come to Pune dunno where to go. Hope they can work out something. See, we have so many memories buried in Savera. It just look like a distant dream now.

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