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Oorja-Talent in its Element


September 2004, Fergusson College Pune:

Oorja-Talent In Its Element, three days of the biggest college festival was gonna to change my life and awesome lifelong memories to cherish for ever. It was my first ever participation in Fergusson College biggest fest in September and lil’ did I know that three special days would be the most special and memorable moments in my life. Yay! I still recall enlisting myself as a volunteer for Fine Arts when I saw on the notice board, ‘All Volunteers Meet’ at our venue, Kimaya where all cultural fest meetings are held.

The month of September 04′ was truly an affair to remember for us, Oorja Volunteers and Fergussonians,  runing from pillar to post, attending All Volunteers’ Meet and coordinating with each other for our biggest college fest that saw a mammoth crowd, from different colleges in the city, swarming to Fergusson College. The celebration kick started in the second week of July with the screenings of Farenheit 9/11 on Monday September 6 and No Man’s Land on Tuesday, September 7 in the midst of meetings at the Amphi Theater. In between, the volunteers meet hit a high as Oorja would be starting from Thursday 9 to Saturday 11. On the eve of the big fest, we had our All Volunteers Meet at Kimaya where the Cultural Secretary and senior in College, Bhakti briefed us and we were told to reach college, wearing traditional dress at 7 a.m.

My pride, Oorja Certificate as Fine Arts Volunteer during the first outing and means lot to me.
My pride, Oorja Certificate as Fine Arts Volunteer during the first outing and means lot to me.

In the afternoon, Fine Arts people stayed till midnight in college, putting the decorations in the Amphi Theater as some classmates were yelling to others for the lack of concentration. It was already heating up that day. Post that, I remember walking all the way from FC Road to Deccan where I took the bus to my house at Paud Road, Kothrud. The next day, I woke up to the lark to reach college early. After all, it was Day One and after receiving the volunteer badge that I wore proudly on the  Kurta Pyjamas, it was the time to work. Yeah! Right! The opening kick started at 9 a.m in the Amphi Theatre that we decorated last night, followed by Games at the circle where I found myself shouting ‘Zor Laga ke Haiya’ to attract the crowd-the juice drinking competition, dancing competition and so many activities buzzing in Fergusson College. I still remember the festive mood where volunteers were sitting at the table to guide participants. As usual, we had to meet at 5 p.m outside the Amphi Theatre for the briefing. Day Two and Three followed with folk, creative dance, music workshop and Jam that ended at 4 p.m.

Day Three was a day to be remembered in College.  It was the musical show and by noon, there was a huge crowd making a beeline to get inside the Amphi Theater. As volunteers, we had to ensure that chaos is avoided and it was quite a hard time for all volunteers to ensure that the crowd behave and order is maintained. It started raining heavily that day and there was some guys who wanted to push their way inside but we volunteers had to block the passage since our Amphi Theater was already full. The heads decided that the guys be shifted on the balcony while the girls will sit downstairs. I remember how my heart tanked when I had to turn down the super hot blue-eyed chick who wanted to get inside the jam packed hall. But, it was for her security. Yeah, I gave her a compliment that made her smile. The three days festival culminated with the musical extravaganza that rocked our college.

As I look back, I reminisce how I was this shy guy who opened up during Oorja, made loads of friends, oodles of fun and, of course, the crushes. and gals. There was this super hot, curly girl, our college Senior R from the Assistance Team, on whom I had a very hot crush on. Years has passed, I am smiling on the three days of Oorja when I was in Second Year which carved priceless memories in my life. Oorja meant a lot to me and changed me as a person in terms of personality development, growth as I became more open as a person. Did I tell that I was part of a Newsletter for Oorja which never saw the light of the day? All things said and done, Oorja remained one of the most beautiful memories in college and will always have a special place in my heart.

This post for Alphabet O for Oorja-Talent In Its Element is part of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge under the theme, ‘College Memories.’

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22 thoughts on “Oorja-Talent in its Element

  1. Very interesting write up of your experience of participation in Oorja Talent. Memories of functions in college life are very over powering. They always remain alive in our mind.

    1. Thanks a ton, Usha Ma’am and it was my first participation that made me grow as you. As you rightly points out, they are overpowering memories that seems as if it was just yesterday:)

    1. Thank u!! Kikibee! I know, this post is certainly not my best since its always painful to dig beautiful memories..when I wrote it was not in best of mood..ahem ahem! Thank u, lovely Jensy:)

      1. Oh! Yes! I was always this reserved and shy guy who takes his own time opening up to people and gets very conscious while walking up to a room of people. I still get conscious and cannot go to say hi to a person since I dunno what to say.
        Yeah! The crushes were fun:) Thank u, Jensy:)

    1. I swear, Anita! It feels like yesterday only and Oorja means a lot for me, one of the best memories in college. It all started with Oorja that led to super awesome stuffs:)

  2. College fests are a great way to bond, learn, network and grow. Glad that you had a fab time at the Oorja and have so many warm memories of it! Cool 🙂

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