R for Rose Day

Today is letter R for the April A to Z Blogging challenge and I am writing on Alphabet R for Rose Day, under the theme ‘College Memories.’ Hope you like it as I take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the first Rose Day experience in the December at Fergusson College during the first year.

December 2003:


A beautiful rose kindle love and passion among lonely hearts;

Red Rose for love, Yellow Rose for friendship and white Rose for crush;

Roses available at the flower shops for five bucks;

It was the first Rose Day that I gonna experience and best that carved beautiful memories;

Red Rose tendered to this beautiful girl standing near the flower shop,

‘Happy Rose Day,’ I sheepishly muttered as the green-eyed stranger smiled.

I made her day.

No girl can get angry;

After all, it’s Rose Day in College;

Wearing suit and ties in the hot Pune Summer, I wonder what I am doing all dressed like a corporate on this beautiful, romantic day in College;

It’s Rose Day;

The girls look pretty and dignified as they are all decked up in beautiful, colorful Sarees bloom in the campus;

Rose Day is an opportunity for the Prince in Shining Armor to strike a conversation, hoping something special with the girl he never dare to speak;

Romantic escapades, declaration of love, innocent crushes and silly friendship,

it’s all scripted on Rose Day;

The flowers hidden inside the bag find the way to the heart of the rightful owners, the girls;

The start of innocent love stories weave magic on the hearts that long for courtship and love;

Rose Day is thy name as innocent glances and smiles are exchanged;

They make life long memories as we look back and mull over jealous hearts;

The courage to walk up to the Queen of Hearts and heart breaker and tender her a Red Rose in front of the boyfriend,

as she smiles to you several times;

You know you’ve won her heart for your daring act as she comes looking for you in college;

The hearts are longing for each other and the lips quiver at the sight of each other;

Magic weaved by Rose Day.

We said, ‘Happy Rose Day.’

With Love



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