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April A-Z Challenge: Q for Quake

March 14, 2005

Fergusson College Road, Pune:

The panic button is being hit and pounced on several times. After all, its mid March and we are three weeks away from SYBA exams. All hell are being broken lose as we are trying to catch up in less than three weeks to compensate for one year programe where the exams will seal our fate. After all, BA studies is like an extended vacation years where one chills around, regularly bunking classes to spend most of the time sipping countless cuppa coffees, movies, dating and being active in extra curriculum activities.

It was the usual, sunny Monday where they drank coffee, smoked and watched TV. He was watching an old Amitabh Bachchan movie Akayla on Zee TV and he was being pulled down by his flat mate cum best friend, Adi for being too filmy on the eve of exams as they laughted. The movie ended at 3 p.m on TV and they had a pact. Everyone went to their respective rooms to study till 5 p.m and they may meet at 6 for a coffee break.

He pulled on the ear-plug and put the walk man on the table as he started noting something on the Sudarshan pages. Music makes him study well and the volume was loud as he started writing with the Celio Maxwriter passionately. After lazy pangs in the morning and afternoon, he hit a passionate high, scribbling on the pages,  accompanied by Hindi songs played on Radio Mirchi.

He sensed a shadow behind his back and as he was putting off the ear phone, there were some whispers and all the flat mates broke into splinter of laughter. At first, he was confused, oblivious of what was happening and sensed a prank. Adi was sitting on his bed and laughing, “Asshole! You didn’t hear anything, kya?” He innocently asked, what happened. Adi was amused and said: ‘Dude, we got so scared and stormed out of the room to check on you. A quake just shook the whole building and tremor was felt in the whole of Pune. Except you who  engulfed to music and writing. Seriously. you never heard anything and your table didn’t shake off kya?”

He innocently said no, still thinking that some prank was being played on him. It’s later that he realized that a quake was felt throughout Pune and lotsa people were scared to death. Not him! He still wondered how the fuck he didn’t feel anything.


The guy who didn’t feel any quake was me and it did happen in Pune and I was caught oblivious of something that would have scared the shit out of me. The quake happened on 3.154 p.m in Pune on March 14, 2005 where several houses suffered cracks. Yet I didn’t feel anything. I am a phenomena, I tell you.

I am taking part in April A to Z Blogging challenge under the theme ‘College Memories’ and today’s post is for Day 19 and letter Q for Quake.

With Love





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12 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge: Q for Quake

  1. Oh wow Vishal – a quake went u by and u didn’t notice .. Ha ha … Pretty impressive. I can also relate to the hectic “get through a year-of-study -in three -weeks” …. feeeling. I used to say “I study best under pressure. heavy pressure. ” ya ya – who did we fool:-) ?Ha ha

  2. All throughout the post…I could think of only one thing…the old computer game Quake! Lol and wow was I surprised when I reached the end and saw the real thing…I guess it must have been something to miss something completely when you were right there!

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