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P for Pens and Postcards

I am running late for the April A to Z Blogging challenge and accept my apologies. I am making amends and for now, it’s alphabet P for Pens and Post cards under the theme: ‘College Memories.’



Pens, of various colors and hues, gel, ballpoint unleashed its magic on the notebooks and answer sheets to the joy and delight of the college students. Pens, they make the college memories a love affair to remember as the brands, Celio Maxwriter, Butter Gel, Faber Castell and, of course, the dear old Parker lying in cozy comfort in the case after working tirelessly, day and night, to pour ink on paper.


As a young student, I became an avid collector of pens in bundle which I bought for 10 bucks in the stationery and my favorite remains till date the Celio Maxwriter. They made a special place in the pen case and throughout the year, I would buy at whim pens of different colors, Blue, Red, Black, Grey and its a fetish developed during the college days.

Pens are like my first love and, over the years, I got the habit of writing with three to four pens at one time during lectures. During exams, I made it a point to buy three to four pen since I cannot write for three hours with one single pen and after some time, I get bored filling the answer sheet with just one pen.  I remember, once in Philosphy class, there was this gal called Kavita who was asking to borrow a pen and tendered to her the pen box. I told her, I have lotsa pens and you choose. Must say, she laughed and took only one. Ah! The college memories where I collected pens like some mad, crazy guy and mind you, I still do it.  Faber-Castell pens remains another of my favorite and remember buying them for 30 bucks during revision time for examinations where I would summarize notes so that it would remain stuck in the grey cells, ready to blurt out, during exams.



What happened to the dear old and beautifully designed, hand written post cards that we would receive or send for birthdays or X-Mas? I have quite a collection of Post Cards that Mom and Dad as well as friends and relatives would diligently write with a pen wishing me Happy Wala Budday and Merry X-Mas. I jumped with joy when the postman delivered the post cards in the letter box and the post card is goodies that I waited with bated breath. The joy of carefully opening the sealed envelope and unfolding the post card to find your name scribbled, ‘With Love to Vishal, Mom and Dad’ or the neighbor putting a sticker, ‘Missing the good times.’

Collection of cards sent by Mom and Dad for Diwali and XMas, the miniature cute one sent by my neighbor.
Collection of cards sent by Mom and Dad for Diwali and XMas, the miniature cute one sent by my neighbor.

I cannot imagine the college days, without the adorable, cute and much loved, Post Cards, send with emotions by mail. I believe that distance make love grow leaps and bounds as we start missing our parents, friends and love ones as  the post cards sent with so much love brings smile and cheerz on the face. Or, walking all the way to Archies Gallery to select among the amazing cards to send to Mom and Dad on their birthday or New Year and to our college mates on their birthday or our much loved teachers on ‘Teachers’ Day’ or the parting one from the one girl I was in love so that we remain into each other’s hearts forever.  I absolutely love the cards on display at Archies which remained my favorite spot to pick hand written post cards. The place is paradise on earth. Move over the E-Cards, I still love picking hand written post cards to send across seas to family and friends since one pours feeling of love, emotions in the cards.

I shall leave you with few more from my collection.

Collection of Cards, first from right (Mom and Dad sent me) and second and third from left (The Archies wala I sent to Mom and Dad that the latter has carefully kept)
Collection of Cards, first from right (Mom and Dad sent me) and second and third from left (The Archies wala I sent to Mom and Dad that the latter has carefully kept)
The parting gift from the love of my life. Memories remain.
The parting gift from the love of my life. Memories remain.




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20 thoughts on “P for Pens and Postcards

  1. I am like you sharing the love for assorted pens and hand written post cards,inland letters and envelopes.Sadly these are on the way to extinction and along with that the writing instruments.My fondness for roller pens in violet,turquoise blue and even green still remains

    1. Glad we share similar passion for hand written post cards, letters, pens and, of course. envelopes. I so agree that the e-world is killing emotions and joy of writing..I tried with green and grey pens and hope the new generation is not deprived of such joy. Wishful thinking:) Thanks KP:)

  2. These always have such a warm place in our heart as they bring those emotions & love alive everytime we see them.
    Nicely shared, Vishal 🙂

      1. Yes Vishal.
        I recently had the experience when I was looking for “Memento” to write a Post for Arti’s contest. Then, I realized I’m so rich with these letters & cards & other such stuff in my locker! 🙂

  3. Your post has taken me down the memory lane. Suddenly I want to take out the bundle of old letters & cards that I have been preserving since many years.Every time I touch them , I relive every moment captured in it. Letters from my grandmother, cards from friends, Wishes from my relatives.All very personal & precious. Its a time machine that takes me straight to my childhood .Lovely memories.Well written post.Enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂

    1. hey Garima!! I have quite a few bundle of letters and greeting cards that is kept quite neatly, properly arranged. You so true and removed them aaj as memories flashed back and look like as if it was yesterday. They are so precious yet so personal, aptly said, ‘Time machine straight from childhood’ and feel like touching them. Thanks ton Garima:)

  4. Hi, This is the first time I am visiting this blog and am quite happy I did that. Like others, your post took me down the memory lane with the change that I still collect pens -they also include the ones received in conferences, meetings, at hotel rooms or at customer places.. I create some craft work along with my daughter with the beautiful colored pens of different shape, size and formations…Yes, the cards also had a special place during one stage of my life – btw, those were not from my parents though… Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    1. Welcome Jayanta. I love collecting Pens and still have the ones I got at hotels during conferences and never say no to the ones giving in meetings. Wow! Craftworks..that’s superbly awesome and perhaps, you could share on blogs. Cards are the best things that happened to me and have quite a few from friends and the ex. Pleasure is mine and thanks for the warm and kind words:)

  5. I love those handwritten postcards.. treasured memories… Still try to send some – Yup, been to Archies’s and love to surprise folks back in europe with colorful Bollywood cards like the one with Amitabh Bachchan wishing ” Happy birthday!”Ha ha – they’re so funny.

    1. Oh! WoW! I miss Archies and don’t temme u made family and friends believe Amitabh Bachchan wishing happy budday…hehe funny..loz Nothing beats hand written cards and they are ma treasure:)

  6. Ah, more stationery. Just the kind I adore. You put up more such posts and I will end up spending my month’s salary on knicks and knacks at the stationery shop. 😛

    1. I love stationery!! hehe..a disclaimer: Vishal bears no responsibility for Dilli gal Deboshree splurging her salary on stationery on shops. Still, Debo is allowed to follow her heart and splurge:)

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