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R for Rose Day

Today is letter R for the April A to Z Blogging challenge and I am writing on Alphabet R for Rose Day, under the theme ‘College Memories.’ Hope you like it as I take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the first Rose Day experience in the December at Fergusson College during the first year.

December 2003:


A beautiful rose kindle love and passion among lonely hearts;

Red Rose for love, Yellow Rose for friendship and white Rose for crush;

Roses available at the flower shops for five bucks;

It was the first Rose Day that I gonna experience and best that carved beautiful memories;

Red Rose tendered to this beautiful girl standing near the flower shop,

‘Happy Rose Day,’ I sheepishly muttered as the green-eyed stranger smiled.

I made her day.

No girl can get angry;

After all, it’s Rose Day in College;

Wearing suit and ties in the hot Pune Summer, I wonder what I am doing all dressed like a corporate on this beautiful, romantic day in College;

It’s Rose Day;

The girls look pretty and dignified as they are all decked up in beautiful, colorful Sarees bloom in the campus;

Rose Day is an opportunity for the Prince in Shining Armor to strike a conversation, hoping something special with the girl he never dare to speak;

Romantic escapades, declaration of love, innocent crushes and silly friendship,

it’s all scripted on Rose Day;

The flowers hidden inside the bag find the way to the heart of the rightful owners, the girls;

The start of innocent love stories weave magic on the hearts that long for courtship and love;

Rose Day is thy name as innocent glances and smiles are exchanged;

They make life long memories as we look back and mull over jealous hearts;

The courage to walk up to the Queen of Hearts and heart breaker and tender her a Red Rose in front of the boyfriend,

as she smiles to you several times;

You know you’ve won her heart for your daring act as she comes looking for you in college;

The hearts are longing for each other and the lips quiver at the sight of each other;

Magic weaved by Rose Day.

We said, ‘Happy Rose Day.’

With Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

40 thoughts on “R for Rose Day

  1. Aaaa – sweet memories and a beautiful hymn to a beautiful flower. And courageous u – for giving roses to her in front of boyfriend.. Wow, Vishal:-) πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for commenting and it’s a lovely to see everyone on a regular day dressed beautifully in saree, suits and ties. College can be fun with Roses. Wish everyday in life, be it school, college or work, be a Rose Day:)

      1. have given me a three day break from wp reading, have been writing though, piling up stuffs in the scheduled posts category πŸ™‚

        now it is time to read and relish.

        I wish such things happened in our colleges too, but colleges in west bengal are quite conservative (in smaller towns). They are sweet, are not they? if the boys and girls behave upto a limit.

        The only things that happened in our colleges out of curriculum was a regular dose of lectures from political student forums- hated them so much!

      2. It’s good at times to have WP break and Ive been out of the circuit coz of the A to Z blogging challenge. It’s refreshing isn’t it? We had Rose, Saree, Chocolate, Tie and Traditional Days. They were fun and we never crossed the limits and flirted in a healthy manner. The political forums can be boring but healthy if one knows how to maintain a fine balance, I feel:)

  2. Aha! Some lovely memories of a sweet and a lovely day at college! Giving a rose to a girl in front of her boyfriend is super brave πŸ˜€

    1. It was fun, Nibha and still recall that day..the glamor factor and like some Hindi film playing with guys dressed in ties and the girls in saree walking around. Like a dream when I look back:)

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